Candle Making Business from Home

Candle making business from home is one of the best ventures that you may consider.

This is because this business does not require too much investment in financial terms. Find out how to enter in this venture by means of this article.

If you are an individual who wants to go to a business endeavour, candle making business from home is the best choice for you. This field of business will not only give you high profit but also let you enjoy the process.

Determine the available financial resources

In order to enter in this venture, it is necessary for you to first determine how much startup cost you need. There are two types of raw materials that are used in candle making. The first one is with the use of paraffin. This is a substance that does not require too much startup cost. On the other hand, the other type of raw material is the beeswax. This is basically more expensive than the first one. Your available fund needs to be determined because it is where you will base if which of these candle materials you can afford to buy.

Experience and Training

In the candle business from your home, it is a prerequisite for you to undergo trainings on how to do it. What you need to do is to investigate if there are available workshops in your area that teach effective way of candle making. If you find difficulty locating one in your place, you may also try to look for one online. There are some sites that teach the online surfers things about this venture. But as much as possible, actual trainings are needed. There are sources saying that the learning on the face to face basis is better than having an internet medium.

Marketing Tips

Candle venture experts says that the optimal marketing success in this venture is much more achieved using the word of mouth. This is because direct referrals are more convincing than just reading an advertisement. In this business, you must make sure that you have the right access to your target clients. You may also try to go to possible wholesalers that will be your potential customers. Get as many contacts as you can and get connected in order to know if they are interested in your products. Other than that, you may also use the benefits that you can get in internet marketing. There is also a possibility that you might attract customers in the sites there. If you have enough budgets, you may try to create your official website where you may advertise your crafts.

Income Probability

In reality, candle making business will not give make you the richest person in the world in just one click. These do not require too much starting up cost but will surely give you more than enough profit for your living. Some take this business as a part time but if you want to earn more, you may devote your full time in this venture. With proper business techniques, you will surely succeed in this field.


  • s.balasubramanian said on December 9, 2012
    hi, i need home business for candle. how to make? please help, i stay in tirunelveli ambasamudram
  • s.nainar said on January 16, 2013
    i am having own building at kallidaikurichi ambasamudram taluk. i want to start CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS from home. I need business advice in this regard.
  • renuka said on February 14, 2013
    i want to start candle business at home pls guide me
  • Busi said on February 22, 2013
    i would like to know possible candle making training or workshops that are currently available in the city of Pietermaritzburg of the Republic of South Africa
  • kiruthika.k said on December 28, 2014
    i want to candle business at home how to stat in my home plz guide me....
  • SARAVANAN.C said on February 2, 2017
    i want to candle business at home how to stat in my home plz guide me.... my mobile number 9788253855
  • Olorunyomi ola Kelly said on February 27, 2018
    I love to start candles business, how can I do it
  • Jeyasree said on October 2, 2020
    I need a candle business at home. pls guide me
  • B. Preethi said on February 17, 2022
    I want to join in making candles from home. Please guide me.
  • Raksha said on February 11, 2024
    I'm raksha I'm from Mysore so plz share how to start candle buisness i need it very much so


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