How to Get Free Money to Start a Business

If you’re interested to start a new business but you don’t have enough capital, you can take advantage of the so called free money. Every year, the government awards grants to certain agencies or organizations.

If you have a solid business plan and a properly filled-out application form, you have a high chance to receive funding.

Getting Free Money to Start a Business

Starting a business will require you to invest money but what if you don’t have it? There is a way to get ‘free money’ and this is possible through grants. Small business owners can apply for a grant. How can you distinguish a small company? In the US, it is the type of business that has less than five hundred employees and earns below $500,000 a year. As long as you’re within that bracket, you can file an application for the said capital assistance.

There are many agencies and organizations that offer grants. It would be impossible to get a direct grant from any federal agency but you can take advantage of programs which can give you with the needed startup capital. There is an agency that focuses on economic development. Check it out and inquire about possible loan or capital assistance. You have to focus on free financing and in most case the disabled, minority, and women have better chances of obtaining free money. You can become an ideal candidate once you present a solid plan that needs capital assistance.

Other Considerations

The business should be located in the rural area because location is usually a very important consideration when granting such financial assistance. The rural community is given preferential attention by these agencies. If your proposed business is related to solar energy, wind, hydrogen, geothermal, and biomass, you can consult USDA since it has a program called Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements. You can be provided with free money for startup if your plan is good. Farmers can also receive grant if their proposed plans focus on growing necessary food supplies that are much needed in the market.

Application forms are given by various non profit organizations and local agencies. Need to fill the out accurately and honestly. Incomplete applications are usually rejected. For promising results, you have to conduct a thorough market study. That way, you can already determine if the project is viable. With a profitable business plan, you can now present it together with your application. Wait for the notification and when you’re given free money, take note of your responsibilities or obligations to the agency. There are some things that you need to comply in exchange for the free money. The good news is that you no longer have to repay the financial assistance you’ve received. Take advantage of this opportunity today to begin your very own business. With enough capital, you can now make your dream come true.


  • abdi said on August 16, 2010
    i need to know about printing business but i didn't see in here, how i can get free printing machine to start business in my country ??
  • mandy nel said on August 16, 2010
    hey there. A friend and i want to start a home based business. We only need R10,000 to start the business. Where can i find a number or more info about the state financing. we live in south africa. If u could just point us into the right direction we will appreciate it so much. Thanx mandy
  • Eromosele Maryam said on August 18, 2010
    Good day, I came across this site through google search. I would like to start up a cassava crop farming business and do not have enough capital to start with. Can I get financial help? Thank you.
  • Subrat Mohanty said on August 18, 2010
    I would like to set up a E-Waste recycling plant which will be beneficial to the environment. Pls guide how to arrange for the initial capital. I want to set up near to Bhubaneswar city, capital of Orissa, India.
  • Becky said on August 19, 2010
    Pace, Florida, USA. Please send me the SPECIFIC information where I can apply for free "start up" financing and/or grant to open a food service/snack business in the rural area where I reside. I already have the land, but need help with start up capital for building. CRITERIA MET: Woman-owned business. Rural Area. Solid Business Plan in Place.
  • Joshua said on August 28, 2010
    I'm interested in opening a gun shop. Where would i be able to apply for a grant?
  • fauziah said on September 3, 2010
    i would to know more further about get the free money to open-up mini market business at kuala lumpur, malaysia
  • Vaishnavi said on March 16, 2011
    i want to start a home based business in mumbai, maharashtra, India. I need of Rs.20,000/- for that business kindly guide me about free money & proper procedure for filling form
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 17, 2011
    @Vaishnavi, there is absolutely no free money in india to start a business. There are subsidies that can be as high as up to 50% of your project cost. This subsidies are availed from NABARD.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Thandi said on April 1, 2011
    Hi i'm a south african woman, i started a construction company last year but i need money for transport and tools, what can i do? your response will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  • satish.u said on April 3, 2011
    I Want to start a E-WASTE re-cycling plant/company to contribute my support towards motherland. I want to set up near to Bangalore city, Karnataka, India.
  • Vishwanath Devoor said on May 11, 2011
    I'm a commerce graduate from karnataka, INDIA. I wish to setup a small hotel, pls guide me how can i get free funding and also procedures to get hotel license and form related to this business. Regards & Thanks Vishwanath Devoor
  • tinku said on November 15, 2012
    bhayndar(e), thane, mharashtra, india to start a mini market which includes everything inside...


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