Gypsum Organic Farming Tips


The gypsum organic farming is becoming more popular these days. Gypsum is usually used by the farmers in order to loosen the structure of soil. The great thing is that Gypsum is not that expensive and it is very easy to spread if needed.

Gypsum has also the ability in repairing soil which has been damaged by compaction from weighty machinery, stock, in recovery of the sub-soils that are exposed by the earth movement as well as soils that are affected even by salinity.

Gypsum is the answer in reconditioning soil. It can be spread out on surface of soil such as flowerbeds, vegetable garden or even on lawn. It actually means that it doesn’t have to work into soil because it can simply be spread out on surface.

Gypsum organic farming has now being utilized by so many farmers all around the world. This is because gypsum is affordable and very easy to use or apply. You are only in need in spreading it on lawn by using granular type with lawn spreader at proper rate of forty pounds each thousand square feet. The gypsum fertilizer also work and can be spread out any time and it only needs 1 application per year. In order to be effective, it is advisable for you to water it immediately right after you apply it. If it is applied right, it doesn’t affect pH of soil and it is not harmful for animals and humans. This is usually use to those places where plants like Camellias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons as well as other acid plants grow. Gypsum should use accordingly in order for the plants to grow healthy.

Tips on Gypsum Farming

Gypsum farming is known in being effective and proven by farmers and gardeners. In order for your gypsum organic farming to be successful you should probably know the pH of the soil that has been used. You should also properly moist the soil and you must know how to water them. You should know if the soil is compacted or not. You must also see to it that the soil has beneficial microorganism because it is helpful in Gypsum organic farming. The kind of water that you are putting on the soil also plays a vital role in the health of the plant. Knowing the things that you need to consider will help you to know the things to do.


The main benefit of Gypsum is that it penetrates clay particles on heavy hard subsoil soil types as well as it loose soil structure. This creates moisture and air slots which will break-up and loosen soil structure. Farming Gypsum for money is also a great benefit. This is for a certain reason that plants that are being gypsum fertilized are healthy and a great choice for those plant lovers.


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    Hi Brenda, I think they will be ok outside for a week or so. Keep them asngait a wall or the side of the greenhouse to protect them a little. You could spray with Bordeaux Mixture or Systhane if you want to be sure to protect them from fungal disease, but a week should be ok if they are strong healthy plants. Regards, Nick
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