How to Start Mobile Billboard Advertising Business


Have you been wondering at how you could own one of those mobile billboard advertising vehicles that you often see on the streets? Wonder no more. These tips we have could launch you into a still growing, and profitable business.

It might not even be in your city yet. So, read and head on to a business you could call your own.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Opportunity

Because of our modern and fast-paced life, advertising is no longer limited to TV advertising. And one of the advertising methods that have emerged recently, in addition to Internet and DVRs, are mobile billboard advertising. It reaches the public on the streets and provides local and national businesses advertising opportunity that isn't dependent on any consumer activity. It's just simply there for them to see while they travel or are waiting for the traffic to move.

Mobile billboards advertising is a growing industry and you can take the opportunity to earn from it yourself. Some mid-sized cities in the U.S. are still getting into it, and so most likely, you will be spared of a wide competition in this business. And recent studies support the superiority of mobile billboard advertising than traditional advertising methods.

Capital Needs for Mobile Billboard Advertising

What you need to understand before embarking on the mobile billboard advertising business is the capital needs required to start on the project. Mobile advertising is capital intensive as you would need to buy a retrofitted truck or van to carry the billboard. Some companies, like MotionAdz and Mobile Master Trucks, specialize in retrofitting trucks into mobile advertising vehicles. Others, like Billboard Revolution, helps you buy a truck and start a business in your area. There are also companies that mass produce these vehicles. They can even get them online through Craig's list or EBay. You would also have to consider your spending on fuel costs and your billboards. They could be static, scrolling, or mobile scrolling. You also have to outfit your vehicle with a GPS tracking system, put up a Web site to advertise your service, and get a license. Return on your investment could be achieved in about to six and eight months.

Operating a Mobile Billboard Advertising Business

What you do is take an ad from new and existing companies and place it in a display in your mobile advertising vehicle, and drive the truck on busy areas during traffic hours for 8 to 14 hours a day. You have to study traffic patterns of your city to effectively do this. You can charge for the services of your mobile billboard business per minimum number of hours, per week or month. The rates would depend on the route, the event and on the inclusion of specific services and feature such as GPS, driver, illumination, fuel, and the number of billboards. Event could mean a product rollout, a grand opening, new business launches, or a marketing event to reach the mass or branding.


  • 1. lerato said on 3/13/2009 10:03:40 AM
    i really want to start this business so please could you help me.
  • 2. ELVIS said on 4/26/2009 8:05:42 AM
  • 3. Rick Vazquez said on 4/29/2009 3:19:59 PM
    Hi There, My name is Rick Vazquez. I am the owner of Billboards 2 Go LLC. We make the best and most cost efficient billboard trucks and trailers in the Market. They are made right here in the united states. Our Offices are in Ocala Florida. Our manufacturing plant is in Georgia. Our prices can not be beat. Now that Mobile masters has shut down our only competition as far as quality is gomobile in Miami. But their price is almost twice as ours. Please call us and let us answer any and all of your questions as far as building or running a billboard truck. Our number is 352-207-1771.
  • 4. Om Arora said on 5/1/2009 8:27:27 AM
    we are in trucking business, largely in car carriers with a fleet of more than 50 trucks. we want to start mobile billboard for advertising. please advise.
  • 5. Chris Schuler said on 5/7/2009 5:51:48 PM
    My name is Chris Schuler, i am the President of GoMobile Advertising. the nations only Netwrok of Mobile Scrolling Billboard Vehicles in the world. Not only do we operate 4 vehicles of our own, but we sell vehicles as well. Our products are made in the USA...not CHINA. We have over 100 vehicles operating in the USA and have the best reputation in the industry. Do not be confused by price...price is always a reflection of quality. Check out the competition, ask for references, talk to the references...find out about the quality of the product, the support provided by the seller and if they know anything about advertising. call me personally at 877.727.6551...we are the leaders in this industry for a reason!
  • 6. Francis said on 8/4/2009 2:37:47 PM
    I am in Ghana in West africa where the competition is dominated by the rich. I want to make it big too please help me start.
  • 7. Antonio said on 8/14/2009 11:38:31 PM
    where can I get information on purchasing one of Billboards2go trucks to start my own mobile business
  • 8. Mark said on 9/29/2009 10:10:29 AM
    In answer to your question, I am with a company in Miami Fl called Precision Body and Equipment. We have been in business int he Miami area since 199 manufacturing landscape bodies, dump bodies, flatbeds etc. We have a full metal fabrication shop and recently repaired a number of mobile billboards that were shipped to a customer from China. We are now fabricating these trailers and feel that we can be quite competitive in the fabrication of this product. Please see our website and call us to discuss your order requirements.
  • 9. dayo amupitan said on 11/7/2009 9:58:53 AM
    Thanks your mail and i really appreciates as i am about starting with one van here in nigeria, pls update me regularly on current issues! Best price to charges and all good and bad news of the business! Thanks Dayo
  • 10. Nicole Wilson said on 11/25/2009 10:38:14 AM
    I'm a senior in college. Majoring in finance. I want to own my own mobile advertising after I graduate. Any suggestions, websites, and companies would be greatly appreciated.
  • 11. daniel z said on 12/1/2010 12:36:22 PM
    I have a truck heading out on a cross country tour of the USA Where can I find companies that will want to advertise on my truck?
  • 12. j.coulibaly said on 12/11/2010 4:55:04 PM
    "Can We Talk" Am look for some assistant in starting my own business in mobile advertising I have trailer that am interested in billboarding companies on. All suggestions are appreciated; websites, tips, cost, and encouragement will be took and heeded on. Thanks in advance, Yours in the struggler
  • 13. Global Business Group said on 12/29/2010 1:53:44 PM
    We have 2007 Mobile Masters truck complete business kit, only 18,000 mi. $49K Everything is in perfect condition. Located in So. California. Call (888)521-4440
  • 14. Debra S said on 3/28/2011 10:34:17 AM
    Atlanta, Georgia...Can i use a ford150 econoline van for mobile bill boarding
  • 15. Homero Collazos said on 8/18/2011 4:39:36 PM
    Miami, Fl 33173. I am considering the billboard ad business but I do not have idea about cost rates money to start ets. If you want give the info may we can do some business
  • 16. Bob said on 5/21/2012 2:03:22 AM
    Can someone really make a living running a mobile billboard? with investment, price of gas, maintenance, city on. Which would reach more people with less overhead? mobile billboard or Facebook, Google adwords, radio? I do a lot of city driving everyday and I only remember one stationary billboard product and thats because it was in spanish and I was trying hard to figure out what it said.
  • 17. Annette Mutuku said on 5/26/2012 7:42:57 PM
    Hi, Am interested to know the rates of mobile track advertising per hour, day, week etc. including GPS tracking,
  • 18. martin from england said on 7/19/2012 10:13:06 AM
    can anyone tell me a good company to buy scrolling ad trucks or trailers from that aren't going to rip me off
  • 19. ed cortez said on 11/19/2012 9:07:42 PM
    i really want to start a business a mobile ads but i dont know how to start getting a license where to start and what do i need in order i can operate, i'm in chicago pls advise or help me how to do it
  • 20. Marsha Brockman said on 12/5/2012 9:43:10 AM
    Odessa, Tx. Hi I am trying to start a mobile billboard company to advertise for other people. How do I get started and what kind of license will I need? Do i need special insurance? what exactly do i need to do and what do i need to expect? thank you
  • 21. Mr and Mrs William Despagne said on 12/30/2012 2:51:59 PM
    We living in Nanuet, Ny , 10954, in Rockland County I have been searching on the internet for so long until i found your Website . i am telling you it's a blessing , i am trying to start a mobile advertising truck . That's why i would like to see how you can help us to write a project if it possible about that amazing project we have . May God Bless you and bless your family. Thank you.
  • 22. steve said on 1/15/2013 1:00:49 PM
    Hello, I am Southern California. looking for a used billboard truck. Static Only....No Digital ...No Scrolling. Interested in 8 x 16 or 10 x 22. Thanks
  • 23. tom said on 1/27/2013 2:46:41 AM
    I was in the UK run a mobile billboard is still good
  • 24. win said on 2/11/2013 9:09:51 AM
    My name is Win, I have DIY two mobile billboards and five advertising trailer, buy the aluminum and scrolling system and led display module to assembly mobile billboards and advertising trailer , I think it is my masterpiece, and with lower price and convenient, you can contact with me if you are interested in doing mobile billboards and exchange with me, the government has approve my mobile billboards and advertising trailer license, I have been in discuss contract with Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and other customers, I would like to ask,how can I better able to attract customers and operate mobile advertising, thank you.
  • 25. ambrose said on 4/5/2013 8:03:22 PM
    Am in EDO STATE Benin city Nigeria am in to marketing and advertising outfit i want to start mobile ad how do i start i have a Renault traffic van
  • 26. Roy said on 5/3/2013 6:20:31 PM
    Hi, i have a mitsubishi truck i want to start my own business. i would like to know rates of mobile track advertising per hour, day, week etc. including GPS tracking, or some tutorial about his business, i'm in illinois thanks
  • 27. john burke said on 7/27/2013 2:47:54 PM
    I have a fleet of truck that I can make available for billboard use 48' approx. 30 that run NJ/NY/CT/PA DAILY. PLEASE CALL 201-463-0078
  • 28. Frank said on 8/13/2013 11:10:14 AM
    Hi, I am in Jacksonville, Florida and request more information on mobile advertising.
  • 29. Robert Mitchell said on 8/18/2013 1:44:23 AM
    Hello I am Robert and I am starting a Digital advertising company here in Denver, Co. This is a mobile digital 46 inch screen displaying static advertisements. I will be advertising for 20 business a month. Each ad rotates on a 6 second display. The billboard mounts onto your 2 inch trailer hitch. (not the ball square mount). I am also a dealer for the digital mobile billboards. contact me at for details.
  • 30. Rodney B Gressley said on 11/2/2013 11:20:39 AM
    I have a great alternative to the big truck billboards, if you have a pickup or sub I have a system that uses the hitch. Cheaper operating costs and higher immediate profits. Contact me at
  • 31. Josh C. said on 12/11/2013 11:43:49 AM
    Can anyone tell me what GPS tracking unit I should purchase.
  • 32. Nefi said on 12/11/2013 11:47:47 AM
    Is there a website where it shows how to build a scrolling ad truck from scratch? Truck size, Ad Box dimensions, Scrolling motor and its control panel, GPS tracking unit, lighting, etc. I would really appreciate any info on the matter.
  • 33. darryl damon said on 1/21/2014 9:56:07 PM
    I'm from Bennettsville S.c 29512. I have 5 years in the business
  • 34. Ted Rosselli said on 1/28/2014 11:45:56 AM
    Dubois, Pa. Are mobile billboard trucks profitable in smaller towns. if there is anyone that is having good success in a smaller town. please email me info.
  • 35. Rich said on 4/17/2014 1:40:51 AM
    We have 2007 Mobile Masters truck only 19,000 mi. $25K Everything is in perfect condition. Located in So. California. Call (657) 333-2363
  • 36. Timothy said on 4/20/2014 11:17:41 PM
    I'm in the process of starting a digital mobile billboard advertising business. Do you guys have any suggestions on financing options for the equipment. My original plan was to pre-sell d space.... any suggestions?
  • 37. Rob said on 4/22/2014 6:02:04 PM
    I inherited a scrolling billboard truck in Phx. I need some help to figure out how to work the " Leader System" that operates the scrolling signs. Anybody?
  • 38. Nikki Acosta said on 5/25/2014 3:10:02 AM
    Hi I'm a native in Las Vegas and I want move info about the billboards on the go and I see they have them in the strip but I have idea to market other places in Las Vegas so please give me more info so I can get my own business started. Thank you Nikki Acosta
  • 39. Chris said on 8/2/2014 8:44:06 PM
    In Need of someone who can Print banners with 4 pole pockets on 16oz block out scrim? email me your site and or pricing on a 3'x6'
  • 40. Johnathan Bellamy said on 8/10/2014 11:25:15 AM
    how do i start my mobile billboard advertising business in Lake City, FL
  • 41. Alford Lennox said on 9/27/2014 9:07:26 AM
    Starting my mobile billboards up in november
  • 42. Rod Hiatt said on 9/30/2014 9:26:39 PM
    I am wondering if a town of 40,000 people is big enough to support a mobile billboard truck. I live in North Dakota and it gets considerably cold in the winter, so is there any problems with the billboards in sub zero weather? What kind of $ figure would I be looking at for an initial investment?
  • 43. manale modisaotsile said on 2/14/2015 3:18:20 AM
    I want to start a business in mobile billboard advertising can u help me how to hook up with shop or customers I'm on south africa, Rustenburg
  • 44. mike said on 3/26/2015 1:02:34 AM
    I'm a serious buyer looking for a used Static (non-led) mobile billboard truck. I live in Las Vegas but am willing to travel to purchase. I need this truck with in 3 weeks. Does anyone know where I may be able to purchase one? Thank you for your help
  • 45. Andre brown said on 3/28/2015 10:42:15 PM
    Hi , I'm looking forward to start a business in mobile billboard advertising , tell me how to give customer satisfaction by my marketing idea and does it need require special license to operating the Mobile billboard in Miami ,FL ....
  • 46. ken wolf said on 4/24/2015 6:11:18 PM
    I have a like new 2008 scrolling billboard trailer for sale. Made in atlanta. 2ea. 5 x 10 billboards and 2ea. 5 x 5. Each holds 10 billboards. Red in color. Can help with ideas with marketing. Retired last year. Slowing down a little. Located in crystal river. Florida
  • 47. Carmen Lozada said on 4/25/2015 9:13:17 PM
    My partners and I are located in Maryville TN. We currently have 2 vans and 2 trucks that we would like to convert into mobile advertising vehicles. We would like to get information on specs and costs for converting our vehicles into mobile ad vehicles.
  • 48. tshering said on 5/31/2015 11:19:03 AM
    I am very interested to start mobile advertising business, but my big weakness is how to overcome return after operated.
  • 49. Rob Hileman said on 6/7/2015 6:59:23 PM
    Hi, I'm in York, Pa, near Harrisburg. I want to purchase a large econoline van and have it converted to an electronic LED mobile billboard. Equipped with two large side screen and a smaller nonelectronic billboard on the back, complete with generator and all the trimmings. Any idea where I could have one built on the vehicle I intend to purchase?
  • 50. Aydin said on 7/23/2015 1:01:17 PM
    I would like to open my own mobile advertising business. Any idea who manufactures Mobile or scrolling advertising trucks? Please help. Thank you, Aydin
  • 51. Sam said on 8/3/2015 4:22:56 AM
    Hi, I want to start mobile billboard advertising business here in Miami, Florida. Can you please tell me what are the licensing and county permit requirements to start this business. I'm sure it's not just you buy a truck and go advertise. Thank you
  • 52. Davy said on 8/3/2015 3:00:15 PM
    Hi am wanting to start a mobile billboard business in Liverpool uk any info you could give would be grate
  • 53. Pete Reyes said on 10/17/2015 12:53:06 PM
    I'm selling a 2006 chevy mobile tri-vision advertising truck with only 45,000 miles on it. It's in excellent condition for it was only used for special events, it still has the original rear tires. I would provide the buyer with all necessary forms and documentation to start their own business. Is there a way I can promote it on your website? If not, can you direct me as to the best way to sell it. Pete Reyes,
  • 54. Khaya said on 10/19/2015 7:52:18 AM
    I'm in South Africa, all I need to know is, ok lets say I happen to buy a billboard trailer, how am I going to put those images or whatever I'm advertising? coz I know printing is expensive too, a client or me should pay for it?
  • 55. Patrick Gandara said on 1/15/2016 6:53:02 AM
    My name is Patrick and i am in the business already but i need to grow and purchase the proper trucks, please help.I am in Zimbabwe.Please kindly contact me i am even interested in partnerships.
  • 56. David said on 1/16/2016 4:40:41 AM
    Hey i am looking for aby information on starting a digital mobile business here in perth? Any info please email
  • 57. Derek- +44 7736789272 said on 2/8/2016 12:45:11 PM
    How to start Mobile LED advert business in UK.Also contacting customers.Information appreciated.
  • 58. Pete Reyes said on 2/12/2016 2:09:03 PM
    Start your own mobile advertising business. FOR SALE Mobile Trivision Advertising Truck, only 45,000 miles. All documents necessary to run your business included in sale price. The truck is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Contact me (Pete) for photos ad information. Price: MAKE AN OFFER Email.
  • 59. Faan said on 2/28/2016 5:25:35 AM
    Is there a template business plan available.
  • 60. Frank said on 4/13/2016 11:18:41 AM
    I have everything you need to start your mobile billboard company, no need for expensive box trucks and large start up capital! Our patented displays can fit on ANY vehicle with a 2 inch hitch receiver. Start making money immediately.
  • 61. Dustin said on 4/13/2016 1:38:31 PM
    Having a hard time finding Vehicle insurance coverage for my Mobile unit here in Phoenix Arizona. Any ideas?
  • 62. Matt magallanes said on 6/7/2016 3:37:02 PM
    I am exploring a job selling, and then managing a mobile billboard department for a larger company that does other things. any advice on salary and commissions/ suggestions of what this type of position should pay?
  • 63. Miguel Iniguez said on 9/26/2016 2:40:01 AM
    My name is Miguel iniguez and I start the mobile billboard truck and trailer advertisement business in areas of Los Angeles San Diego Orange county but I'm having a hard time to pick up costumers. I need to get contact with a agent that will be able to help on it
  • 64. David said on 12/23/2016 9:21:49 PM
    @Pete, Please provide me with more information.
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