“How to Start EMU Bird Farming”
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  • 201. ayub said on April 28, 2011
    hi can i start boiler chicken farm with emu farm
  • 202. jayaprakash said on April 29, 2011
    I want to start my own emu business with a low investment. My place of stay is at choudwar, cuttack, Orissa. can u give me the details regarding this. the climatic condition is good here during the winter and rainy season but in summer the temp rise up to 40-43 degree from march to july end.
  • 203. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on April 30, 2011
    @Prasad, you are welcome Prasad. Hope u got complete info about how to get easily loan from NABARD in our previous phone conversation.

    @C.Jeyapal, I have sent u a mail please check.

    @Chandrababu, Emu is having good market and will be replaced with chicken with in a span of 5-10 years. main feed is composition of Maize. it costs approx 1000/- per pair per year.

    @Ayub, I dont prefer emu mixed with boiler farm.

    @Jayaprakash, Emus can surive in -4 degrees to 60 degrees of climates. Please read all my previous postings to get an idea of Emu.

    +91 9246780131

  • 204. M Rakesh Krishna said on April 30, 2011
    I want to start the emu bird bird business i need the information that how much investment i can start when i can get the income after starting business
  • 205. sam said on May 1, 2011
    i want to start the emu bird business i need the information that how investment i can start when i can get the income after starting business, where we market the emu pl mail me below samlic_cst@yahoo.com Ph # +91 9900728713 also in Bangalore
  • 206. sankeerth said on May 1, 2011
    hi...this is sankeerth from karimnagar ,ap...i just want to start a business with emu bird farming...can u please help me about this farming ..how to start and how to maintain...and what the requirements to be needed for this farming...and one more question is that--is it profitable business?
  • 207. P K PATRA said on May 2, 2011
    I am keen interested to start emu bird farming, but I have no knowledge about it. I want details information regarding emu farming. My place is Amta, Howrah ,W.B.Please say me it's business planning. Please suggest us how to get bank loan? If u suggest any kind of books or brochure about it, I shall be highly obliged to u.
  • 208. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on May 3, 2011
    @Rakesh Krishna, @Sam, @Sankeerth, @PK Patra Please read my previous postings to get the knowledge of Emu farming. Its a very good profitable business n more over good growth in future also. For some books about emus u can contact us at my mob no:9246780131.

    +91 9246780131

  • 209. Tulshidas Meshram said on May 3, 2011
    hi, I am Tulshidas from nagbhid, dist-chandrapur, maharashtra, I have read ur total guideline report, that u have given to people, about emu cost, emu eggs and it's benefit, and like ur information dear sir, I have my emu farm also I have to expand my projects so I can purchase from u there are too much emu farm, if u want emu eggs fear cost, so We can provide u, pls sir reply ur mark, I wait ur email thank Tulshidas Meshram
  • 210. S.JAGENNATHAN., DGL said on May 4, 2011
    hi., this is jagennathan.S from dindigul in state of tamilnadu, i have interested to start EMU form. but i have no about knowledge it so please help me for how to start this form what is procedure to start this ? and give me full details of this ? thanking you.
  • 211. chandan bhattacharyya said on May 4, 2011
    dear sir, i have a land about 14000 sq.ft. i am interested to starting emu business. so, how to start $ how much capital needed to start up to 10 pairs of bird (breeding).after 3 years what types of return i expect & at that time how much my expenses needed. how nabard help me. i wait for your valuable advise, with a project report. chandan bhattacharyya, madhyamgram, west bengal, farm house: bankura
  • 212. Santosh Gavas said on May 5, 2011
    Dear Sir, I have detailed information about EMU Birds and Farm. I just want to know where i can sale my Chick Or full size birds. Is there any place where i can sale it? I proposed to start my business near by Goa. Please guide Me. It's help me to start this business as soon as possible.
  • 213. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on May 5, 2011
    @Tulshidas Meshram, Please call me to negotiate rates of chicks and i can purchase the same from u. I cant understand how u can get eggs now a days?

    @S.JAGENNATHAN., DGL Please read my previous postings to get details of starting an emu farm and can ask me if any doubts or call me for financial details.

    @chandan bhattacharyya, It cost approx 3 lacs to start farm with 10 pairs. you can get bank loan of 2.7 lacs in which NABARD proportion is 1.5 lacs(interest free) and 1.2 lacs from Banker which has to be paid within 7-8 years. u can get income from 2nd year onwards and u can earn complete your investment within 3rd year and can earn approx 50000 to 100000/- per pair per year. you can call me for project deatils and all.

    @Santosh Gavas, you can sell the chicks near by your place to the new farmers or can get BUYBACk agreement from the farmers where you buy chicks and sell the same to them. There are 3 processing units in AP where u can sell your 14 month cicks at 16000/- approx.

    +91 9246780131

  • 214. Harry Maan said on May 7, 2011
    Hi vamsi can you please provide me contact details for those 3 processing units in AP. Thanx slot in advance.
  • 215. suneel kumar chintala said on May 7, 2011
    want to start the emu bird business i need the information. also how to get the bank loans
  • 216. B.Venkata Reddy said on May 7, 2011
    Dear Friends, i have farm in AP in karimnagar district and having 350pairs of 3-4 month old chicks for sale and 65 pairs of breeders. have hatchery and well maintained farm. interested candidates may be contact for any suggestion and buy. contact no:+91 80081 23279
  • 217. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on May 11, 2011
    @Harry Maan, contact Dr.Maini -09848014071, Mr. Srinivas - 09492225999 for processing units in AP.

    @Suneel Kumar, Please read my old postings to get an idea how to start the farm. U can get bank loans by submitting Detailed Project report which we can provide u.

    +91 9246780131

  • 218. noorulla said on May 11, 2011
    hi i am noor my mysore karnataka i want to start emu farming with 20 pairs plz. let me now
    1.how much it cost and how long will it take for break even point
    2.is they market how will buy back egg and chick
    3.how do i get bank loan
    4.how much is cost of feed per bird per day
  • 219. Nepal Sing said on May 12, 2011
    hello sir , i am Frm Haryana , i want to start EMU Bird Farming, i have about 50 Acres of land , plz give me all details about this farming, i am newcomer so plz forwarded all details and i want start this farming with 100 pairs 09564782898/9476093800 Thank You
  • 220. sarang bhimrao mulay said on May 12, 2011
    i'm in kokan maharashtra, first i'm working on emu, pig & rabbit farming in small scale. so please guide me what is the project investment required for each. and if you have any small scale project report in soft copy. where you make me favor for mailing on my mail address so where i can first study it & it will make me easy for planing for feature. waiting for your reply- thank you,
  • 221. naidu said on May 12, 2011
    thanking you sir for emu farming details i am form kakinada, east godavari district, andrapradesh,
  • 222. valentina said on May 12, 2011
    i want to start EMU Bird Farming but I have no knowledge about it. I want details information regarding emu farming pls tell me the cost of the total project and some guidance.how much i have to invest in the start.i have place in goa
  • 223. tanvier ahmed said on May 13, 2011
    srinagar, jammu&kashmir india. please advise regarding emu breeding in our state, being colder during winters. please suggest remedies. enough non veg people around. we do have ten thousand sq. feet area. regards, tanvier ahmed
  • 224. Harwinder sandhu beginner adviser said on May 13, 2011
    @ Tanvier Ahmed --- srinagar being a cold place will be good place for emu farming. Even egg laying season will be longer as compared to south india as emu birds only lay eggs in winters only.


  • 225. KIRIT.C.SHAH said on May 14, 2011
    Hi, i have farm in Gujarat, in ahmedabad. I have my own land with water facilities, i want to start the business of Emu farming, so plz. give me the guide line with total project coast, profit &other information. Thank you
  • 226. Harwinder sandhu beginner adviser said on May 15, 2011
    @kirit-- if u read all posts on this blog ( last 231 posts) you will get all answer but if there is still any doubt feel free to ask.thanks


  • 227. Gurpreet Singh said on May 15, 2011
    HI, i WANT TO PURCHASE EMU BIRDS of different ages. please give me the price & detail of delivery. thanx, PANNU FARMS, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • 228. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on May 16, 2011
    1. it costs 6lacs for your 20 pair farm(expenses upto 2 years calculated). Breakeven is for 4 years.
    2. We can give u buy back agreement to purchase chicks of 3 month age upto 3 years.
    3. U can get Bank and NABARD loan by submitting Detailed Project Report(Which we can provide u).
    4. Total cost is Rs.500/-per month per bird.

    @Nepal Sing, @sarang bhimrao mulay, @valentina, @tanvier ahmed, @KIRIT.C.SHAH
    Please read all my previous postings(colored in red) to get an good idea of Emu Farming. For complete Financial details with project report and some books regarding Farming we can arrange u with an fee of Rs.5000/-. if interested can call me at 9246780131.

    @Gurpreet Singh, There are many farms in India that you can search for contacts and get price quotations. for more info you can call me.

    +91 9246780131

  • 229. ashfaq vadduwale said on May 16, 2011
    we are from belgaum karnataka if any one would like to purchase an emu bird with good breed and healthy bird of any age u can contact me directly me # +919620400784
  • 230. jsrao said on May 16, 2011
    i want to know how could we get profits from emu birds business.i am from warangal,andhrapradesh
  • 231. srinivasa rao said on May 16, 2011
    visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh, india. want to start emu forming provide information about. land, investment for 100 birds etc.
  • 232. KIRIT.C.SHAH said on May 17, 2011
    Hi,I have farm in India at Gujarat in ahmedabad, i have about 15 acre land with water facilities ,plz. give me the guidelines. Thank you
  • 233. rajender singh said on May 18, 2011
    i want to start EMU BIRD farming but i have no knowledge about it .i want the details information regarding emu farming please tell me the cost of the total project and some guidance . how much i have to invest in the start . i have place in delhi. but i start to project in himachal. and tell me loan information
  • 234. sheik said on May 19, 2011
    Hi, i'm from thanjavur, Tamilnaud. I have read all your postings and its very helpful for the beginners. If i start with 10 birds of EMU how much will be the profit in first year. Please provide your contact details/address for any further visit. thanks
  • 235. gopi said on May 20, 2011
    Hi I am gopi i decided to start an emu firm i need details about business and bank loan and importers and exporters details whom i want to conduct about emu chicken firm to get details. i am living in chennai.... Pls give us reply
  • 236. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on May 21, 2011
    @jsrao, U can get profits by selling the eggs or chicks or birds to the slaughter houses. Per year expenses per pair of emus is Rs.15000/- and income would be Rs.30000/- to 100000/-.

    @srinivasa rao, U require approx 20000 Sft of land and Rs.22 lacs for 100 birds of emus for which u can get good funding from banks n nabard (above 20 lacs loan)

    @rajender singh, @muttu hugar, Please read my previous postings to get complete idea.

    @sheik, U have to invest Rs.approx 5 lacs for 10 pairs of emus. u can get minimum profit of Rs.3 lacs and above from 2nd year. Increases as years go. my contact no.9246780131.

    @gopi, U can contact me for all details about Emu farming at my mob no. r mail.

    @KIRIT.C.SHAH, u can start farming in ur land without any hesitation. number of pairs depends upon ur financial position.

    +91 9246780131

  • 237. Ramesh said on May 21, 2011
    Hi I wanna start emu farm in kakinada AndhraPradesh, Pls lemme get aware of pre installation precess such as investment (minimum) required, environment, how to drive the business and into the market. dependencies of of any other technologies etc. Thanks in advance...
  • 238. Kiran More said on May 21, 2011
    Dear Sir, We are selling Emu Chicks & Emu Birds from 1st to 5th Laying @ Lowest Cost in India. Contact freely. Kiran More, Mob: 09823154613
  • 239. vishal said on May 21, 2011
    hi sir i am from mangalore and presently having around 2.5 acre of land where we have a 3 boiler shed for 10000 birds and whole area is planted by teak plants so plz let me know can i start emu farming for abt 50 pair's in the open space
  • 240. Harwinder sandhu beginner adviser said on May 21, 2011
    @Dr Sanjeet Rana
    1. To hatch eggs for chicks you need to setup hatchery.
    2. 100sqft land is required per bird. So for 20pairs you are looking at 4000sqft.
    3. Male female ratio needs to be 1:1.
    For any other question feel free to email me.


  • 241. H.S.BRAR Brar said on May 23, 2011
    my self started emu farming with 25 pair in distt, Moga Punjab.How can i get best price for eggs.To whom i may contact,how can I sale egg in south india in best rate
  • 242. J.J. Prasad Babu said on May 24, 2011
    Hi Mr. Vamsi, i am J.J. Prasad from HYDERABAD.AP.i was doing a documentary on emu birds for a national network. i am interested in this business. i want to start of with 10. pls let me know have to go about. when is the comfortable time to talk to u. Regards, J.J
  • 243. Mohan said on May 25, 2011
    Hello Sir, I am interest to Start EMU FARM. Send ME the Details. My Mobile Number : 9943027107. My E- Mail : mohanbeit2010@gmail.com p.mohan2010@gmail.com
  • 244. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on May 26, 2011
    @Ramesh, Please read all my previous postings thoroughly how to start a farm. If further clarifications fee free to call me.

    @Vishal, U can definitely start Emu farming in ur existing poultry farm. Its a very easy process for people who are already in poultry field. Please also note that within a span of 10 years we will be having only Emu farms and no broilers will be available. So its suggestible to convert ur birds to emus slowly.

    @H.S.BRAR Brar, U cannot sell eggs from punjab to AP. but can sell the chicks. As the eggs has to be incubated within 7-10 days of laying its not possible for u to sell only eggs. If any other Emu farmer at ur nearby place(Sandhu Farms) u can contact them n sell ur eggs or can incubate ur eggs to chicks.

    @J.J. Prasad Babu, Prasad garu u can call me at my mob any time from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. Very nice to hear that u r making a documentary on Emus. Thank u.

    @Mohan, Call me at my mob no.9246780131 for details

    +91 9246780131

  • 245. BIPIN PATEL said on May 26, 2011
  • 246. Venkat @ 09440922373 said on May 26, 2011
    Dear Friends, Nice to see very good discussion here. Please let us know if there are any buyers / traders for Emu Feathers,Egg Shells, Emu Skin, Emu Nails, Emu Fat etc. Venkat Balaji Emu Farms
  • 247. harpreet singh said on May 27, 2011
    hello sir, i am from ropar disst in punjab. plz tell me the estimated cost of emu farming project with 25 to 50 birds pair and how much land required. plz help me HARPREET SINGH MOB-9876511086, 9041071722
  • 248. Umesh Choudhary said on May 28, 2011
    I have 2.5 acres of land: Badlapur, Thane, Kalyan, Maharashtra. I am interested in starting EMU business, but currently I heard that it is not a profit making business and there are no buyers for egg and meat in india and that the reason NARBAD bank suffered loss. Need your help in getting clarification of the same.
  • 249. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on May 30, 2011
    @BIPIN PATEL, Contact me at my mob no.9246780131 or mail id: emubirds.2010@gmail.com to get complete Project Report and information about Emu Farming.

    @Venkat, there is good requirement of all emu product in India and abroad. In India now there are only 1 lac emus available but we require minimum of 10lacs of emu to meet the requirements. Hence now Emu Farming is in only brooding stage. This comes to slaughtering stage within 2-5 more years to sell our products. Profit is also very high in selling the chicks to new farmers. There are some slaughter houses, hyper market buyers and hotel people who require meat in bulk. As the stocks are very low no one are ready to sell their emus and end with low profits.

    @harpreet singh, estimated project cost would be approx 20-30 lacs for 50 pairs of emus(cost upto 2 year). u require 10000 sqft of land for 50 pairs.

    @Umesh Choudhary, I really appreciate your question for asking me. The problem with what new farmers in emu is lack of financial planning. this farming is not like starting the farm and revolving the capital. We should be prepared to spend for the farm upto 2-3 years without expecting any return as once we start emus start laying eggs from 2nd year and what ever we get in selling the chicks has to be spent back the same year to buy incubator or setup chicks brooding room and all. Once we do farming with good financial planing there will be no loss at all. New farmers start farms by purchasing the chicks with the complete amount they have in their hand and wont calculate for recurring expenditure(feed cost and others). Hence they fall into finance crisis and ready to sell at very low prices and end up their farm later. Nabard is not the bank that supports only EMU farming. As in many Govt schemes funds for poultry(broilers and Emu Farming) are insufficient. We has to wait minimum of 2 months to 6 months to get NABARD loan or we can get loans from normal all banks within 10-20 days. I personally got loan within 15 days.

    +91 9246780131

  • 250. sukhjinder singh said on May 30, 2011
    i want to start emu farming in punjab i want to know investment & req area for 10 pairs about chicks training. i want to take income in this year 2011 how much investment. my contact number09872226484
  • 251. nirbhay singh said on May 31, 2011
    i'm from punjab.i want to start emu farming. pls give me the project report.mobile no.09463373833.
  • 252. nalinieleti said on June 1, 2011
    i have 4 acres of land near hyderabad and i want to start emu birds farm. i want to know investment for 100 pairs of birds. can i sell birds directly, will u guide me about marketing. and how much income can i get from it.
  • 253. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 1, 2011
    @sukhjinder singh, project cost for 10 pairs of emus would be approx 3-4 lacs. u require 2000 sft of land. If u want to get income by this year u have 2 purchase birds of 15 months age which costs u approx 15-20 thousands. then project cost could be above 5 lacs.

    @nirbhay singh, Contact me for detailed project report @ 09246780131

    1. investment for 100 pairs would 30-40 lacs (upto next 2 years).
    2. U can sell the birds directly or we will be purchasing 3 months old chicks from u once u purchase chicks from us(buy Back up to 2 yieldings), we would support for marketing also.
    3. u can earn minimum of 30000/- per pair per year.

    +91 9246780131

  • 254. GURURAJ said on June 3, 2011
    Hello, I am from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, I am working as an IT Engineer, I wanna start my own business and become financially independent. i am thinking of starting EMU bird farming, please give me complete details about EMU bird farming, land requirement, what's the minimum amount required to start the business, how's the market and demand for EMU bird meat and its products. what are the pros and cons. Gururaj B.S
  • 255. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 6, 2011
    @GURURAJ, Please read my previous posting above to get complete details, If further clarification required u can call me at 9246780131.

    +91 9246780131

  • 256. jigarpatel said on June 6, 2011
    hi, i have 1500 sq feet land near gandhinagar, gujarat. i want to start emu farming with minimum investment( 3-4 lac) so can you help me out for strategy, supply, operation and selling for this business? (M)- 9723674009
  • 257. mohd.jameel said on June 8, 2011
    i am from sikar dist.sikar state rajasthan. i want to start emu farming with 50 pair of emu and i also want to know about any type of govt. subsidies are provide for this farming or not. and about this market and return on investment.
  • 258. Harsha said on June 8, 2011
    I am from bangalore n wants to setup emu farm.. I want know, is it better to get the birds of 3 to 4 years or to get a bird of a year or less than a year? Because if its less than year old then i have to wait for approx 2 years for the returns but if its 3-4 years old i can get returns soon instead of waiting. Also please clarify me:
    1. what will be the cost of emu birds of 1 year and 3 to 4 years?
    2. what its life span?
    3. Till what age it lay eggs?
    4. Approx How many eggs can 3 year old emu can lay?
    5. How to differentiate between male n female chicks when they are born? Because some say it can't be differentiated so early, if its so then how to sell 3 months old chicks as a pair?
  • 259. navnath said on June 8, 2011
    if u have any information about emu business pl cont me mob 09960546919 add- pachore complax sinnar dist NASHIK MAHARASTRA
  • 260. govardhan beginner adviser said on June 9, 2011
    hai every one,v are in emu business from the past 7 yrs with 1000 emu birds, farm located at kurnool, andhra pradesh.its a very profitable business, i suggest to go on in establishing in emu'sit lays eggs till 40yrs life span is also 40to 45 yrs, v r supplying our chicks to maharastra. for further assistance pls feel free to contact:- sv govardhan, 099854622561

    Ph: 099854622561

  • 261. govardhan beginner adviser said on June 9, 2011
    1) the cost of 1year emu will be around 8000 to 10000/- and 2-3 yrs bird 15000 to 20000/-
    2) 40 to 45 yrs
    3) it lays eggs till it die
    4) 3 yrs emu can lay around 15 to 20 eggs and it increases year by year
    5) emu can not be differentiated at early stages once it is grown doctors can grade them
    6) we cant sell them in pair, if we sell 100 chicks the % will be like 60/40 or 50/50 or 55/45 for further assistance pls feel free to contact:- sv govardhan

    Ph: 099854622561

  • 262. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 13, 2011
    @jigarpatel, In ur land of 1500 sft u can start with only 7 pairs of emus and the same can be done with 2 lacs itself. We can assist u for any requirement in Emu Farming.

    @mohd.jameel, U can start emu farm with 50 pairs for which project cost would be approx 15 lacs. In ur 15 lacs u can get Interest free loan for 7.5 lacs(payable in 7-8 years) and 6 lacs from bank with interest(payable in 7-8 years). Breakeven for this project would be within 3-4 years. Later u can earn minimum of 15 lacs per year. Market is very good and will definitely best in up coming years.

    @Harsha, never buy birds of 3-4 years(my personal view) as we dont know whether the farmer is selling u the good layers or bad layers. Its best to start with chicks of 3 months to 15 months age. Normally we get chicks male female in 50/50 ratio 5% less or more.

    @navnath We have complete info about emus and farming. If u are interested u can call me at 09246780131.

    +91 9246780131

  • 263. mukesh yadav beginner adviser said on June 13, 2011

    @mohd. jameel, hi mohd. jameel mukesh this side u can visit my EMU FARM its 200km away from sikar or u can contact me at this no. 09991111069,09991111462,09991111465

    Ph: 09991111069

  • 264. sagar mitra said on June 14, 2011
    hello sir i want to set up an emu farm with initial investment of 4 lacks in the form of a loan.i have read ur comments but am not sure where can i sell the birds/eggs. i am from b.s.city, jharkhand. as we dont have any emu farms here. kindly suggest will it be wise decision and where can i call you to get the loan format/books and training expertise. kindly reply.
  • 265. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 15, 2011

    @sagar mitra, U can sell ur chicks and eggs within local itself or we can arrange u the BUY BACK agreement to repurchase chicks. As there r no emu farms in ur area this is d best time 2 start the farm so that many new farmers will visit ur farm n start new farm by purchasing the chicks frm u. When v started our farm in our place 3 yrs before v were d first to start, now there are 54 farms in a radius of 100kms in which 40% are from our farm. As emu has full potential u need not worry about d marketing. U can call me at 09246780131 or mail at emubirds.2010@gmail.com for books/ project report.

    @dev, Please call me for any clarifications/books/Detailed project report to get good idea of emu farming.

    +91 9246780131

  • 266. vivek said on June 15, 2011
    my name is vivekanandhan i want to make business. in emu farm how to get loan in bank are in partnership form answer me in my mail ID CELL NO:8825127363
  • 267. G .BACKIARAJ said on June 16, 2011
    i am very in interesting to start emu farming in my home town 10 plots land my native is tamilnadu thiruvannamalai in chet pet 606801 plz tell details about it my phone no 9566011434
  • 268. rajesh k. Sharma said on June 16, 2011
    i have 4 acres to start with emu farming near to my city Faridkot , Distt Faridkot, State Punjab . I m waiting for ur reply .... MY phne no is 09988900399
  • 269. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 17, 2011
    @vivek, @G .BACKIARAJ, @rajesh k. Sharma, You can avail Bank loans by submitting them the Detailed project report which we can provide you. U can call us at 9246780131 or mail me to my id emubirds.2010@gmail.com

    +91 9246780131

  • 270. Emmadi srinivas reddy said on June 17, 2011
    I am srinivasreddy native of Narmetta mandal, warnagal dist and i have 17 acres of land as i wish to farming emu for which i need technical help and financial help from the institutions and full particulars plz help me in detail
  • 271. kazi nissar said on June 17, 2011
    hi i am from pune and have land , want to start emu farming pl answer the following
    1) want to buy 2 pairs 15 months ... cost?
    2) cost of feeding per year for 2 pairs
    3) where i can sell eggs in pune
    4) any medicals spending . if yes how much per year per pair contact 8888953391
  • 272. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 18, 2011
    @Emmadi srinivas reddy, U can avail Bank Loans for starting emu Farms. U can get 75% to 90% loan from any Banks. Regarding technical help there are many farmers nearby to ur warangal or we too can support u. If any info required you can call me.

    @vedha, PLease read my old posting to get clarification regarding loans, marketing and management. If interested we can send u some books which gives u complete knowledge of all. We ourself offers BUY BACK agreement to repurchase chiks from u. We can also support u in any technical aspects too.

    @kazi nissar, there r too many farms nearby to pune and nashik.
    1. U can get 15 months old chicks @30000/- per pair.
    2. Expenses per pair per year would be 15000/- per pair per year including feed, medicine, labour n all.
    3. U can contact local farmers to sell ur eggs n chicks. Pune is a very huge market with good no.of birds.

    +91 9246780131

  • 273. mathumohan.s said on June 18, 2011
    i want to start an emu poultry form with 15 birds near Tirunelveli(DT) Tamilnadu state india. please give some ideas and guidance about the emu business
  • 274. Lakshmi Praba said on June 18, 2011
    I wants to start EMU bird farm, please give the following details.
    1) want to buy 20 pairs 15 months ... cost?
    2) cost of feeding per year for 2 pairs
    3) where i can sell in Tamil Nadu
    4) any medicals spending . if yes how much for year per pair contact
    5) area for 20 pairs
  • 275. N.Manikandan said on June 19, 2011
    Dear sir, I am having agricultural land of 580 cents in Rettipalayam,Madathukulam tk,tirupur dt. with water facility. Kindly advice me that how can I start a Emu bird farm and the required finance etc., at the earliest please. I may also kindly be advised with how many pairs of Emu chicks/ birds I can start the farm though I am looking forward to own more land in madathukulam near.
  • 276. sudhir yadav said on June 19, 2011
    the kosli distt rewari state haryana 50 pare in 4year old emu bird in my farm .m.no 09466618398
  • 277. Partha said on June 19, 2011
    Dear sir, i m having 1 acre land with water facility at betanoti,mayurbhanj in orissa. I can invest 20 lacs in emu bird farm. How many pairs of emu chicks are required for me and where to buy? Should i buy emu chicks pair of 3months or 15months old? Where to sell them in orissa?
  • 278. Bibhu said on June 19, 2011
    i have 1 acre land with water facility in orissa (Ganjam-dist) and i interested in emu farming but suggest me where we can sale the emu product/chick etc..
  • 279. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 20, 2011
    @mathumohan.s, Ur initial investment for 15 pairs would be 3 lacs and cost for next 2 years would be 4 lacs. ie total project would cost u 7-8 lacs approx. for which u can avail loan of 6-7 lacs by submitting the detailed Project report(we can prepare for u) to the bankers. u will get back total 8 lacs within 3 years and can earn approx 4.5lacs per year frm 4th year.

    @Lakshmi Praba,
    1. Cost of 20 pairs of 15month old would be 6 lacs
    2. feed, medicines and other expenses would be 3 lacs per year for 20 pairs.
    3. there r many new farmers coming in TN and also buyers from other states also coming to ur state to buy chicks so need not worry for d mkt.
    4. If u require detailed cost of expenses, Income for next 7 years we can prepare the Project report and send u. Feel free to contact us.
    5. u require 5000Sft of land for 20 pairs of emus.

    @N.Manikandan, Land u r having is sufficient for many no.of birds. I suggest u to start with 20-100 pairs of emus depending upon ur financial status. U can easily avail bank loans. Ur land is enough n u dont require more than that.

    @Partha, @Bibhu, As u r capable to invest 20 lacs u can start the farm with 100 pairs of emus. If interested u can also get Govt n bank loans also. so that u can even start with just 3 lacs. many farms r devolving in Orissa, so that u can sell easily there itself or we are ready to give BUY BACk agreement to repurchase chicks frm u. better start with 3-6 mnths chicks so that ur budget will be beneficial than starting with 15 mnth old chicks.

    +91 9246780131

  • 280. sudhir said on June 20, 2011
    i am interested in emu farming please guide me i am from jabalpur MADHYA PRADESH
  • 281. RAJ said on June 20, 2011
    Vamsi, we have sufficient land in A.P and also we can invest upto 10, 15 lacs.
    1) how many pairs of emus we can buy this budget and how much we need for maintenance?
    2) when can we start earning if we buy 3 months old chicks?
    3) how many yrs it takes for breakeven?
    Thanks, Raj
  • 282. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 22, 2011
    1) If u want to start farm with only ur funds u can start with 50 pairs of Emus or if interested with bank loans u can start with more than 200 pairs. But i suggest u with maximum of 100 pairs only. Ur investment is sufficient with maintenance cost too.
    2) u get ur earnings within 2 years. 2nd n 3rd year earning can clear all ur investment and can get good returns from 4th year onwards.
    3) breakeven is 3-4years.

    +91 9246780131

  • 283. vinay.s said on June 23, 2011
    Hi i want to start emu farm i have 1/2 acre land with mt poultry shed 100/24 size can i get 25 pair emu birds. my mobile 9880481177
  • 284. PAWAN said on June 24, 2011
    Hi ! Every body i wanna start EMU FARM, any body can help me to starting this , i have an acre of land near by BHIWADI ,ALWAR(RAJ.). I AM EXTREMELY THANKFULL TO ALL OF YOU. CONT. NO. 9783375415,9812192692.
  • 285. Ram Prasad Patnaik said on June 24, 2011
    sir, I am from orissa district Gajapti...i having emu firm 40 birds but how can given local diet please give me suggestion and list of diet. Thanking you sir, yours. RAM PRASAD PATNAIK
  • 286. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 25, 2011
    @vinay.s, We can provide u d required 25 pairs of emus. Contact me at my mobile r by mail.
    @PAWAN, in an acre of land u can start with 20-100 pairs of emus. please read my previous postings to get minimum knowledge of emus r can post ur doubts to get clarified.
    @Ram Prasad Patnaik, I did not understand what u mean of local diet. if u call me i can give u the combination of feed. U can also feed them with green leaves, vegetables, fruits etc which ever we get in less price.

    +91 9246780131

  • 287. HEMENDRA GUPTA said on June 25, 2011
    I am from Aligarh, U.P. n wants to setup emu farm.. I want to know, is it better to get the birds of 2 to 4 years or to get a bird of a year or less than a year? Because if its less than year old then i have to wait for approx 1/2 years for the returns but if its 2-4 years old i can get returns soon instead of waiting. please clarify me:
    1. what will be the cost of emu birds of 1 year and 2 to 4 years?
    2. Approx How many eggs can 2/3 year old emu can lay?
  • 288. Shankar patra said on June 26, 2011
    pl. intimate me prospect of marketing in odisha what is the minimum investment requested
  • 289. Mallamma Ganiger said on June 27, 2011
    I would like start my new business venture its substituted at north Karnataka called Haveri districts its near to Dharwad
  • 290. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on June 28, 2011
    @HEMENDRA GUPTA, Its not at all suggestible to purchase breeders of 2-4 years. best to start with 3-6 months chicks n gradually develop ur farm. If u start with small chicks u get complete idea how 2 breed them, how to incubate eggs, grow ur small chicks etc.
    1. Cost of 1yr bird would be 12000/- to 15000/-. and above 2 yrs would be 20000/- to 30000/-.
    2. 2 years birds would lay 8-10 eggs per year and above 3 years lays 12-20 eggs per year.

    @Shankar patra, U can market in odisha n also many states in India. Minimum investment would be 3 lacs and above for 10 pairs and above.

    @Mallamma Ganiger, Study well all my previous postings and also many available sites in net. If any further doubts u can either call me r mail me.

    +91 9246780131

  • 291. rashpal singh said on July 2, 2011
    i want to start this business. for that i have enough land to make shelter for emu bird. i hope you contact me . my contact number :9463550113, i shall be very thankful to u.
  • 292. sachin said on July 2, 2011
    i am last 8 years ago in Indian emu industry we are provide every thing about emu farming knowladge contact:-09890618460/09422526555 sangli, maharashtra
  • 293. ramkaran singh said on July 3, 2011
    i want to start this business,plz send me all detail about emu bird for example 50 pairs birds cost ,loan facility,land required,man power ,egg market availability in rajasthan state and other details for emu. i m lived in laxmangarh ,dist-sikar,rajasthan .regards ramkaran
  • 294. mukesh yadav said on July 4, 2011
    @Ramkaran, @Bhagwant u can visit our farm we a located in Rewari ( Haryana ).and u can call me my no. 09991111465,09991111462.
  • 295. Sandeep said on July 5, 2011
    Hi i m from karnataka bangalore i want to start EMU farming with 10 pairs please help me out with the necessary details. AND I HAVE LAND IN SOLUR VERY NEAR TO BANGALORE. Contact me - 09845884333 mail id - sandyscoffer@gmail.com
  • 296. Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on July 5, 2011
    @rashpal singh, @ramkaran singh Please study my previous postings to get an idea of Emu farming or can call me for further info.

    @arun, @sanjeev garg, @bhagwant singh, @Sandeep U require approx 3 lacs to start farm with 10 pairs and 2000 sft land. If interested to know complete details call me at 9246780131 for books and detailed project report. We also sell emu chicks and can provide u the BUYBACK agreement to purchase ur emus back.

    +91 9246780131

  • 297. sriram.k said on July 5, 2011
    Dear sir, i am located in bangalore how much land is required for starting up emu bird and investment were can i get emu birds for best price. pl send me contact person phone number details by mail
  • 298. Ssuhil Kumar Singh said on July 6, 2011
    Dear sir I want to start emu bird firm with 20 Birds.please give the following details. 1. WHERE TO SELL THEM. 2. HOW TO CARE BIRDS $ EGGS. 3. ABOUT BIRDS FOOD. PLZ SIR REPLY SOON. Contact No. 9934253819
  • 299. R.VARATHARAJ said on July 6, 2011
    hi i am from tamilnadu karur district i want to start an emu farm to sell the eggs so please give me the price of emu eggs
  • 300. Neeraj P. Modi said on July 7, 2011
    Mr Vamsi, I am from Surat, Gujarat. I have @ 1600 sq yards of open land surrounded by the industrial area where there are large no. of polyester dyeing mills which pollute the air with smoke from their chimneys. My land is covered with greenery and trees. Is it possible to breed Emus in industrial area ? What is the optimum no. of Emus that can be accommodated ? Can you provide an ideal lay out for establishment of an Emu farm ? My land measures 27 meters x 50 meters. I am also interested in the detailed project report and the books related to Emu farming. Pl let me know of the procedure to procure the same.
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