Starting a Cocoa Farm

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The crop cocoa is produced tropical areas that have been far and wide acknowledged as the beverage pick even prior to the discovery of coffee and tea. The cocoa being an essential requisite in confectionary trade is a good item to grow business with.

These are some of the easy to follow steps to start on with your cocoa farm industry.

The commercial agriculture of cocoa is a trade that is now being widely considered due to the magnitude of this crop’s produce to the confectionary industry as well as to other food areas. Globally, it is an item that is largely consumed. This is the prime reason that the business for cocoa farming is being boosted up.

Starting a Cocoa Farm

In starting a cocoa plantation, an assortment of factors have to be considered such as the climate of the locality, average rainfall per millimeter, temperature, humidity, and type of soil and the proper selection of planting material. Potting mixture and type of sowing have to be well thought-out as well. Plus the propagation and the cocoa plant’s after care.

Rainfall could actually be supplemented with modern irrigation in cases of parched months. However, it is of vital necessity that rain must be present at one thousand two hundred and fifty to three thousand millimeters per annum. The dried up period must not be further than three months. The favorable temperature could vary between thirty to thirty two degrees Celsius. Humidity has to be taken in consideration too due to the fact that over humidified areas may help the spread of fungal diseases that may alter the growth of the cocoa crop and the storage and drying of it could be at risked also. Cocoa trees are further susceptible than other tropical crops to moisture stress. A variety of soil types could be favorable to the cocoa plant. The soil ought to be such as allowing uncomplicated access of roots able of retaining dampness during summers. Clay loams and sandy loams are also appropriate.

In the assortment of the proper planting material, cocoa can be propagated all the way through seeds or by vegetative manner. Meant for raising seedlings, seeds of grown-up pods are taken from lofty yielding mother plants which should generate one hundred pods per year. Subsequent to seven days of harvest, naturally, the seeds lose its viability. Proper storage is the key to avoid this from happening. The potting mixture and type of sowing must consist of farm yard manure, sand and soil in identical magnitude to propagate the cocoa seedlings. Remember that the best time to sow seeds in the nursery is during the month of December to January. On the other hand, vegetative breeding is a hefty scale of production of superior planting material in the course of budding and grafting.


  • 1. Sunday M Shelleng said on 1/13/2011 11:03:27 AM
    My name is Sunday Shelleng, I am from Abuja,the capital city of Nigeria. I have interest in Cocoa plantation and I want it here in my country, Nigeria is blessed with abundant rainfall and wonderful sunshine through the years, I believe with the climate around Nigeria it is possible to have Cocoa plantation. FCT, Abuja. Nigeria
  • 2. eddie said on 2/18/2011 8:56:49 AM
    San Garman, Puerto Rico. I want to start a Cocoa farm, please help me to start one soon.
  • 3. Jaseer said on 3/5/2011 3:09:11 AM
    I am residing in Dubai, UAE. I'm interested in Cocoa business and for that i'm interested in doing cultivation. Which is the best place to cultivate cocoa plant? If i want to take cocoa from any cultivators from where I have to take? Whats the price for cocoa?
  • 4. Akintunde Akinyemi said on 3/30/2011 8:24:04 PM
    i reside in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. i intend to start cocoa farming, but am a geologist by profession. i will be glad if you organization can be of help to me. looking forward to hear from your organization. Regards Akin.
  • 5. Dorothy Laurent said on 4/12/2011 10:32:32 PM
    we have 100.acres of land of which 60% is cocoa beans in Dame Marie Haiti we are approaching the season we need money to buy or technical assistance we are already able to ship all we need is a partner with money
  • 6. adimabua oseafiana said on 5/14/2011 1:42:01 AM
    am from aniocha north in delta state. I intend starting a cocoa farm but dont know how pls help me.
  • 7. REMEN NYANGE said on 6/21/2011 10:57:52 PM
    I am Remen Nyange form Morogoro Tanzania, Morogoro Ifakara is an area very ideal for cocoa cultivation. Cocoa has being produced here for decades now by very few farmers till recently years, the cocoa here have very unique flavor. we have acquire 400 acres of land and 50 acres has already be planted with cocoa . We are looking for agro partner for massive expansion of project. tel contact Plus 255 683834182 or plus 717482297
  • 8. otilia maphongo said on 8/3/2011 5:18:04 AM
    i am Otilia Maphongo from Botswana, i have 16 hectares of land and i would like to start cocoa planting in Mooke fields, central district.
  • 9. tracy jones said on 8/26/2011 9:42:39 PM
    Have land in Hawaii I want to start a cocoa farm..looking for help.
  • 10. tajudeen shittu said on 11/22/2011 9:24:37 AM
    thanks fellow business cocoa farmers my Name is Tajudeen shittu from nigeria from west part of the county where cocoa plantation had been the main source of income before discover oil and it has been abandon we need agro grants or partners to re-activate back cocoa farms and re plant new ones. i can be contact at 2348061627047,2347044404283
  • 11. mbonde wiliam said on 1/10/2012 3:51:57 AM
    recently from research that i carried out on cocoa i decided to invest in cocoa cultivation i already have a nursery of about 150 seeds i live in buea on the slopes of mount cameroon my target is to have at least 10hec in the next two year. i have enough land for this project i will need your advise.
  • 12. mbarak said on 2/16/2012 12:18:02 PM
    I am living in Tanzania in Kilimanjaro region at Hai distric, I want to start a cocoa farming, I need assistance on how to grow it. My mobile number +255655140140 +255786140140
  • 13. GANESH said on 3/16/2012 3:56:01 PM
    I would like to start the coco plantation in Tamilnadu, looking for a foreign investor on long term business relationship basis. My mobile number is +91-9092010555
  • 14. charles Acha said on 3/24/2012 9:15:24 AM
    I need some foreign partner for cocoa transaction, I am a farmer I produce a good quantity of tonage each year,
  • 15. James expert adviser said on 3/25/2012 1:24:47 AM

    @charles Acha, try some of these sites to find some buyers.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 16. Jose Rosales said on 4/1/2012 9:39:12 AM
    Interested in doing a joint venture in Honduras to start a cocoa farm. Have ideal land, logistics and installations on site and need financing on long term basis and appropriate terms for these kind of venture. Ideal situation would be to plant our farm and then reach agreement with small farmers to make them plant and buy their production in order to reach a large volume of production and create a cocoa cluster in the zone. The farm is an area that was formerly rain forest and is now full of pastures, so cocoa farming will reverse to some extent this situation and create a new source of income for the rural population.
  • 17. Kehinde Olofin said on 5/12/2012 9:28:51 AM
    Good day, my name is Kehinde olofin. i reside in Abuja and also work in Kontagora in Niger state. I'm really interested in starting a cocoa business but dont know how to go about it. kindly advice and help. look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached on +2348035973996. Thank you.
  • 18. adegboyega rasak a said on 6/23/2012 12:02:40 PM
    my name is adegboyega rasak. Am interested in cocoa farming but i don't know 5w's to start the business. I have acquired 3hectares of land to start with I live in Ibadan oyo state Nigeria. tel no +2348097897868. Thanks
  • 19. adeojo olaide j said on 6/25/2012 5:47:23 PM
    i'm adeojo olaide from Ibadan Nigeria. i'm a cocoa farmer in Ondo state wt help of God i acquire 3 acre of cocoa farm. av gotten another 12 acre in which av not start plant cocoa on it. as soon as i start next year i will contact your organization for advice and assistant. thanks
  • 20. Mark Baravelli said on 7/12/2012 7:41:50 PM
    Charles Acha - We would be interested in cocoa beans. First shipment of 25 kilo by air and further shipments of 500 kilo at a time once shipment is proved satisfactory. Do you have any details on type etc. Look forward to hearing from you. Mark Baravelli, Baravelli's
  • 21. Daniel Dayu said on 8/21/2012 10:59:50 AM
    I am from Jos, plateau, Nigeria I am interested to start cocoa farming. I dont have idea please can someone?
  • 22. sarah said on 8/23/2012 3:24:04 AM
    I'm thinking to research the first cocoa plantation in Egypt. I'm not a farmer and with very little knowledge about the cocoa tree. Is it possible in Egypt or are the winters too harsh?
  • 23. floriemay gaano said on 8/31/2012 5:14:08 AM
    farm business for cocoa plantation. ortega in apayao
  • 24. Cratos Iscus said on 9/1/2012 5:50:56 PM
    Hello @adeojo olaide j, kindly contact me via email( , i would like to discuss possible expansion with you. Cratos
  • 25. Solomon said on 9/4/2012 6:32:11 PM
    I am very interested in Cocoa Farming and am ever ready to start.. AM in Ghana and there are so many wonderful places i could start it at.. I just need some advice and help
  • 26. jude said on 9/13/2012 4:36:19 AM
    i have access to a 25 acre cocoa farm with intentions of investing in the cocoa business, improving upon current farming methods for quality and quantity yields. i would very much like ur assistance in this respect.
  • 27. Samuel Gaisie said on 9/28/2012 4:59:38 PM
    I am Gaisie Samuel from ASSIN FOSU, NEAR CAPE COAST, CENTRAL REGION OF GHANA. I entered into a cocoa farm two years ago. I have plants three acres of cocoa but luck of rain has destroyed all the farm. I need help to buy pumping machine and tubes to help me water my farm else all my effort will go waste. I need your assistance.
  • 28. awe rotimi said on 10/22/2012 2:59:16 PM
    hi, my name is Awe Rotimi, i live in Lagos, Nigeria. After my first degree in mechanical Engineering, i kept on looking for job up and down but cannot get one. And i come to conclusion, I want to farm, and i want do Coca farming, i just need help as where to start, how to start, and what to do and others. Because i have resolved to farm. I am an indigene of Ondo state. Thanks my number. 08084246180
  • 29. Raul Villarreal said on 10/26/2012 5:32:35 PM
    @Jose Rosales, I am not presently in a position to invest in cocoa farming in Honduras but would like to discuss some topics related to cocoa farming. Would it be possible to contact you either via phone or skype?
  • 30. Elisante Sima said on 12/19/2012 8:25:56 AM
    I'm a tanzanian interested to engage in cocoa farming. please tip me on how to work on it
  • 31. Haruna Akeem said on 12/19/2012 9:54:57 PM
    I'm from Oyo state Nigeria, am interested in having my own cocoa plantation and I want tips on how to go about it from nursery stage to plantation.
  • 32. adegbaju semiu said on 12/26/2012 9:05:39 AM
    Pls i wish to learn more about cocoa farming and other lucrative agric businesses. tnks
  • 33. cocoasac freddy said on 12/28/2012 5:53:23 PM
    if you are interested in cocoa business kindly contact us or +2348071315117
  • 34. Lexanne said on 1/7/2013 9:05:43 AM
    People in Australia are growing cocoa in the Daintree. If one is interested in giving this a go what is the first step in finding out how?
  • 35. tochukwu said on 1/16/2013 12:45:47 AM
    hello people i have for cocoa sell if you are interest to buy or any connect of buyer pls cal with dis nunber 08176071714 and my country is nigeria, live in lagos
  • 36. olayiwola sunday olufemi said on 1/24/2013 3:28:36 PM
    i am from oyo state western part of nigeria i am interested in cocoa farming i need your help on how to go about it thanks
  • 37. Toyin koleosho said on 1/29/2013 8:05:18 AM
    Am from ofada-owode Ogun in Nigeria. long lost business is cocoa plantation which needs to be re-awaking. I'm so much interested in cocoa business. please i need your assistance
  • 38. MOTUNRAYO said on 2/3/2013 1:26:33 PM
    My Business location, City: Ibadan, State: Oyo State, Country: Nigeria. i will appreciate it if your organisation can help with ideas on how to start and tell me the best soil for its plantation. Thanks
  • 39. Soyinka Ibukunoluwa said on 2/5/2013 9:12:42 AM
    Good day i am interested in starting a cocoa business i'd appreciate it if i could be briefed on how to go about it. Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • 40. Adekunle Olufemi said on 2/6/2013 4:33:43 AM
    I have developed interest in planting cocoa tree farm from teenager stage and the interest still grow in me now. I have some knowledge about it but i want further knowledge in more advance technological method to simplify it to comprehend it well. I live in Sango Ota, Ogun, NIGERIA.
  • 41. Omar Bilal said on 2/13/2013 2:37:44 PM
    My name is omar and from Tanzania a just purchase 20 acre in songea region will i be able to grow cocoa on that area if the answer is yes would you give me an aide where to start.
  • 42. Ivelisse Gomez said on 2/17/2013 6:54:30 PM
    I have a 24 acres farm in the center of the islan. San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico and would like to start a Cocoa farm. I need all the help and orientation I can get. Thanks, IG
  • 43. Sarah S said on 2/21/2013 12:27:23 PM
    I am currently living in the USA, but want learn cocoa farming. I am interested in living and working on a farm.
  • 44. Sarah S said on 2/21/2013 12:29:04 PM
    @tracy jones interested in helping out in Hawaii
  • 45. justice djan said on 3/18/2013 1:17:14 PM
    i am in ghana i just start a cocoa farm i need a partner to come and invest and share profit as well. thank number is 0540542759 call let share ideas
  • 46. Wilson said on 3/23/2013 8:34:15 PM
    I am in the US and currently working with the federal Government. I am interested in cocoa or banana plantation farming. I had recently purchase a land in Cameroon. Am looking for some technical ideas/consulting on that. Any interested person with technical knowledge and logistics, should contact me either through email for more information. Please do include your phone number because i'll verify your identity before responding. My contact details will also be provided for serious partners. Thanks Wilson
  • 47. wauters guy said on 4/4/2013 8:20:37 PM
    i am interested to buy cocao products. please contact me with your offers, thanks regards, Guy Wauters ( - from Belgium)
  • 48. Gareth said on 4/22/2013 9:56:16 AM
    I am interested in investing in and/or owning a Cocoa plantation in Ghana. If you know of any sizable plantations that are for sale or if you are interested in doing anything jointly then please forward me the relevant details and contact information. I live in the UK and will be coming to Ghana later in the year to look at and assess the various opportunities and move things forward. Many thanks, Gareth (e-mail:
  • 49. MBACHU said on 4/26/2013 7:36:23 AM
  • 50. Ben Kemp said on 5/7/2013 10:27:37 AM
    We are planning to start a cocoa farm in Honduras. We need help on how to proceed. I also like to know the statistics on Cocoa on Honduras. For instance what the number of Kg per hectare of cocoa. Thank you. (e-mail:
  • 51. John Anayo said on 5/22/2013 3:15:18 AM
    Pls, how long does it takes a cocoa beans to produce in Nigeria? From Enugu, Nigeria.
  • 52. Jose Armijos said on 6/4/2013 11:37:05 PM
    Hi, i'm from Ecuador, this produces the best cocoa in the world, i am interested in starting a cocoa export business. We could work in a global network of contacts and business partners together, if you're interested, here is my mail. Thanks!
  • 53. Eric said on 6/10/2013 1:41:30 AM
    We have a very large Cocoa farm in Cameroon and looking for Experts or agric consultants to work with. i will drop my email
  • 54. BOBADE BAMIDELE said on 6/13/2013 3:45:14 AM
    hello i would love to have my own cocoa farm land here in nigeria precisely ondo state,and i would luv if u could provide me with some materials like books or anything that could brighten my knowledge about cocoa
  • 55. glyna campugan said on 7/18/2013 3:17:42 PM
    Tinghub, Villaba Leyte, Philippines, we have few cocoa plant but we have problem i think it is fungus in the tree and in the fruits, its a waste since the fruits are big but will just full out from the branch, me. Glyna Campugan
  • 56. gowthaman said on 7/24/2013 12:31:43 PM
    i am B.Sc horticulture completed from annamalai university job searching now
  • 57. Wilfred okwedi said on 7/31/2013 12:58:07 PM
    Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria. Please i need step by step guide on how to start cocoa farming.
  • 58. sara dike said on 8/23/2013 11:13:24 PM
    dear sir i am from imo state of nigeria & do you think cocoa plantation could be climate favorable & what other factors do i have to consider sir?
  • 59. TASSI FREDERICK TEKENE said on 9/5/2013 11:46:16 AM
    I AM A CAMEROONIAN WITH A Bcs.Degree in Zoology from the University of Buea. i have the aim of establishing a cocoa farm in Kumba(ekombe 3-corners). so i will please need a step bu step guide on how to go about it.
  • 60. Robert Amponsah said on 9/22/2013 10:42:06 AM
    I have just bought a six acres of land in ghana in the cocoa producing area in the eastern region near asamankese and would like to undertake cultivation of cocoa. Please can you advise me on essential things to carry on. How many trees can i plant on an acre and at what dimensions, please need your advise.
  • 61. Jeanette Clabassi said on 10/8/2013 3:51:06 AM
    I require step by step guide on how to start cocoa farming. and how to go about purchasing a farm
  • 62. Deepak said on 10/8/2013 4:09:31 AM
    I want to start Cocoa Farm at a small scale first and eventually grow the same in India. Please guide.
  • 63. Elijah Ibrahim said on 11/7/2013 6:46:30 AM
    I'm from oyo state of nigeria, am working with an oganization right now but am ready to start my own bissness and I'm interested in cocoa farming Please i need step by step guide on how to start cocoa farming. Please your kind respond we be highly appreciated thanks.
  • 64. Frimpong ofori simon said on 11/14/2013 3:44:21 AM
    Am an up and coming entreprenure who want s to do cocoa farming please help me
  • 65. Pilot Ramson said on 11/21/2013 2:01:24 AM
    Am Pilot Ramson from Mbeya - Tanzania, i want to start cocoa farm please guide me.
  • 66. Enefiok said on 1/11/2014 5:07:54 PM
    Am interested in cocoa farming . Please I need a detail information on how to farm and the marketing aspect of the business. Thank u
  • 67. Adam D said on 2/14/2014 4:00:34 PM
    Cocoa farm in Ivory Coast, 200 Hectares or 495 acres available for farming. (Joint Venture) great income for retirement, production in 18 months and produce up to 2.3 tonnes for 35years per Hectare or 440 Tonnes per year at $2 per kilogram. Total Income = 440 tonnes x 1000 = 440,000kg x $2 per kilogram at = $880,000 per year. Prices very stable, very low investment and demand increasing every year. Contact me at for more info on this Cocoa farm.
  • 68. Tayo said on 3/18/2014 1:49:09 AM
    Am from ibadan in nigeria, presently am workin on 3 acres of land with the aim of planting cocoa but for now i don't know where to get the pod av been to crin but they don't have, anybody that can help pls contact me +2348182176071, Thanks
  • 69. Chandrasekran said on 3/20/2014 10:26:47 PM
    We have huge land i.e. 2,500 acres & 7,500 acres for agriculture and also cacau plantation. Looking for Joint Venture partners with fund. You will be the project owner Keen contact me at Mobile: +6010-8102757
  • 70. patrick persijn beginner adviser said on 4/14/2014 4:33:13 AM
    Hi, we have sprouting cocoa seeds for sale. Let me know, if you are interested. We also do consultation for cacao farm projects. Kind regards, Patrick Persijn, OrchidsAsia Europe T:+380663675133, || Consultant

  • 71. Mboh constantine said on 4/15/2014 10:41:39 AM
    i am a Cameroonian and produced cocoa and coffee now wish to sale my products abroad at a lower rate as the case may be. thank, your sincerely, mboh constantine, 23774021929
  • 72. Mboh constantine said on 4/15/2014 10:57:53 AM
    ready to supply products.
  • 73. okeze nelson said on 6/20/2014 11:48:05 AM
    am Nelson by name making preparation on how to start up a cocoa farming system. please friends where can I get the seedlings and the cost of it. please call me on 08164931506 Thank alot
  • 74. brad lloyd said on 6/26/2014 2:45:00 PM
    Am a 40 yrs old plant scientist trained in America am currently working on cocoa plant. I can be hired as an expert to any place or any country. I can help you realize your dream of owning a large cocoa farm as am currently working on a young cocoa plantation in ogun state Nigeria. Reach me on my Nigeria line. 08065051401
  • 75. Fabio said on 7/5/2014 2:14:46 PM
    Dear all, I am a young italian guy looking to partner with african cocoa farmers. I have a very clear project in my mind and I would like to develop it in Africa, as part of a community. My aim is to get in touch with some small scale farmer and grow together. Looking to make a joint venture and move to Africa with my wife. Please, write me an email and we can have a chat and understand if we share the same goals. Looking forward to hearing from you, Warm regards, Fabio
  • 76. Riyaad said on 7/12/2014 7:59:43 AM
    I want to start a cocoa farm in South Africa....How does one do such a thing. i know the right climate....but i think i'm cool ...#stopchildrenslavery
  • 77. James Kamomonga said on 7/19/2014 4:27:38 PM
    For any person who is interested in partnership or joint venture on cocoa you are well come to Tanzania! I have 200 acres in suitable area for cocoa but I dont have working capital!
  • 78. KOJO AMIN said on 7/29/2014 5:36:27 PM
    i have access to acres of land for cocoa production at assin fosu, in ghana. There are already cocoa plants on the land but looking to expand production and possibly become the largest in production in that area. I dont have the capital to really expand production hence anyone interested in partnership or joint venture in cocoa production should contact me or come to Ghana and locate me for a meeting on how to proceed. I recently returned from the United States and currently pursuing a degree programme at the university of Ghana.
  • 79. Bill said on 8/8/2014 4:32:38 PM
    If anybody is interested in developing cocoa farms in Cameroon then feel free to contact me on Skype @ billiecmr. We have available land for development.
  • 80. peter said on 8/12/2014 9:53:26 AM
    Hi @Kojo Amin, send a mail to me. Perhaps we can come together. Greetings Peter
  • 81. Jesus said on 8/18/2014 8:22:53 AM
    Hi I have a cocoa farm in brazil and I need help running and producing, it has already about 2000 and lots of cocoa Help!!
  • 82. Rosa said on 8/18/2014 11:13:01 PM
    Interested in starting my own cocoa farm in Ecuador. Please help. Any information will be helpful. If you live in Ecuador and are interested of being part of this adventure please contact me at
  • 83. Gregory said on 8/27/2014 11:50:56 AM
    Interested to assisting interested land owners to develop plantations in cocoa and other agro. in Central and South America countries. contact me to assist and provide financial plan and capital. Gregory email
  • 84. ADEFEMI JULIOUS said on 8/31/2014 8:57:04 AM
    Cocoa business is awaiting you at makinde cocoa establishment where thousands of tonnes a produce per year you can be a bulk buyer, partner, makinde cocoa establishment is the best around the south-south origin in Nigeria, we produce the best and a well-trained employee in agricultural science. We ensure that our cocoa beans a weight a fresh, be a partner from anywhere makinde is ready to accept, bulk buy most wanted in outside Nigeria, Makinde cocoa farm is located in fari forest ogun state for more information’s email MR. ADEFEMI JULIOUS at him is going to furnish you the own info. Come let make cocoa the best and the best business THANKS.
  • 85. Mircaella F. Johnson said on 9/1/2014 2:04:53 AM
    I am located in Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines. I have organized our farmers to cooperatives and we are looking for interested organizations to help us start the first organized "QUALITY & SUSTAINABLE" Cocoa Business in the Philippines. The land area we can plant cocoa is a total of 24,000 hectares organized. Please email me if you are interested to venture with our communities. Our goal is to provide employment and develop our communities to "SUSTAINABILITY." I hope to hear from someone out there who can help change the lives of our poor farmers. May God bless :) PLEASE EMAIL ME.
  • 86. olomola victor temitope said on 9/1/2014 10:58:48 AM
    Am temitope, nigerian, am having some lands that I want to use for the production of cocoa plantation but I don't know how am going to start. I know its a profitable business but I don't know how to start it. Pls guide me
  • 87. ADEFEMI JULIUS said on 9/24/2014 6:08:21 PM
    Cocoa is the best business and lucrative business in most country, why can’t we join hands together to support makinde cocoa establishment you can be a partner here is the time, a bulk buyer here is the time, makinde Is among the best cocoa farms in south-south origin, we produce well weighted, fresh cocoa beans. Our head office is located in Edo state of Nigeria if you are interested in partner with us or a bulk buyer contact MR.ADEFEMI JULIOUS (manager) at or MR. MAKINDE KENNETH (MD) at
  • 88. EYONG BESSEM K said on 10/5/2014 7:43:10 PM
    I'm call eyong bessem k, from mamfe, cameroon. mamfe is an area very ideal for cocoa cultivation and also blessed with abundant rainfall & sunshine. i have 50 hectares of farmland 2 of which have been under cultivation for years. so therefore, due to lack of finance to developed remain hectares, i am looking for foreign investor or joint venture partners. anybody interested should email me on or contact me at +23775731706 or +23772756422 thanks
  • 89. EYONG BESSEM K said on 10/5/2014 7:51:42 PM
    2 hectares of farmland have been under cocoa cultivation for years with a lot of good harvest. plz waiting for interested persons
  • 90. Francis Joseph said on 10/12/2014 5:55:57 AM
    Am a nigeria interested in cocoa farming, am searching for a cocoa farm Land owner or family to partner with from ondo state or ogun state, if you are interested kindly contact me ASAP for pre-introduction. phone number:+41-779885193 or tel: +33-758736513
  • 91. kim russell said on 10/26/2014 8:52:10 AM
    We have a small cocoa estate in Grenada, West Indies producing some of the finest cocoa in the world...fermentation and drying sheds large enough to handle 20000 lbs weekly...lovely house and two other cottages....all one minute from Caribbean...Due to age and health we have decided to sell the
  • 92. ojubulu inaikedi said on 10/28/2014 8:10:25 AM
    I am also interested in cocoa farming, land may noy necessarily be an issue, my issue is where can I get trained before I start
  • 93. Etienne Jacob said on 11/8/2014 11:04:18 AM
    Old white, owner of 2,5 ha cacao old plantation. I started to reingeneer it last year to use chemicals, fertilizer, to prune strong and correctly,to cut old trees and replace it by hybrids, to plant pseudobananas Casava and coconut as shadow-giver and to increase the treatment proposed by Cacao+Coffee board 30%. Still now, i feel we succeed: Blackpods are less, harvest grows from zero to 12 backs. We dry by sun and if it needs electrically. We store not 4 but 5-6 days in bags before drying. Our last goal is to make essential cacao oil for export
  • 94. Kishore Musale said on 11/17/2014 12:13:03 PM
    I am seriously interested in wanting to own part of a cocoa farming future. My interest is to partner with an ethical small group who aspires to be a large Cocoa producer in Ghana. Please send me proposal and a plan of present activities including you last years audited balance sheet. If I am interested I will engage an accounting firm to it investigate the firm and have an adviser for the project based in Ghana. So only serious large progressive growers apply. Thanks, Kishore
  • 95. Leonardo Armijos said on 11/18/2014 5:12:05 PM
    Hi to all cocoa investors. My name is Leonardo Armijos, 35 y.o I am from Ecuador, where is grown one of the best quality of cocoa beans. I have currently 10 ha. of farm by the coast of Ecuador, in Esmeraldas to be exactly, the farm now is full of different plants and trees, which doesn't bring me incomes at all, so after I have worked, read and assisted to seminaries about the cocoa business, I am really interested in get into the business for my own, but for that I need help.

    I am looking for a great investor who wants to borrow me money or want to invest money on my farm to grow cacao and export, we together could do a lot. I got the farm and the knowledge about cocoa farming and you out there has the money and the contact where to sell it directly, so I do believe that is a good combination to succeed. We could grow even more as there are small farmers around that are selling their cocoa beans quite far from their location, so we could take all of them to reach big quantity. Looking forward to a great visionary investor. Greetings. Leo, Contact me: can give my phone after mail.
  • 96. LAURENCE MARMARA said on 12/14/2014 8:23:44 PM
  • 97. ERIC GINTAR KONGOR said on 12/18/2014 12:17:30 PM
    i have good seeds for cocoam(20,000 hybrids). i am located in cameroon,
  • 98. Enoch Chinwendu said on 12/19/2014 1:56:59 AM
    Hello all, after a lot of research at the south eastern part of Nigeria, i discover that cocoa is no were to be found that much, and there is 100% rain fall and good soil which is good for the production of cocoa and i want to go in for the business, but no capital and also i want to ask if #200,000 can start a cocoa business, please i need your help and investors my make my dream of becoming the best cocoa and coffee producer in the south east and in Nigeria as whole. Here u can reach me 2349037510030,
  • 99. David Sewell said on 12/21/2014 1:13:45 PM
    We are in the turnkey specialty coffee business, from "seed to cup", and are located in PANAMA. We are interested in adding to our business by diversifying into cacao, also on a turnkey basis, from "bean to bar". Our business model is "sustainable income from offshore sustainable agriculture". We believe in all 3 pillars of sustainability: environmentally, economically and socially. We rehire farm workers on farms we acquire and provide living wages, medical and pension benefits and a real profit-sharing bonus pool for all farm workers. Our goal is to help eradicate child labor. We are a small entrepreneurial firm specializing in private equity with access to capital from individual investors internationally. We have financed $7 million USD of coffee farm acquisitions/operations in Colombia and Panama in the past 2 years. DOES ANYONE HAVE CACAO FARMS FOR SALE? Our primary focus for now is Central America, particularly Belize, Nicaragua and Panama. Please email
  • 100. TERENCE A said on 1/9/2015 8:45:34 AM
    HELLO, MR LAURENCE MARMARA is a pleasure to hear that you have been a great genius in the field of cocoa.if i got people like you all around the world then i think we can be proud of our product cocoa. i am the commercial manager of TLTD. an NGO dealing in the growth and cultivation of cocoa. our nursery for 2014/2015 was set up in October and we got 3,000,000 seedlings. SO if you are interested in buying any of the seedlings you can contact the company sales manager via E or through mobile 00237 696473811. Hope you will come to enjoy from our services.remember your success is our concern.
  • 101. Dercio L said on 1/17/2015 10:06:46 AM
    Hello, I live in Mozambique. i believe it is a great place to start a cacao plantation-however i am not a professional. I am looking for someone to aid me in making my own farm- i already have land. please contact me, if you know anyone. thank you
  • 102. formum said on 1/18/2015 9:02:23 AM
    Am located in muyengeh south west region of Cameroon were cocoa is the breath basket and the highest cocoa production in Cameroon so we have a farm of 10 years old cocoa and 3 to 5 years cocoa farm we need buyers for dried cocoa beans and investors too so if interested do contact me
  • 103. femi said on 1/25/2015 6:48:34 PM
    I need a business plan on cocoa farm
  • 104. Peter Aikpokpodion said on 1/26/2015 11:15:32 PM
    Dear All, I first want to thank this website host for providing this platform. Reading through the comments since 2012, I see a lot of interest in cocoa production and need for technical expertise support for a successful business. At Commodities Enterprise Development International, we bring technical expertise and almost 30 years experience to support cocoa agribusiness development along the value chain. We support small to large scale cocoa farmers establishment and management, linkages to off-takers and implementing an integrated cocoa value chain business model towards transforming your cocoa beans to chocolate bars and scaling up your share of the market price. As the consumption of healthy cocoa products continue to grow annually in tandem with the growing middle class globally, there are huge market opportunities to be exploited. We can be contacted at,
  • 105. Hazel said on 1/30/2015 11:59:11 PM
    Hi. I have a 7-hectare land in the Philippines where I want to invest a cocoa-farming business with the aim of targeting the global market. The land is currently lushed with coconut trees . I am looking for an honest investor financially who has a passion for cocoa farming and is very much interested to be my partner in this great project. I am currently based in Sydney, Australia but Philippines (my native country) is where I go home every year. To anyone of you interested , we can talk more about it by contacting me in my email address :
  • 106. victor lim said on 1/31/2015 6:58:17 PM
    I am interested to buy cocoa arm and also cocoa seeds, please email me at
  • 107. Peter Aikpokpodion said on 2/1/2015 3:39:02 PM
    Dear All, happy new month. For those in Nigeria, West and Central Africa, and in need of technical advisory support, access to land and partnerships on cocoa farming at large and medium scales, you may wish to call +2348053920302. At CEDI, we are willing to serve your needs and support to realise your dreams.
  • 108. folakemi said on 2/10/2015 3:38:59 PM
    I am planning to start cocoa farming in osun state, nigeria as soon as possible. I have little idea. I will appreciate your help. Thanks
  • 109. babalola timothy said on 2/13/2015 1:26:31 PM
    Am planning to start cocoa business in Nigeria (buying and selling) I lived in ibadan. Please I need your help on how to start this business. Thanks.
  • 110. yemi gbokoyi said on 2/15/2015 4:29:10 PM
    My name yemi, a nigerian. I picked up interest in cocoa business not too long ago, and I ve been sourcing for information on how to get started. I would sincerely appreciate if your good office can help will some call informations and how to get started. Also I want to find out if #200,000 can do for a start? Here is my contact 07025626160
  • 111. segun said on 2/20/2015 5:58:50 AM
    i have intention to start cocoa farming around ogun state of nigeria but don't know how to start, minimum land required, average amount to start and other information needed to start. i will appreciate your reply. thank you.
  • 112. Hughes said on 3/11/2015 10:31:15 AM
    I have cocoa farm land for sell in cote d'ivoire, if any body want to buy do contact me with my email
  • 113. MOSES OPAFUNSO said on 4/1/2015 5:44:39 AM
    I am interested in cocoa farming. Pls, can you get Hectares/Acres of land for me at Oyo, Osun and Ondo state. Thanks.
  • 114. Israel Pangilinan said on 4/12/2015 3:55:41 AM
    Hi, I have a farm in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, Philippines and wanted to develop cacao farming in the area. Please advise how can you help. Thanks, Israel Pangilinan
  • 115. prasad bhat said on 4/14/2015 1:24:40 AM
    Hello, I am Prasad Bhat from India. I am small scale cocoa farmer. having 10 acre of plantation. now I am looking for gen in companies who can invest for 200 acre new plantation. interested parties can contact me in 9964803956 Indian Mobil number. and my email I'd s, thank u.
  • 116. Iwejuo Okechukwu said on 5/6/2015 10:58:11 AM
    Hello I need so good details on cocoa farming.
  • 117. Adam said on 5/15/2015 3:49:10 AM
    Investment opportunity in Cocoa farm Ivory Coast, 200 Hectares to 2000 Hectares available for farming (Cocoa and Corn) (Joint Venture)Very good income, also good for retirement since the tree produce for 30 year, With the new hybrid Cocoa the tree start production in 18 months and produce up to 2.3 tonnes/Hectares for 30 years. Quick Math 200H X 2.3T = 460 tones,at $2/kilogram (Price Higher at international level). Total Income = 460 tonnes x 1000 = 460,000kg x $2/Kg = $920,000 per year(Gross Income for just 200Hectare). Cocoa Prices is stable, very low investment and Demand for cocoa is predicted to rise by 30% by 2020 but without empowering and investing in large-scale farmers, the industry will struggle to provide sufficient supply . Contact me at for more info on this Cocoa farm.
  • 118. Hari Malla said on 5/18/2015 1:34:41 AM
    Hello sir/madam, i am from Nepal. I am very interest to do cocoa farm in my country. how can i get cocoa seeds in my country Nepal? please tel me where and how can i get cocoa seeds in nepal? thank you, mail me in this e-mail :-
  • 119. Taye Adugna said on 5/24/2015 1:06:47 AM
    I want to get the seedling of cocoa so as to start up here in Ethiopia. If there is any supplier, please contact me at: Email:, phone: +251911797709
  • 120. Mulbah K, Yorgbor Sr said on 5/27/2015 1:39:10 PM
    I have planted about 1700 cocoa about 11 months old and also have 2700 seedlings to be transplanted by June 2015. I need a short duration variety and high grade quality seeds to grow. I also want some organic pests and disease control methods. I am from Liberia and my farm is situated in Margibi County and live in Kakata city. Telephone# 231-886486021. Hope to hear from you.
  • 121. jesright elechi said on 6/14/2015 8:26:18 AM
    Am antony I am a cocoa farmer and I own about 10hecters land of cocoa in togo. If needed please contact 2349030965482 or 2348188352107
  • 122. Yubraj Acharya said on 6/24/2015 4:02:13 AM
    Dear All , Any Investor who is interested to be partner on COCOA farm can call or contact me immediately "Only Expert's " . +977 9801035475
  • 123. John Ofe said on 7/7/2015 7:15:11 AM
    Hi I'm wishing to start a plantation in Samoa..I would like as much information as possible and what I need to take into consideration before i begin my pilot project many thanks, John
  • 124. MOSES OPAFUNSO said on 7/23/2015 10:45:17 AM
    I am interested in cocoa plantation/farming. Pls, can you get acres/hectares of land for me from OSUN, OYO, & ONDO STATES. THANKS.
  • 125. ponce castelo said on 8/1/2015 2:01:00 PM
    its pretty plain and simple i saw all the message out there all help! i just want to know who is my buyer and how much your going to pay so where not wasting each other time thanks
  • 126. MR ISAAC said on 8/13/2015 7:23:43 PM
  • 127. Rene Tabot said on 8/31/2015 7:03:22 AM
    I am Tabot from Calabar, Cross River State ,Nigeria. I've read through so many pieces of advice here. As we speak I just started my dream cocoa plantation. Initially I wanted to start with 5 acres but I was advised to start with an acre which has already been cleared and cocoa has been planted.About 1200 young trees have been planted. How can u further advice me on this venture. Thanks in anticipation.
  • 128. Daniel beginner adviser said on 12/27/2015 7:02:22 PM
    this how to start a cocoa farm first look for a land the land must not be a savanna area or grass land the soil type should be sandy loam which means it should not be water logged or clay land which gets dry with cracks on it the rainfall in that area must be good not too much or too low after looking out for all this things clear the land get after clearing you either burn or plant direct why am I saying this if the bushes are too thick I mean forest you burn but semi forest with smaller trees you can choose to burn or plant through after this you have to get your seedlings and it must be high breed the local ones are not all that good the you get your temporal shade like plantain suckers then you peg the land 10feet x 10feet or 3mx3m the you dig a hole like the size or height of the pollibug in which the seedlings were raise then make sure you do your planting on the rainy season because cocoa early stages it likes water the after you can plant you plantain 1-1.5 feet from the cocoa stands I mean the seeding you planted || Consultant

  • 129. jayah musa said on 1/9/2016 12:29:37 PM
    I thank u all for the messages but i'am here looking out for customers for buying our cocoa and coffee also any interested person look out for my email
  • 130. ABDULAI BORBOR BANGURA said on 1/12/2016 8:45:25 AM
    I am Abdulai Borbor Bangura, I'm Sierra leonean. I am a farmer but I studied management.I have planted about 2000 trees of cacao and this year I am about nursing 10,000 cacao and 5000 cola plantation. I need your advice at every stage. I have 1000 acres of land in my District. Best regards Abdulai
  • 131. Ndifreke Ebe said on 2/17/2016 2:56:47 PM
    my name is Ndifreke Ebe am 22 years,am a native of akwa ibom state. I so much believe in cocoa, this is one of my dreams, and I want to be and investor of cocoa ,please I need help and guides. you can get to me through my Facebook name Ndifreke Ebe.please am really serious about this.
  • 132. NICARAGUA 40 Manzanas160K said on 2/17/2016 8:47:36 PM
    Beautiful, quiet place with all year round nice view with a lots of potential at El Casitas, Chinandega. Great for Coffee and Cacao. Own spring tap water system coming from El Casita Volcano.Must sell. Willing to negotiate on good offers.
  • 133. klaudia Petersen said on 2/22/2016 11:32:27 AM
    If you are interested in starting cacao production in the Dominican republic or become investor, Please feel free to contact me for more info Republic is one of the important Organic, Bio and gourmet cacao production country.We are a Scandinavian company and operates according to European service quality, We have very good contacts with Farmers here and knowledge of the Agricultural possibility to make part is that Non resident need to invest your money in Dominican Republic or own farm. Dominican republic With the largest economy in Central America and the Caribbean, is known for its positive attitude towards foreign investments. According to the World Bank, the Dominican Republic was ranked as the largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) recipient in the Caribbean in 2012 The Dominican Republic has a strong consolidated financial sector and a well-organized business community. Geographically located near major markets, the Dominican Republic is at the center of the Americas. As such, it has signed trade agreements that provide privileged market access to and from the United States, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean.
  • 134. Rene said on 3/16/2016 10:14:59 AM
    Looking to buy cocoa farms in the South West region of Cameroon. Drop me an email if interested. Email address:
  • 135. Emmanuel said on 3/28/2016 3:09:40 PM
    To Whom It May Concerns.I Like To Say That Agriculture Is Profitable And Lasting.I Am A Farmer And A Consultancy.From Soil Sample, Brushing And Cultivation Of Cocoa Farming And Plantain.Also Cocoa Hybrid Seedlings Is Available For Sale With Plantain Suckers.I Reside In Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria.I Can Be Reach On This Numbers 08074904042 / 08143452191 God Bless Your Efforts.
  • 136. Enoch said on 3/30/2016 4:29:54 PM
    Adenirann Enoch, I was born and brought from cocoa farm in ile Ife, osun state Nigeria. in term of experience I have more than 15year experience. I manage my father cocoa farm (25 hacher ) for more down 6 years after his death. Now I want to have my own cocoa farm in a mechanize way please can you guide to get capital. I studied transport technology in LAUTECH Ogbomoso. thanks in anticipation
  • 137. joseph said on 3/30/2016 5:11:55 PM
    looking to start a cocoa farm in mangaldan, philippines. land is ready. also interested in investing or purchasing cocoa farms and operations. will be traveling to area in mid-May 2016, please email me at
  • 138. Afolabi said on 4/3/2016 9:49:08 PM
    I'm willing to go into cocoa business but dont know how to go abt it. pls help me out, i'm from abeokuta in ogun state nigeria.+2347039369842. God bless
  • 139. Akinbuli Temidayo said on 4/10/2016 10:09:13 AM
    I'm from Nigerai,ondo state to be precise.I just need a buyer foreign buyer for my cocoa produce.When you see it,you will know it is the best.Contact me +2348032462699, am going to give you the best cocoa beans.
  • 140. Ed said on 4/16/2016 6:33:37 PM
    Interested in making good return on your investment. Try cocoa or coffee. I'm from Nicaragua and have on going project of arabiga caturra coffee and cocoa plantation, if interested on investing give us a call or drop us a line via e-mail. we are building the plantation to have it with drip irrigation, something that most coffee producer are not aware of the future that with out irrigation coffee will be in critical conditions.
  • 141. Margaret Mwanja said on 5/12/2016 2:10:34 PM
    Am a Ugandan living in Iganga that's in Eastern Uganda. Operating a cocoa nursery. Seeking for assistance to boost my project. Currently producing. 50,000 seedlings every season. Please contact me on +256 772 593860
  • 142. Owen Wallace said on 5/18/2016 7:06:49 PM
    If you are interested in exporting Cocoa from Nigeria. CONTACT OWEN WALLACE, USA. IREOWEN@GMAIL.COM
  • 143. Okeoma Ebuka said on 5/30/2016 1:25:19 PM
    My name is Okeoma Ebuka, presently residing in Port Harcourt Nigeria. Am interested in coco farming, I have a wild ekes of land in Imo State Nigeria. Please help me with ideas.
  • 144. Ogbonna said on 5/31/2016 5:01:11 AM
    Over 100 hectares of land available for cocoa farming in Bende Local Govt Area of Abia State Nigeria. If you are interested to co-invest in Cocoa then send mail to with indication of financial proposition.
  • 145. simeon said on 7/7/2016 6:56:25 AM
    Am impressed with the responses out here, I need necessary information on basic practice on cocoa farming up the sales of cocoa seed in the international market
  • 146. Marisol Martinez said on 7/7/2016 11:31:59 AM
    Looking for an investor to help develop my cocoa plantation.
  • 147. Maria Ramos said on 7/7/2016 11:35:30 AM
    ECUADOR: Investment opportunity for cocoa cultivation. We have 360 hectares in the province of Guayas, Via a la Costa sector, alongside the CEDEGE irrigation canal. Contact us at:
  • 148. Russell Mohan said on 7/9/2016 1:36:33 PM
    My name is Russell Mohan, I am from Trinidad and Tobago I am very interested in opening a cocoa plantation. I would like to get as much information as I can get and as soon as I could get it in order as to ascertain the correct land in which to create the plantation. And maybe a layout out plan on where and how far apart my shade trees should be and typical types of trees that could be used. And an average of cocoa yields per hectare that could be produced.
  • 149. Eddy said on 8/16/2016 12:11:44 AM
    I am from Oron in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. What is the planting space ( distance ) between Cocoa trees ? What is an ideal period to start the nursery? Where can one get the hybrid seedling from? What is the maximum/ minimum period before fruiting?
  • 150. Samuel Akwo-Adelowo beginner adviser said on 8/26/2016 4:37:48 PM
    I am a business consultant based in Dallas TX, I am from the South west region of Cameroon, known for the highest area of cocoa production. I have been contacted by a cooperative interested for investment projects in the Cocoa by-products industry. Also, there is available hectares of land for a cocoa plantation. Please if you know any interested partner or investors in this sector, try to contact us. We will love the addresses mail to our e-mail below. Thanks

    akmalongbiz[[@]] || Cocoa Farming Consultant

  • 151. Francis ike said on 10/24/2016 8:28:22 AM
    My name is Francis Ike and I reside in New York but I was born in Nigeria. I graduated form University of New Haven with a BS in Marketing and a minor in Sales. I am looking for anyone with expertise in Cocoa farming. I am looking to start a farm in Nigeria by the summer time. I have questions such as start up costs, yields, farming techniques, negative outcomes and any other useful information. I would also be interested in speaking with current farmers and seeing what the yields have been in Nigeria and will the demand surpass supply in the future. Please reach out if you are willing to divulge some knowledge please. . You can also find me on linked in
  • 152. jan carl magbanua said on 10/26/2016 9:58:30 PM
    hi, i am jan carl from Philippines. i just want to know how to start a business in cocoa industry me at
  • 153. Brian Manakako said on 10/30/2016 5:07:19 AM
    Hi, I am from the Solomon Islands. our family have 70 hectre of land suitable for agricultural purposes. we are looking for investors to partner with especially in the cocoa industry.
  • 154. falodun olusegun said on 11/2/2016 8:29:41 AM
    hi, olusegun by name and am interested in investing in cocoa farming. pls kindly reach me on for total break down of what it takes to start up. hope to get your response soonest. thanks falodun Olusegun
  • 155. ROQ ABDULQADEr said on 11/2/2016 11:17:01 AM
    HI... I AM FROM MARAWI CITY, LANAO DEL SUR, PHILIPPINES.. I THINK OUR PROVINCE HAS THE BEST CLIMATE IN PHILIPPINES... ITS NOT TOO HOT IN HERE NOR TOO COLD, FOR THOSE EXPERT DO U THINK IT IS POSSIBLE TO ME TO GROW AND START COCOA FARM IN OUR PROVINCE AND WILL I BE ABLE TO YIELD GOOD QUALITY OF CROPS.? And for those who know, where can I buy seedlings? And what kind of seed do i need to buy that yields good quality of cocoa? I can be reach at I am interested to start my own cocoa farm but really i dont have a knowledge about it. PLs help..or give me advice and tips...
  • 156. SKILLCONSULT said on 12/12/2016 9:19:33 AM
    For your comprehensive and detailed business plan on any of tree crops such as Cocoa, Coconut, Cashew, Cotton, Citrus (orange), Oil palm, Rubber and Kolanut. Kindly call 08123916545. A trial will convince you.
  • 157. Burton Trott said on 12/25/2016 9:39:46 PM
    I am Burton Trott, I am a Bermudian and in the planning stage of buying a small cocoa farm in Panama Central America, The farm has 80 cocoa trees on it. I need to know how to tell when the beans are ripe for harvesting. My E-mail:, Thank you
  • 158. Danjuma Aliyu said on 1/17/2017 8:17:38 AM
    Hi, we are looking for a consultant to develop a bankable business plan for a cocoa plantation on a 2 thousand hectare of land in Nigeria, please reply ASAP if you can. Regards, Danjuma Aliyu, N0 11 Banjul street wuse 2 Abuja +2348033207562,
  • 159. Fawaz Olamide said on 1/28/2017 2:54:45 AM
    my name is Fawaz Ibrahim, I already have a cocoa farm but want to expand it output, time of growth and other like increase my farm land in ekiti state pls contact me on my e-mail; thank u
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