Best Banks for Business Loans

Getting a loan from a bank to get your business starting or just moving on to cover operational expenses is somewhat inevitable in your journey as an entrepreneur.

To help you out find the best banks for business loans, this article list 15 top best banks that offer business loans.

Getting a business loan for your business is somewhat inevitable. There will be a time when the need of cash for your business to operate or move on is necessary. For some, the need for a loan for a capital starts on the onset of starting his company or business. This is sure a normal thing for anyone running a business or a company, especially a small business venture. The important thing tool then for the entrepreneurial at heart is to know what are the best banks for business loans.

There are many banks as they say located almost anywhere around your location. But knowing which among them are the best banks for business loans is hard to know.

Below are some tips on how to find the best banks for business loans and a short listing of these banks:

Finding the Best Banks for Business Loans

Looking for the best banks for business loans located in your area can be known through an easy method. This is doing a research on it by using the Internet. Basically, there are researches and study and even reports as what are the best banks that offer business loans for small entrepreneurs like you. You can get these reports by Googling it out in the Internet.

Short Listing of Best Banks for Business Loans

The banks listed below come from the most recent study by the SBA on the activities in the small-business lending. These banks are ranked according to 1.) number of small business loans granted 2.) ration of small business loan to total business loan 3.) dollar value of small business loans and 4.) ratio of small loans to total assets:

  • American Express Bank FSB (Salt Lake, UT)
  • Pitney Bowes Bank (Salt Lake, UT)
  • Capital One Bank USA Na (Green Allen, VA)
  • Advanta Bank Corp. (Draper, UT)
  • BB&T Financial FSB (Columbus, GA)
  • Wright Express Financial Services Corp. (Salt Lake, UT)
  • Discover Bank (Greenwood, DE)
  • Well Fargo Bank Northwest NA (Ogden, UT)
  • Eaton National Bank & Trust Co. (Eaton, OH)
  • First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company (Raleigh, NC)
  • Sweet Water State Bank (Sweet Water, AL)
  • Innovative Bank (Oakland, CA)
  • First National Bank (Greenville, PA)
  • Transportation Alliance Bank (Ogden, UT)
  • People’s United Bank (Bridgeport, CT)


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