Financial Help for Self Employed

If you want to start a new business or you want to expand an existing business venture, you can look for financial help resources. The government and other private agencies offer some solutions.

Conduct a thorough research in your city or region and file an application.

It is not only the employed individuals that encounter financial problems. If you are self-employed and you need immediate cash, you should identify the financial help options that are available to you.

Cash shortage is a common problem and if you need to secure a loan, there are several options in the market. Self-employed loans are offered by banks or lenders. Basically, you can choose between the following:

  • Secured loans for the self-employed
  • Unsecured loans for the self-employed

Secured loans are usually larger in amount and the terms can last for 2-20 years. This type of loan will require collateral. Depending on the latter, you can take advantage of smaller installments and lowest interest rates. Unsecured loans don’t need any collateral but it will have a high interest rate and the terms are not that flexible.

You may need to find out if you are eligible for the self-employed loans before you submit an application. By doing so, you don’t have to waste time just in case you don’t meet the requirements. In most cases, you should be a permanent resident of the country or state, of legal age, has a valid bank account, and you reside in a permanent residence.

Tips for You

Many people lost their job during the economic slump and because of this more and more people are now venturing on solely owned businesses or ventures. Becoming self-employed is the dream of many individuals.

When you are self-employed, you should keep accurate records for tax purposes. Every year, there is a need to draft the account and with the right records, you can easily monitor the ongoing expenditure, set-up costs, and other relevant data. Being a self-employed, you have to attend to your insurance needs. You won’t be enjoying the employee benefits and if you hire staff, you have to provide them with benefits as well. Aside from that, you also need to learn about the pension options and mortgage.

Government Assistance

If you are lost a job, you can also seek self-employment assistance with the local government. Unemployed individuals can avail of this benefit. The right program can provide you with financial assistance that you can use to start a business or any other venture that will allow you to make some money. The eligibility requirements will tend to differ depending on the city or region where you live. Find out if you are qualified and soon, you can choose the most suitable venture that can help you achieve financial freedom.

All it takes is doing your homework. Try to exert time and effort if you want to get the right assistance.

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  • Brenda said on February 29, 2016
    Hi I am starting business of Sublimation Printing I need funds of about R40.000 to buy the material as i have machine .I have been turned down by banks because of no collateral and income in my bank account. Brenda Ramokoka 0721123430 South Africa


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