Starting a Home Health Agency

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Because of the aging baby boomers, there is increasing demand for home health not only within our country but globally as well. A lot of people are securing their golden years and are investing their money on health instead of travel, house, cars and other leisure.

If you are a person of vision, then this business is ripe for the taking. This business guide will show you its worth your time.

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Here are basic steps to start your home health agency.

  • Step 1: Put together a business plan.
    First access your own knowledge about the needs of the health care industry and the trends that govern it. Next, you list down possible resources both human and financial that can help you start your venture as well possible home health agency competitors that can tear you down. Hire people who can conduct strength and weakness, opportunities and threats analysis of your business choice.
  • Step 2: Get experience if you don’t have any.
    Running your own agency can spell disaster if you are a rookie or simply clueless about it. Plus of course considering that it’s costly to run it in a trail and error fashion which not only hurts your pockets but as well as your clients which you might loose forever to other agency competitors. Get a job and get your hands dirty. Learn how to run an agency you don’t own and how to make it work.
  • Step 3: Learn your state’s rules and regulations.
    Inquire thru the Department of Health and Human Services. Every state has different requirements. It is best that you deliberately ask directions from the source of information. Since the health industry is constantly growing and expanding, rules and regulations change all the time to accommodate the rapid pace of this industry so it is best to learn straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • Step 4: Get all the licenses and permits required to operate your agency.
    Get advice from a business lawyer or from you’re your city clerk’s office. Adhere to the proper home health business licenses, policies, and regulations required and also apply for a respectable business name for your agency. Many trade associations and suppliers will also require that you have a DUNS number before they will do business with you.
  • Step 5: Find a location for your office.
    Start with a simple office where you can have a staff of ten personnel initially. Your office space should at least include a waiting lounge for inquiring home health clients and also a separate room for board discussion meetings. Seek for a real estate person who can provide you with this amenities and pay for it.
  • Step 6: Hire a staff and make sure they have the proper licenses.
    Make sure that all your employees are properly trained and equipped with updated licenses. Delegate a few key people who can not only interview potential employees for your agency’s manpower but who could do an experience and knowledge check up on them concerning home health basics to make sure your business have quality assurance.

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  • 1. barbara moorer said on July 2, 2008
    I want to know what kind of license do i need and what are requirements to start my home health agency
  • 2. Kelonda Gaither said on July 20, 2008
    I would like more information on the license and more on personnel and how to get patience for the agency.
  • 3. Unknown said on January 7, 2009
    I have opened and started a few home health agencies I usually start them for people that don't really know how to structure their business but they have experience in managing health care companies. I should tell you that it is very expensive very time demanding and there is a lot of work that goes into building a Home Health Agency. If you are not client oriented and in it to actually provide the best possible care this is not the business for you, because it will show once you have to print up those reports on your clients outcome based fact sheets soooooooo......but if you are interested you should write me back i can help you.
  • 4. winnie mukuha said on January 11, 2009
    I'm interested in establishing a home health agency later this year. I don't know what it would cost me, how I'd be getting the clients and other basic requirements. How could you help me do so?
  • 5. LeAnn Wariner said on January 15, 2009
    I am also interested in starting my own home health care agency. I have worked in this field and am very client oriented, I just need assistance getting started, want to do this right without problems...does anyone know how to help me?
  • 6. Mona D said on January 15, 2009
    I am interested in starting a home health agency. I want to know how much it will cost me Approximately.
  • 7. Pattie said on February 10, 2009
    We are a group of nurses and CNAI & II's in NC, wanting to start our own home health company. Tired of working for others and seeing people not getting the care a home situation can provide. We have some investment money, a home office to start and experience with nursing. Can you advise where to start?
  • 8. Cathy said on February 23, 2009
    I live in the state of New York. I have 17 years experience in the home health care industry (administrative) I want to open my own home health care agency. Could please tell me the steps I need to take to make this happen? I already have the finance to open within the next 2 months. Please help me.
  • 9. Deborah Smith said on March 18, 2009
    Hello I wanting to start my health care agency just need to be pointed in the correct direction have worked in the medical field as a Cna, Pca, Medical Sec. and I have started taking home-health management classes. I am tried getting laid off and clients not getting the care they need. Help please if you can.
  • 10. Latasha said on March 24, 2009
    I live in Dayton, Ohio. I'm an Independent Provider through out the state of ohio. I have a state pin number, i also have access to clients, but i will like to start a Home Health Agency. I have the vision but i need that first door to open, please help me to get started.
  • 11. kimberly bryant said on March 30, 2009
    I'm trying to start a home health agency partnering with someone. I would like some help in getting this off the ground. I am currently the office manager with a home health agency but, not making any money. want to start something own to make money. I been doing this type of work for the last 8 years. I just received a degree in Administration office management. Can you help me please. Thanks
  • 12. TOYA said on April 22, 2009
  • 13. chuck abellon said on April 27, 2009
    I live in Southern California, I need assistance in how to start my own Home health Agency. Please provide me a step by step process to start my own HHA.
  • 14. Richard Kopecky said on April 29, 2009
    I live in New Jersey and am interested in starting a Home Health Agency serving the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Could you please provide me with a step by step guide on the licenses, amount and type of insurance required, and how to attract clients. I have worked as a Health Assistant for approximately eight years with my own family and as a professional. There are two other Health Assistants interested in starting this agency with me. Please send any and all information regarding this. Thank you.
  • 15. Tony M said on May 5, 2009
    My wife and I are going through the process of opening an in home or home health care agency. Does anyone have information concerning companies who assist people with the process of starting this business?

    Ready made business plan outlines. Policies and procedures manuals. Home care software implementation (for budgeting, billing, etc). Training manuals.
  • 16. Peter Atembe said on May 5, 2009
    I wish to start a Home Health Agency and would like to know the documents required and which office is in-charge of granting authorization. Thanks
  • 17. sam said on May 8, 2009
    I live in dayton, ohio. I would like to start my own home health agency if possible please let me know were to start.
  • 18. Mical Hagos said on May 11, 2009
    I live in Dallas, Texas and would like to start my own home health agency. If possible please let me know where to start in terms of licensure, client base, and employees.
  • 19. tae said on May 12, 2009
    I live in north carolina and I am interested in starting a home health agency. I cant seem to find all the information i need on licenses, requirements, laws type of insurance needed to start the business. Also I would like a step by step plan on starting the business what things do i need to make the business successful. Thanks
  • 20. Antonette said on May 24, 2009
    I would like to start a Home Care Business in Mississippi. I need some guidance. Thanks!!
  • 21. Carolyn Freeman said on May 25, 2009
    I am a NP in IL and I would like to start a homehealth agency as an independent practitioner for heart failure patients. Where should I start?
  • 22. Luz Reyes said on May 25, 2009
    I'm in Waxahachie, Texas and would like to start a Home Health Agency. Please can you send me step by step plan on starting the business, and what documentation do I need to make the business successful. Sincerely, Luz
  • 23. kay said on May 28, 2009
    I am looking to open a home health care agency in California and wanted to know what steps did i need to take obtain the required licenses and did i need an address right away for where i will be conducting the business.
  • 24. erika moore said on June 1, 2009
    i am excited that so many people are interested in starting their own health centers. I am also interested in starting my own home health care in georgia. Can you help me with what all i need to do in getting it started?
  • 25. mary andrews said on June 7, 2009
    I am a registered nurse , I am currently working as a visiting nurse. I am interested in opening my own home health agency, I need help. I am in new jersey, thanks
  • 26. Megan Wall said on June 8, 2009
    WOW! This is sooo exciting! I have been thinking about starting a Home Health Agency, and I thought I was the only one with this idea! ha ha. I live in Conway Arkansas and find it very interesting that a city with a population of approx. 55,000 only has 2-3 home health agencies. I would like to get another one started. Starting from scratch, I have no idea where to start! Please help!
  • 27. Lettina Cave said on June 8, 2009
    I am interested in starting my own home health care agency in Georgia. I will be running the business from home at first. I already have my business license and insurance. I even have patients ready to be seen. I'm stuck with trying to get a medicare provider number. Can you help me?
  • 28. Lourdes said on June 9, 2009
    I am interested in starting my own Home Health Agency. Everyone tells me I need 100,000.00 and others tell me that I need 50,000.00. This will be to be medicare certified also. Who can clarify the cost?
  • 29. nori said on June 10, 2009
    I am interested in starting a Home Health Agency. I am in Texas and I am looking to open it by the beginning of 2010. I need help to get it started. Thanks Nori
  • 30. JENNIFER JACKSON said on June 11, 2009
    I've been working in the healthcare field for 17 years, 13 as a CNA and 6 years as a nurse. I'm eager to branch off and start a career that I can directly involved with the personal care that patients receive. I've spoken to a close friend over the years to collaborate with me, but to no prevail. Can anyone give me the basic foundation how to start a home health agency. Inspired to pursue a long awaited dream in Darien, GA
  • 31. Ivory said on June 12, 2009
    I have worked in healthcare for some years now and I am interested in starting a home health agency in Arkansas. I would like to find a trusted partner to undertake this venture with, preferably a Registered Nurse or or Physical Therapist. Write to me at if you are interested. Thanks.
  • 32. Peggy said on June 12, 2009
    I am in Texas. could you please help me find out what kind of License and laws that I have to follow and where to get them from. I am very interested in opening an Home Health Agency. Can someone please give me a contact number. Thanks
  • 33. LorettaTurner said on June 13, 2009
    Can you send me the procedure for starting a home health care business in chicago or indiana. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ms Turner
  • 34. ROBIN said on June 14, 2009
  • 35. LASHAWN JAMES said on June 17, 2009
    Please, someone contact me about proper procedures in opening HH agency from my home, I want to start out small and see how it goes then expand. I've been in the health industry for more than 17 yrs.
  • 36. Michelle said on June 17, 2009
    My partner and I are starting a home health agency and we need help immediately. We need to know the steps and where we can receive funding.
  • 37. Maxwood said on June 21, 2009
    Are there Grants available in home health care agency Startup? Where do I find the step by step procedure to start this business in Michigan? Thanks!
  • 38. Gwen said on June 25, 2009
    I have always wanted my own business and now the bug is coming back and I am wanting to do it. I just need to go the next step I am a health care professional and I have experience with all aspect accept the licensing. My only real fear is failure I don't want to put all my time and energy into it and it doesn't pan out or I burn out so I understand what everyone is going through so if I ever get the guts to do it I will write back and tell you my experience good luck to everyone.
  • 39. Dion Alves said on June 26, 2009
    I am interested in starting up an Home Health Agency in the surrounding area. please to fill me in on the steps I have over 2yrs of experience, and have about four pt waiting to come on board. Forms, Lic's, all other tools. 954.479.7492, D.Alves
  • 40. susanne williams said on July 13, 2009
    I need help with the policy and procedures package I am about 75% done with the package with starting a private home care agency in Atlanta, GA
  • 41. Jason W. said on July 14, 2009
    I am also interested in starting my own home health care agency. Our company will be based on being very client oriented, I know its not the easiest and need assistance doing so because I want this done right without problems... does anyone know how to help me?
  • 42. juana rochelle belk-broaden said on July 21, 2009
    I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and I have been wanting to start my own home health agency or adult daycare for a long time. I am now in college getting my BA degree in HR Management and have been a CNA for 19 years now. I have also worked in adult daycares, home health agencies, nursing homes, and a specialty hospital and I have the much needed experience, but I need some guidance to help me through the process of starting my own business. Please help me if possible.
  • 43. angie500 beginner adviser said on July 26, 2009
    Start with your Secretary of State website.
    You will also have to have a EIN number, call your Local IRS office. If you want to open a medical funded home health care agency you will need to Call your local Council On Aging. These agency will help you get certified with the state. Medicaid Wavier Services
  • 44. angie500 beginner adviser said on July 26, 2009
    In Ohio You must have a business name, telephone, and physical facility. You must have one million dollar commercial liability INS. To get Certification for Medical. My advice is start out with private paying clients .
  • 45. angie500 beginner adviser said on July 26, 2009
    If would like more inf please post questions
  • 46. James expert adviser said on July 26, 2009
    @angie500, Thanks a lot on answering few of the questions and taking off my burdens.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 47. Lori said on August 3, 2009
    I am interested in opening a home health care agency in south texas. How do I go about doing it and how much money will I need to start off.
  • 48. Jv said on August 5, 2009
    I would like to start a home health agency later this year. I don't know what it would cost me, how I'd be getting the clients, who to talk with in getting patients to choose your agency and other basic requirements. Please help me do so. Thanks.
  • 49. Shireen said on August 6, 2009
    I would like to start a home health agency later this year. I don't know what it would cost me, how I'd be getting the clients, who to talk with in getting patients to choose your agency and other basic requirements. Please help me do so. Thank
  • 50. Allison said on August 10, 2009
    I live in Cleveland, Ohio and am interested in starting a Home Health Agency serving the Greater Cleveland area and suburbs. Could you please provide me with a step by step guide on the licenses, amount and type of insurance required, and how to attract clients. There are two other Health Assistants interested in starting this agency with me an admint, marketing professional and Rn nurse. Please send any and all information regarding this. Thank you.
  • 51. qazi said on August 14, 2009
    i Live in new york. interested to start a home health agency serving tristate area. please guide me step by step on licenses, amount and type of insurances involved in this business. kindly send me your advices and guidance asap.
  • 52. Agatha said on August 18, 2009
    I live in IL. Working on opening a home health agency. I would like to know about starting up from home. Able to obtain a license and certify in medicare and medicaid while operating business from home?
  • 53. Idaho Falls said on August 18, 2009
    I am really interested in opening my own home health business. I am client oriented and have a degree in nursing. Can someone help me get started??
  • 54. Dianna Edwards said on August 26, 2009
    Hello I am interested in starting my own home health agency; could someone please provide me with a website for information or numbers to get information in regards to this.
  • 55. Cathy said on August 27, 2009
    I live in GA and I want to start a home health care agency. I need resources and info on getting started.
  • 56. Becky said on August 28, 2009
    Angie 500 please email me if you see my comment. i want to start a home health in TN. there is no home health in the small town that i live. please help me tell how to start. i am all ready, have my name, just tell me what to do. thanks my email is or anyone that knows how to get started feel free to get me started. good luck to all
  • 57. daisy said on August 30, 2009
    who is person on this site stating to contact him/her for advice on starting a home health agency. would like to know more from someone willing to share info. thanks
  • 58. James expert adviser said on August 31, 2009
    @daisy, Add your concerns as a comment here. I will reply you by commenting or through email if it is very particular to your problem only.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 59. charlotte davis said on September 2, 2009
    i am a casemanger in oklahoma city and i am interested in starting my own home health business. i have been a cna/hha for over 11 years. i have limited funding and i need some help getting started
  • 60. qazi said on September 4, 2009
    hi friends. i am ready to make partnership in opening a health home agency. ready to relocate any part or town across usa. Oh I am foreign graduated med. doctor, working as med. technologist last 10 yrs also have tremendous exp working almost all med positions. if anyone interested to make partnership i am ready to discuss. i am trying to get licensing in new york but i am not hopeful about here so in any part if any other person has option to be partner i can relocate. my e-mail address is; please reply me asap.
  • 61. Sharon said on September 4, 2009
    where do I get all the forms I need for my homehealth agency office and do I have to have a written contract for my clients/patients when they start services with my company.
  • 62. tim said on September 15, 2009
    i would like to open a home health care agency. i live in north carolina and have found there are a lot of hoops to jump through, almost impossible. is south carolina easier as far as medicare reimbursement
  • 63. Adonica said on September 25, 2009
    I want to open a home health care agency, where do I find the proper forms and where do i get my client base? With Health care reform being something people are so unsure of these days will there be any changes in how I would be reimbursed by medicare? How do I go about medicare reimbursement? How can I get started from a home office? Is there any financial help that wont require a lot of red tape to help in getting my business off the ground?
  • 64. michelle said on October 2, 2009
    I am a independent provider and i have applied for the company name and i have set up the company filings so now i need to know where do i go to get the funding for starting the business. i'm in the state of ohio.
  • 65. lisa said on October 3, 2009
  • 66. Nellie Joseph said on October 3, 2009
    I am interested in starting a home health care agency and i don't know how to go about this. I will be glad if you can show me what to do. I would like to do this in New york.
  • 67. Joe Brown, R.N said on October 3, 2009
    I Started 2x home health agencies in the last year. One in California and one in Washington. The state licensing rules and laws were different in each state. I did lots of research and eventually ended up using a company called Homecare Agency Solutions. They helped with getting all the necessary policies and forms and helped with the licensing process in both states. They say they operate in all states. I bought an "Agency In A Box" customized to the different state rules and it had everything that I needed. Their website was very helpful too. It is
  • 68. shontaya said on October 8, 2009
    I am a BSN/RN in the state of Ohio trying to start my own home health care agency. just like everyone else I am unsure how to get started. if anyone can help me that would be great. thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me.
  • 69. qazi said on October 9, 2009
    hello friends, I am still waiting for anyone who is interested to be a partner in starting a home health agency . write me to address..
  • 70. George Lopez said on October 10, 2009
    I am a former Army medic EMT-P and my wife is a BSN/RN in the state of New Mexico trying to start our own home health care agency. We are unsure how to get started, if anyone can guide us to the right direction we would greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • 71. Roger M. said on October 10, 2009
    Needing information about how to start a home health agency in OHIO. any help is sincerely appreciated- write me asap at
  • 72. Chad said on October 13, 2009
    We are looking to establish a home health agency in the North Texas area. We have access to Dr. referrals and existing clients. We need more information on the rules/licensing for the state of Texas. We do not want to be private care. Please email me if you have any information. Thank you, Chad
  • 73. Rachael Dupont said on October 16, 2009
    I used to help me get started. It saved me hundreds of hours and gave my business a professional image from day one. I highly recommend it!
  • 74. victore said on October 18, 2009
    please, i need some information on the first step i will take and where to get all the forms required to open up home health. pls if you have any ideas or information my email i want to open it in dallas, tx
  • 75. Amjad said on October 22, 2009
    Looking for a partner to open a HHA in and around Chicago IL.
  • 76. Perri said on October 22, 2009
    I need information on starting my own home health business in Ga. I need to know the requirements?
  • 77. Joseph Ravago said on October 22, 2009
    I have setting up home health agencies for five years, both for Medicare Certification and Accreditation in various states. If any one is interested in a consultation, please contact me at
  • 78. Derrick said on October 24, 2009
    Can someone who opened and started up a Home Health Agency list the pros and cons with this business?
  • 79. Ulysses Scott IV said on October 29, 2009
    Trying to figure out do you need a nurse to start a home care business in Illinois or can you start it as an C N A.
  • 80. LWalker said on November 5, 2009
    I want to start my own HHA in CA. I have several places to pull both clients and referrals from. My husband was dx'd with ALS 9 years ago and I know what many are looking for and can't find. I want to be the one to provide the services that they are looking for. My past work experience has been in the IT field with the focus being in the medical field. I would like to start from my home office. I just don't know what to do first? Can someone help me start down the path? Thanks!
  • 81. qazi said on November 8, 2009
    hi, this is again me in new york, waiting for any help or guidance to start a home health business in ny or any state where regulations are not hard to fulfill. i wanted to be in the business earliest so will also appreciate if anyone wanna make a partnership. write me at my address;
  • 82. Debbie Cromwell said on November 11, 2009
    I am interested in starting a sitting service. I need to know what I need to do to get this business started. I do plan to start from my home to help cut down on start-up cost. You can contact me at
  • 83. shannon said on November 16, 2009
    i live in GA and have my city license and ein for home health care agency but i'm not sure if i want to continue as a home health agency or become a non-medical home care agency/personal care. Either way, will i still have to have a state license and what type of insurance. By the way, can anyone tell me which one doesn't require a rn to oversee staff. That would be very costly starting out especially without enough clients to support it.
  • 84. sam hudson said on December 1, 2009
    My wife is trying to start a home health care agency. She got her Policies & Procedures Manual but she don't know what to do...can you help me out thinks
  • 85. Dongi said on December 3, 2009
    i live in pittsburgh, pa and have the clients willing to help me if i venture into my own home care business i am a nurse and do home care. is there financial help with grants to get started? writing policies and procedures how does one go about this? contracts? forms regulations anyone that can guide me to get started...thank you
  • 86. mimi said on December 6, 2009
    I am planning to open up a home health care agency in nc. If you have an experience opening this type of agency please e-mail me
  • 87. gloria said on December 7, 2009
    I just started a home health agency in arizona but awaiting state license, so will like to start with non- medical patient care, pls i need help in getting patients referrals. thanks, reply to
  • 88. angela said on December 12, 2009
    lorain ohio is where i and a friend are thinking of opening a homehealth business. we have 55 yrs experience between the both of us we need to know what is needed as in lic insurance etc. please help we have finance taken care of
  • 89. Rick said on December 14, 2009
    I have all the material you need to start your home health agency. including policies and procedure, marketing, hiring employees etc. If interested please email me at
  • 90. Verona said on December 15, 2009
    I would like to start my own health agency/concierge services and need help on how to start. I do plan to start my office from home. I basically know the first few steps but i need more insight. I can be reached at
  • 91. Mini Daw said on December 15, 2009
    I am interested to open Home Health Agency. I live in Ottawa in CANADA. Can you help me please?
  • 92. Betty Machu said on December 16, 2009
    I live in McAllen Tx. I 'm a RN with more than 15 years of experience working for others in home health. I want to open my own home health, please help need to know how to get certification for Texas and Medicare.
  • 93. Barb said on December 16, 2009
    I am RN and would like to start my home health business in Princeton, NJ. I would like to know how to get patients referral. Please, help
  • 94. Chris said on December 18, 2009
    I live in Columbus, IN and am in the middle of starting my own Personal Care Agency. The process to this point has not been very difficult. Of course you need to work with the state Department of Health who is very busy so things may take a while. I was drawn into the business by a Retirement Village that I service with one of my other companies, eMed-ID an medical information device company. The two companies will fit nicely together because they service the same clients. Once I am up and running I will re-post to let everyone how it is going. Thank you.
  • 95. tish hayward said on December 26, 2009
    I live in Ga and I am in the process of opening a home health service and I need all the help I can get. I need help in policy and procedures.
  • 96. carlo n. vargas said on December 26, 2009
    want to start home health agency here in DFW dallas forth worth area, want to know the steps in opening my own home health agency.
  • 97. Yolanda Shaw said on December 27, 2009
    I live in Apopka, FL, and I am an RN interested in starting a Home Health Agency. What do I need to get started, how do I get employees and patients. Would appreciate any help.
  • 98. victor said on December 28, 2009
    We started a home care business in Virginia. Just the license. Can anyone direct me to the forms and regulations in this State of Virginia. And is the business still growing in all the states?
  • 99. Sharika Massey said on December 30, 2009
    I live in Charlotte NC and I want to start a home health care business out of my home. I need to know where to start and especially the specifics on how to get medicaid certified? I have medicaid recipient clients and staff lined up already. Pls help... THNKS!
  • 100. elizabeth williams said on December 31, 2009
    I live in Lakeland FL. I would like to know what is the process for getting information on starting a Home Health care business I am currently enrolled in Humans Service classes. Can you help?
  • 101. Merchele said on January 4, 2010
    I have been trying to get funding for my home care business, here in Minneapolis, MN. I have an EIN# and everything, nearly every bank wants personal credit info instead of your business tax id#. How can your company build capital or a good credit score, if no one gives you a chance? Anyone has any answers to my questions, please respond...
  • 102. Tasha said on January 8, 2010
    I would like to take 4 patients in my home and care-give for them. Will that state (IL) help me to start such a venture?
  • 103. Bart said on January 9, 2010
    We are trying to open in HH agency in Louisiana but we are just going to open under an established agency already so really it is an expansion. What do we need to do regarding licensing etc.?
  • 104. Lori Levin said on January 12, 2010
    I live in the San Fernando Valley, California. I am a CNA and have my home health care license. I am interested in opening and operating an elderly day care or elderly room and board on a very small scale from my home. Is there a website or agency that I can visit or contact to get me started. I need to know about licensing, advertising, start up costs, etc. Please advise. Thank you
  • 105. Geraldine said on January 17, 2010
    Am a doctor and intend starting up a health agency. i have completed my masters in public health. i want to know how the business goes and how to start it up
  • 106. ray ray said on January 17, 2010
    would like to start a home health in the dallas area, more in plano frisco, garland richardson area. what do i need to do..
  • 107. Mec Mec said on January 19, 2010
    hi i live in the state of NJ... i will like 2 start my own HHA do i go about doing that? if i get a private client how much should i charge?
  • 108. Sadika said on January 21, 2010
    Hi, I live in State of Minnesota and I want to start my own Home care agency. What would be the first step to start? Thanks
  • 109. MPD said on January 22, 2010
    My company has started agencies in every state and can help with anyone in any state startup. If you need more info. please feel free to email us at: We will send you more information and come to your location for consulting.
  • 110. Mady Plumey said on January 24, 2010
    am looking to start a HHA in Puerto Rico. Anyone has any ideas what or where to start with this project?
  • 111. Brooke C. Thomas said on January 25, 2010
    Hello, I live in Western NY and I am trying to start a personal care assistance agency and I need to find out the rules and regulations and any licenses or permits that are needed to do so in New York State. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  • 112. John said on January 27, 2010
    I want to start a Home Health Care Agency in Minnesota and has been doing some research on it. I was just wondering how do we go about finding non MC client to get the Agency started. I have some potential clients already but they are all on MC and I can't service them yet because I cannot get MC certified. Any thoughts will be great! Thank you! You can contact me at
  • 113. Michelle said on January 28, 2010
    Hello, I have been a CNA for 12 years, i have worked both in nursing homes and also for home health agencies. I want to start a home health agency in Greenville, SC. Can someone assist me with where to start? Licenses? I have a staff, i just need to know how to go about acquiring the cases (medicaid as well). Thanks for any info.
  • 114. SJ said on January 29, 2010
    We are in the process of starting our home health agency here in Dallas, TX. Does anyone know where i can find info on gov grants and loans for minority owned small business? thanks
  • 115. LOLA JAMES said on January 29, 2010
  • 116. hattie winfreymcclore said on January 30, 2010
    i want to start my own home health agency. here in memphis, tn. want to know the steps in opening my own home health agency.
  • 117. LOLA JAMES said on January 30, 2010
  • 118. Tracy Williams said on February 5, 2010
    I would like to open my own Home Health Aid Agency. I have been a STNA for about 10 years. I work in nursing home and home health agencies in cleveland ohio and i need help on how to start my own i work with a lot a people that would like to work for me. i love working with people and i believe that my agency would go to the top. so can some one help me.
  • 119. Dean said on February 6, 2010
    I am a manager for a Independent Living in Central Florida and wanting to open a HHC Agency in SouthWest Florida... Bradenton/Sarasota... where is the best place to start? Thanks for any advice
  • 120. darlene said on February 7, 2010
    I am a medical Office Assistant Certified in Dallas TX and I am Certified as a HHA and I am now taking care of my mom and other seniors. I care about the seniors and their needs. I believe strongly I can run this business If I had the opportunity and the right guidelines. I will keep seeking until the right, legal information comes my way.
  • 121. Lee said on February 8, 2010
    I am in Mt Vernon, OH (Knox County). I am interested in collaborating with anyone in Ohio that might have any experience or might be wanting to start a Home Health Care Agency. I am an LPN with 17 years experience, and MBA in business, and I have an administrator that knows billing like no body's me please at
  • 122. nickie felix said on February 9, 2010
    i'm interested in starting a non medical home health and need to know where to begin, POLICY AND PROCEDUREs, pls email me
  • 123. Lee said on February 9, 2010
    #75 - Michelle - I too am in Ohio - we need to talk., write me please.
    #79 - Shontaya - can we talk?
  • 124. bree said on February 11, 2010
    Hello, I am an office asst. for a home health company and could detail on almost everything it takes to run a company such as this.. i.e. workers comp. billing, payroll, PASSPORT etc. I have worked as an STNA and my husband is currently working as an STNA. I am interested in opening a company have what it takes to run it, I know first you need to apply for the company name($125.00) and apply for the company (s.s.number) called a FEIN, register for tax withholding, workers comp and unemployment.. just wondering has anybody completed these steps..any advice or comments on it.. I have 18 grand up front money for me.. is this enough.. or do i need a loan? Please help! I am also in Ohio
  • 125. Tan said on February 18, 2010
    Interested in starting a homehealth agency in Pearland Texas area. Seeking serious potential partners. Please, e-mail me.
  • 126. thomas Snhurr said on February 18, 2010
    I was inquiring any information on person that can assist in starting an home health agency. I need personnel that come in and prepare the agency ready to operate. Please inform me ASAP Thank You very much for your time. Tom. El Paso, Texas 79925
  • 127. Tyisha Perry said on February 18, 2010
    i'm trying open my own home health agency. i need a lot of help and info. thank you and i'm in los angeles california
  • 128. LaTonia said on February 20, 2010
    Hi, I understand that everyone has questions about starting up a home health agency. The process can be really easy if you have the right information and tools to start the business. I have been in home health for over 20 years and have successfully help new clients start up their home health agency. We can assist anyone in any state. If your needing assistance please email us at I am here to help!!!
  • 129. Chris said on February 28, 2010
    Hello! I am currently a independent provider in OH with the Ohio home care plan. I am interested in starting a HHA under the program but was told I need to be medicaid certified. Question I got the paper work from CMS to start the process recently started a LLC, just need to know if I can use my home address for my agencies physical location until I build my client base?
  • 130. Charlene Askew said on March 1, 2010
    Hello trying to open up my own home health care business in Chesapeake Va, Just trying to see if anyone can guide me to the right direction far as Grants loans etc.... Have a lot of people that's willing to work for me once I start. So if there's anyone that can help please e-mail me asap
  • 131. Lindsay F said on March 3, 2010
    I am a Home Health Consultant in Texas. My team specializes in agency start-ups and consulting. We offer assistance with: Step by Step guidance to opening an agency, ex: assistance w/ filing correct applications (state and federal), Accreditation preparation, survey preparation, time-lines, budgets, staffing requirements, etc. Policy and Procedure Manual, Forms, HR Assistance (job descriptions, requirement,etc), Agency Operations / Set-up. Opening a licensed and certified agency is time consuming and a lot of paperwork and preparation. It can be overwhelming and confusing for those who have never done this before. Our staff is available to assist you and help you make the road less stressful. If you need our help please feel free to email us. MedPro
  • 132. Christie said on March 5, 2010
    What license should i get to start a Home Health business in NY and how should i go about it? Please e-mail me asap.
  • 133. titilayo owhe said on March 6, 2010
    home health agency, training home health aides and cnas in brooklyn ny and nassau county
  • 134. Judy said on March 6, 2010
    I am currently a Director of Patient Care Services/Administrator RN of a Home Health Agency in California. I have a family member RN as my Nursing Supervisor. We plan on moving to New Mexico in 3 years and starting a Home Health Agency. What kind of things do we need to do now to start the process of licensure. How much up front money do we need to open the business. Does it cost for Medicare to certify the Agency, how about the State of New Mexico medicaid insurance and the survey process whether through the state of JACHO? We want to start out plan now. Thank you
  • 135. Ms. Gomez said on March 16, 2010
    I live in Georgia and am interested in starting my own Home Health Care Agency. I have ran my own business in the past but not in this industry. I need guidance how to start this business and if there are any seminars or trainings to take, that would be a great help.
  • 136. Janet said on March 18, 2010
    Lpn looking to start a home care business in atlanta Ga area, looking for a partner with strong business background, Rn a plus. interested partner an e-mail me at
  • 137. sara said on March 21, 2010
    hi am interested in starting my own Home Health Care Agency. i need help how to start this business
  • 138. Lindsay F said on March 21, 2010
    Hello Again, I see there are a lot of new questions. First Step I would say to everyone that is very important! Before you began; Find out if your state is a "Certificate of Need" (CON) State. This will be very important to know before you attempt to move forward with opening your Home Health Agency. If you have further questions or would like help, please feel free to email us at
  • 139. Richard S - Education Specialist said on March 26, 2010
    Hello All, HHA Start Up workshop June 24-25, 2010. The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) is having a two day training workshop in Las Vegas, NV June 24-25, 2010 on how to start up your own HHA. This workshop is lead by three expert consults that have been in the industry for years. This workshop will cover everything from 855A application process, licensing, certification, surveys, accounting requirements, financial reports, marketing, policy and procedures, management structure, state and federal regulations, labor laws and more. If anyone is interested you can visit: for more information or you can email me at Hope this helps and I wish you the best on your journey. Richard
  • 140. REINA SORIANO said on March 28, 2010
    I'm planning to open a home health agency if I learned all the requirements and money needed. In Las Vegas, Nevada. Please guide me about the procedures, and if there are any government grants I can apply for to acquire assistance with the money needed. Thank you Reina, LPN, RN
  • 141. JOHN AKUNNE said on March 29, 2010
    I am interested in starting a home health agency in the state of Texas. I want all the necessary information on the requirements. My address is: 3413 Toffee Lane, Edinburg, Texas 78539 You can reach me at the following telephone number: 956.533.7526. Thank you.
  • 142. lili said on April 2, 2010
    hi I am certified professional midwife with license of midwifery of ca. i want to establish a hhc and i want to work from my home can i getting permit because am not a RN, step by step what should i do?
  • 143. Cindy said on April 2, 2010
    Hello i am interested in starting a home health agency in Anaheim Ca. would like to know information on requirements. Thank you
  • 144. Bobbie said on April 5, 2010
    I would like to receive all the necessary information on starting a home health agency in Uniontown, PA. Could you please assist me...
  • 145. Christine said on April 6, 2010
    Hi, My name is Christine and I work for a company that consults those who want to open their own Home Health Care Agency. We help those who want accreditation in either CHAP, ACHC, or JCAHO and to be able to bill patients through Medicare, Medicaid or Private Pay. For more information please go to or you can call us directly at 941-723-1100. We have offices in Texas, Chicago and Florida.
  • 146. Joy said on April 7, 2010
    My sister and I are interested in starting our own Home Health Care Business. My father has taken ill and now more than ever our hearts have grown to be passionate about getting into this business we currently own a child care facility and would like to find another avenue to serve mankind! How do we get started?
  • 147. CHRIS said on April 8, 2010
    I am interested in starting a home health agency in chicago. would like to know the step buy step information. thank you in advance.
  • 148. Melissa said on April 11, 2010
    I am connected with womens initiative and already have a biz plan for a unique non-medical home care business in northern calif..Do you have any connections in the San Francisco bay area?
  • 149. Shae said on April 14, 2010
    I am in Columbus, Ohio trying to start a HHA. In the process of getting provider # from DODD. Anyone with info on how to find self pay clients. Any agency start-up info appreciated!
  • 150. BJ said on April 15, 2010
    ANYONE with business and health care experience (RN or other allied health professional) who is seriously interested in starting a home health care AND nurse staffing agency in NC or VA please contact me. I believe that a small group of us could knock this out with minimal effort by splitting duties and startup costs. The money is there to make and now is a great time to do so. The To Do list is significant, but the resources are available and the need is great especially with changes in health care...more focus on home health (due to an aging population, more children with chronic conditions, wars, skyrocketing costs of inpatient care), Vets, pediatrics, geriatrics and hospice. We can unite, divide and conquer while providing excellent patient care!
  • 151. pat said on April 15, 2010
    looking for information to start a hha agency in nyc
  • 152. RL said on April 16, 2010
    Interested on starting a home health care business in Arizona. Would like to know information step by step. thanx.
  • 153. AB said on April 17, 2010
    Walnut Creek, CA, United States. Your help would be much appreciated. Trying to start up an HHA but do not know any connections. Thank you.
  • 154. Dominique Mompelas said on April 17, 2010
    Hi, I'm interested in starting my home health agency in Florida . I need help how to start this business step by step. Thank you in advance
  • 155. tisa rosales said on April 18, 2010
    how much will it cost to start a homehealth agency?
  • 156. Amani sanga said on April 19, 2010
    i'm interested in starting my homehealth agency in texas so i need help on some inform
  • 157. gilbert said on April 20, 2010
    i have heard that we need 117,000 dollars to get approved for medicare for a startup home care. i'm in south texas. can you verify. also willing to take on partner with experience
  • 158. Wynter said on April 25, 2010
    I would like to start a Home health agency in Clearwater Florida, I need to know how do I get the licenses and permits to start at home. Also how much does it cost. Please help. Thank you in advance.
  • 159. REMJUR said on April 26, 2010
    We are interested to start home health here in middle .Ga., We dont know what, how, where to start, can you lead us to start the business. Me and my husband, We are both Ga licensed RN, working in a psychiatric unit. Thanks.
  • 160. siobhan grant said on April 28, 2010
    please I would love to get information on the setting up cost of a home health agency in GA. Many thanks
  • 161. PARVIZ SOMANI said on April 28, 2010
    I live in new York and am an Registered nurse( BSN). i WANT TO START a home health agency but do not know where to start. Someone I know started a companion business without an office and is doing all via computer and said she had to " join " other agencies . She is not very forthcoming and I don't want to push her . Please can you give me some advice. Thank you
  • 162. Ris said on April 28, 2010
    I would like to start a health care business in Minneapolis, MN, USA.
  • 163. Ris said on April 28, 2010
    I also need a home health agency business plan, please send to my email as early as possible.
  • 164. IRENE said on April 30, 2010
    i have a nursing agency am an rn. do i need a physical therapist to do therapy too?
  • 165. Wanda Lewis said on May 1, 2010
    Hello, I live in the state of Texas and I would like to get information on starting a Home Health Care Agency. About how much would this cost? Do I need some type of license or certification to start. I have no knowledge about the start up, I am currently in school to get my BS in Business Management, Are there classes that I can take to help me along in the Home Health Care Business?
  • 166. PARVIZ SOMANI said on May 2, 2010
    Is there any one who could help me start a home health agency? or would like to start in partnership?
  • 167. sabrena caldwell said on May 4, 2010
    I am trying to open my own health care business from my home i live in Chicago IL. I need to know what's the first step do i need a special license. other than my own C.N.A cert. How can I get funded.
  • 168. Maurice said on May 5, 2010
    I'm planning to open a HHA in south Florida. can I have some info for the process and requirements. Location is Hollywood Florida USA thanks•
  • 169. aayush said on May 7, 2010
    Hello there, I am working in a project to start a new home health agency. we run a social services organization. so we want to start a new business line for home health agency, and i learned that, i need medicaid and medicare license to run it. but initially, i can not get that eligibility. so can you please help me to find steps for new home health care agency. can you provide me required things from government side? Location: Akron, OH
  • 170. Sofia said on May 9, 2010
    I would like to open a new home attendants agency in New York. My mother is a client of one of this agencies and she is receiving a very poor services from this agency and it must be changed. Please let me know what are requirements for NY State licenses and MEDICAID provider number to open and operate this business in NY. I want to help old people like my mom. Thank you, Sofia - New York
  • 171. Howard said on May 11, 2010
    Miami. I have a new Home Health Agency but would like to take it to the next level. Looking for trusted working partner/ Investor with medical, home health background, great for RN and Physical Therapist.
  • 172. camilita said on May 12, 2010
    Hello, I am an NP interested in forming my own training classes for future NA and HHA. Can you enlighten me on the process and requirements needed of NYS?
  • 173. nkongmi eric said on May 13, 2010
    I would like to have some help on starting a health care business at home in Baltimore md, 21207
  • 174. Sofi said on May 14, 2010
    I am really interested in starting a home health business in Nashville, TN, USA.
  • 175. Roka said on May 14, 2010
    How do i start a healthcare business in Milwaukee, WI, USA? I would appreciate some tips.
  • 176. Rodrick said on May 16, 2010
    Hi, I'm interested in starting a home healthcare agencies or Nursing Service. I am wondering are there any educational requirements or just have the proper licensing needed? I have worked in the insurance industry for the last 12 years and before that I worked as a CNA for 4 years. I am currently enrolled in school online for Healthcare management. Please advise. Rodrick Sumter, SC
  • 177. sherry said on May 16, 2010
    hi, in desperate need of guidance, i'm wanting to open a home health care agency in fayeteville, North Carolina an needing to find out the state regulations for opening an agency, please advise, thank you.
  • 178. Paul said on May 18, 2010
    I'm looking to start a home healthcare agency in Minnesota. What is required for me to get it up and running? What is a ballpark figure as a startup cost? Any insight would greatly help me.
  • 179. lori bielawski said on May 18, 2010
    Can you help me in starting my own healthcare agency in Broadview Hts, OH?
  • 180. Barbara said on May 18, 2010
    I am in Georgia have been working in a private homecare agency for the last 6 years. I want to open my own private homecare service. I need someone to help me with my policy and procedure manual. Have anyone wrote a policy and procedure manual for private homecare services?
  • 181. Richard Starks said on May 20, 2010
    Hi REINA, JOHN, lili, Cindy, Bobbie, Joy, CHRIS, Shae, pat, RL, AB, Dominique Mompelas, tisa, Amani, gilbert, Wynter, REMJUR, Siobhan, PARVIZ, Ris, Wanda, Mauricem, aayush, Sofia, nkongmi, Sofi, Roka, Rodrick, sherry, Paul, lori

    I’ve read each and every one of your posts and it seems that you either need more information on how to start up your own Home Health Agency or are looking for some training. I want to introduce myself, my name is Richard Starks and I work with the “California Association for Health Services at Home” (CAHSAH). CAHSAH is a non-profit organization and we are the leading statewide home care association in the nation. We offer various different trainings from Home Health Agency Start Up 101, ICD Coding, Billing to Management Certification Courses. We are currently offering a two-day Home Health Agency Start Up workshop on June 24-25 in Las Vegas, NV. This workshop will teach you how to start up your own agency from the beginning to the end. This course will cover the necessary enrollment forms, application & certification process, accounting requirements and how to hire the appropriate staff. This workshop includes a resource manual that contains all the necessary information that you will need. Please feel free to contact me at 916-641-5795 ext. 117 or via email at for more information. You can also check us out at Thanks, Richard *Home Health Start Up Workshop - link:
  • 182. Richard Starks said on May 20, 2010
    Hi Melissa, You can contact The Corridor Group at 415-452-4389 and ask for Anna. Web-site is They are partners/affiliate members of CAHSAH. Richard
  • 183. Ninza said on May 20, 2010
    Can you send me the total cost to start a home health care services in Louisville, KY, USA.
  • 184. Lucijo said on May 20, 2010
    I am looking for some health agency consultant to help me in setting up my own health care agency in Missouri, United States
  • 185. Jessica said on May 24, 2010
    I am looking for help to start my own home health care agency. I would like to know is there programs to help people get started. How do I find clients. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 186. Kuchi said on May 25, 2010
    Is there anyone who can help me in starting a healthcare business in St Louis, MO, USA
  • 187. Gisele Josme said on May 30, 2010
    I am on the verge on starting my own HHCA. Can you direct me towards any program and grants to help me start as soon as possible. I live in New York and I have the location ready. Thanks
  • 188. Crystal M. said on May 31, 2010
    I along with a nurse colleague are in the process of starting a home care agency in North Carolina. We are finishing up our policy and procedure manual. Is there anyone that can help with generating a projected annual budget? Thanks
  • 189. Charles Millen said on June 1, 2010
    I needed this info for a while now and just so happened to find this site. I'm based in florida and currently working with an agency. I'm looking to start my own business soon. Where do i go to start, how long does it take and is it better to already have clients.
  • 190. Glenn C. Gabule said on June 2, 2010
    My name is Glenn, I'm a nurse here in United Arab Emirates. I am in-charge of this newly opened department, Home Care Services, a HHA. I really had a hard time structuring the policies and procedures. Can anyone help me all about the business. thank you.
  • 191. Bush said on June 3, 2010
    I am a healthcare provider for the last 20 years. I am planning to open my own home health care agency either at northern virginia or maryland depending which state is more liberal in rules and regulations running this business. Please help me to provide as much as informations anybody can. Appreciate.
  • 192. Akosua Danquah said on June 6, 2010
    I am wanting to Start a Home Health Business and i need help to learn where to start from.
  • 193. Akosua Danquah said on June 6, 2010
    P.S. I am in Tx I have one client at an agency where i work .But would really like to start my own
  • 194. nkiru said on June 8, 2010
    i live in longisland new york i will like to open up a school to train cna/hha what are the steps to take and obtain a license and around how much will it cost me and how do i go about registering this buisness pls i need help
  • 195. SHawn said on June 8, 2010
    Looking to become Medicare Certified. Does any one have the procedure manuals that they are willing to sell. Please let me know. Thanks
  • 196. Dave said on June 8, 2010
    I am starting a trade school for HHA and CNA in NYC, New York. I am looking for part-time or retired person(S) who has experiences as instructor, director or to help student obtain education vouchers to attend trade school for HHA or CNA. email me at Good opportunities.
  • 197. Zuly said on June 9, 2010
    I would like to open Home health agency in MI. I know my state doesn't require license, but I need to work with private insurances 1 year before I will be eligible to apply for Medicare and medicaid certification. How to get clients? Next I would like to open cna training school. Can you help me?
  • 198. merle said on June 9, 2010
    I am located in NJ and am looking to get info on starting a home health agency. I have looked on the state website, but the regs seem so confusing. I am an RN with many years of experience, including home care. any info /guidance would be appreciated.
  • 199. Patricia said on June 9, 2010
    Robin 41. Can you provide me with details on how you started your agency for $5 in NJ. Please send it ASAP if possible.
  • 200. alice ames said on June 9, 2010
    houston, texas 77033 i have a home interested in homehealth care, taught for 40 years, need all information, certification how to set up medicare and the like.
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