Starting a Candy Business


An average American consumes around 23.9 pounds of candies per year and spends approximately $84 dollars in candies. This statistical report on American candy consumption shows that a candy business can be very profitable.

Starting a candy chocolates business is therefore a good idea if you want to cash in on people’s love for sweets like candies and chocolates. Starting a candy business does not also require you to have much investment as you will only need at least $10,000 to up to $50,000 capital to start your candy business.

candy business

Here are some of the things that you need to know if you are planning to start a candy business.

Choosing a Location for Your Candy Business

Choosing the location for your candy bars business is crucial to your business’ success especially because most people do not actually plan to buy candies. 55% of candy sales are, in fact, bought on impulse. People often buy candies when they see candy stores so it is best that you choose busy areas for your candy business locations. The best example of these types of locations is areas in the malls with high foot traffic.

Your Candy Business Store Customers

Your candy store business target customers are people who love to eat candies and chocolates. Children, in particular, love to buy candies from candy business stores but it will be best, if you can sell candies for both children and adults because there are many sweet toothed grown ups who would like to buy candies when they see your chocolate business store. Your candy store business clients would also include people who want to give chocolates and candies to their loved ones during special holidays and on occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.

Peak Seasons

While majority of your customers buy candies on impulse from candy bars business stores, there are particular seasons where people actually plan to buy candies, lollipops and chocolates. Candies from candy business stores sell best during Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentines. People give out candies to children as Easter treats so make sure that your candy company has candies shaped like eggs during Easter. People also buy candies for the Halloween trick or treat so make sure that you have candy sticks and candies fit for the Halloween. Make sure that you also have candy gifts and chocolate items that are ideal for gift giving during Christmas and Valentines.


  • 1. Michelle said on 5/31/2009 4:23:44 PM
    Hello, I am a mother with one child and one child on the way. I have always wanted to start my own candy business selling penny candies and many other kinds of confections just to have extra money for my family. It would be very helpful if I could get some information on what places I could go to or call to purchase certain types of candies, chips and sodas hopefully located in Minnesota or online. Thank you for your time.
  • 2. billy b said on 11/3/2009 4:32:12 AM
    hi please let me know how i can start a candy choc shop dealing in variety of sweets, chocs en candy. what are some of the things i would need to do
  • 3. Gail Dickinson said on 11/10/2009 5:12:53 PM
    I am planning on starting a small candy shop in my hometown the first of next year I have been doing research but need a little help getting started and on the right track any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  • 4. Kristina Karpf said on 1/19/2010 2:51:32 PM
    I am in a small town in Wisconsin in the US. I want to start my own candy and cookie store. I have making homemade candies (the kind you use the molds and the chocolate melting wafers) and cookies and cakes for years now for family and friends. I love doing it. I have looked into the cost of supplies and such I even have a location I would like to get to use but I need info on how to start and how to get an idea for prices for my products anything you can suggest is appreciated thanks.
  • 5. Kenny said on 4/3/2010 7:09:59 AM
    I'm interested in starting a candy shop which will be situated in a mall, can you please send me a list of company situated in South Africa that supplies candies. Thanks.
  • 6. Jennifer said on 4/15/2010 3:14:04 PM
    Hello, I am a stay at home mom of 3. I live in the country near a number of small towns in central Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been making handmade party favors, gift baskets, custom relief woodwork & other, art, jewelry and so much more for years as a few of my many hobbies. However, I recently have been making chocolates and candies from scratch as gifts and novelty treats and have been getting plenty of positive feedback from family and friends that I should do something more with this. I would like to receive any advice or places of contact that you may have to help me in getting a home based business started which I plan to begin with a website and go from there. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
  • 7. LayLay said on 7/1/2010 4:34:14 PM
    Hi, I'm a mother of two and need extra income and just want to start a small candy stand for the kids in the neighborhood and would like to know how to get started and how what online stores would be a good place to start my research. Thank You. I'm sorry I live in Sacramento CA
  • 8. Kyra said on 7/30/2010 7:40:13 PM
    Hi I would also like to start a small candy store in the Marrieta Ga, area. How profitable would this be. Any advice or contacts would be most helpful!
  • 9. Emmanuel said on 9/29/2010 11:17:32 PM
    Hey I'm 18 years old and i have a great idea for a candy but don't know where to start, i don't have any money so i want to partner up with hopefully a company so they can help me make the candy... any ideas?
  • 10. margery jones said on 1/26/2011 8:43:56 AM
    i want to start the business out of my home if possible. i make my own home-made candy. Turtles are my specialty. i live in the Beavercreek Ohio
  • 11. Laura Graham said on 4/1/2011 10:57:31 PM
    I am also interested in starting up a online candy business selling old fashion candies, penny candies, retro candies and nostalgic candies. I am in search for any information I can get to be successful in my own online candy business. Thank you so much. I'm a resident of Joliet, Illinois.
  • 12. Dennis said on 4/18/2011 11:30:38 AM
    I need to know how much is costs to start a candy company. I just have $100,000 to start with. How much should I spend on everything. taco out
  • 13. Fabian Buckeridge said on 4/25/2011 2:10:16 PM
    Please could help me with information concerning candy business I live in Jamaica I want to start a candy business.
  • 14. Kay said on 6/10/2011 11:04:39 AM
    Hi am considering opening a candy store were am from Trinidad and Tobago, but I have no idea where I can get wholesale candy from online or otherwise
  • 15. Tia said on 6/11/2011 6:30:50 PM
    I have always wanted to own a candy store and I live in a area that has schools on every corner churches, library, hair salons etc. I just want to know how could i go about getting funding or sponsors to help start my business
  • 16. Zan said on 10/18/2011 5:41:54 PM
    hey i am considering opening a candy shop and i live in Trinidad and Tobago. would like some idea where i can buy wholesales candy online
  • 17. Arpan ganguly said on 10/20/2011 11:15:00 PM
    I am from a small town in assam in India. I want to own a candy store(just like the ones in shopping malls). Can you please send me a list of company situated in India that supplies candies.
  • 18. Rntv said on 10/21/2011 6:51:14 AM
    i want start candy business tell me how to start this business And Please tell me dealership in haryana of candy (Karnal / kaithal) 10,000 to up to $50,000 capital to start your candy business/ tell me this capital sufficient for candy production / ya only own candy business/tell me please your mobile number .
  • 19. sherryann ragoonath said on 11/7/2011 11:57:29 PM
    Hi, I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I had a cottage industry manufacturing jelly product ie; Jub Jub, Marshmallow and some other local product like Frosted/Caramel popcorn, Fudges, Sugar cakes,Tamarind ball ect. I took some time off and now have 3boys and i am interested in getting back into business. This time I will like to do everything the correct way(by the book) in terms of legal obligations, and I will like some assistance and direction as to what is required of me, where do I start ect. All I have is the know how of manufacturing but interns of legalities and procedures I will appreciate any assistance pointing me in the right direction..Thank you.
  • 20. Asif said on 11/8/2011 9:43:08 AM
    My location is city ,Chesapeake ,VA23320 I want to start From home base delivery to all store ,gas station as much as products if I carry I make more money .. I have great experience and so confident to sell products ..on the gas stations or convince store ..
  • 21. cassie said on 12/13/2011 1:29:56 PM
    i am doing a project on the profits and location for a candy store in the hamilton area in ontario. Please help and how big should i make it
  • 22. Lisa said on 1/22/2012 5:42:29 PM
    We are currently looking at opening a small candy shop in a very small town in Alberta - we need to know what the "projected revenue" would be as we would like to purchase the building through the banks - we currently own a business in a completely different field but feel that this might be a good venture.
  • 23. jaycwolf said on 2/2/2012 2:32:54 PM
    am hoping to start my fudge and candy business soon but am interested in finding a place where i can purchase wholesale chocolate please help am from Trinidad and Tobago
  • 24. Winnie said on 4/30/2012 12:57:17 PM
    Thank you for the article. I started my own candy business like two months ago and it is doing so well. To me the trick is all about being flexible.
  • 25. Suni said on 5/29/2012 5:22:51 PM
    I live in las Vegas NV I make candy bars and looking for a company to start manufacturing for me to make larger quantities. Need suggestions on where to go. Thank you
  • 26. Ritwik said on 6/1/2012 8:28:39 AM
    I wish to start my own small business for candy and chocolate making. I am located in New Delhi, India. I will be able to fund this project.
  • 27. Alice said on 7/29/2012 9:59:57 PM
    I live in Bloomingdale,N.J. I HAVE BEEN UNEMPLOYED FOR OVER 2 YRS. I'M 52 YRS OLD AND Ive worked in retail(management). Very difficult to find work, I think my age...I'm very interested in opening a candy store my area is in need and I think will be a success however I need the basic startup information, to begin. I have some money and believe it will be enough to start...its just getting info,, should I make my own? would it be more feasible to buy??? How much candy should I start with? Websites they may walk me through? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Alice
  • 28. Sushanta Saha said on 9/9/2012 3:48:15 AM
    Kolkata, West Bangal, India. Wish to start Small candy manufacturing unit. Investment require? Candy manufacturing process. Please Guide me.
  • 29. avinash rananaware said on 9/27/2012 9:27:49 AM
    hi i am from satara city maharashtra,INDIA. want business of home made candy please guide me about recipe. just mail on avinash
  • 30. Thabiso rachel said on 11/5/2012 2:48:24 PM
    hi i'm Thabiso i live in mpumalanga, Nelspruit in South Africa i need to know the candy wholesalers in my area
  • 31. Tselane samanisi said on 11/26/2012 4:14:52 PM
    hi, I'm Tselane samanisi, 20 yrs old and i live in soweto, Johannesburg. I am really interested in opening my own candy store in the city. I have been selling candy around the area i live in, but i don't really see much growth because of the low-traffic of people, and besides most people work in town. So i'm thinking of moving my business to town. But the problem is, i don't have much money to do all of that. Please guide me.
  • 32. Jordan said on 1/2/2013 8:55:38 PM
    Hi, i'm jordan and i live in Houston, Texas. I am a high school junior who loves fruit snacks. I want to start my own candy company with concentration on fruit snacks. I want to make it more of sports snack. But anyway i wanna see if you can give tips on recipes and exactly how they get to the chewy snack. I kinda got some sort of knowledge on it.
  • 33. Kerina said on 1/17/2013 10:54:42 AM
    Hi, I'm Kerina and I live in Grenada. I am a young person who recently got married and is looking for extra income. The idea of a candy store in my area and country sounded interesting since we don't have one here. I just want some ideas and how you think I should get started and how to go about doing this.
  • 34. Ivana said on 1/30/2013 4:33:16 PM
    Pacifica, CA. I am interested in selling my own homemade candies. What licenses would I need?
  • 35. Champagne Graham said on 2/1/2013 2:30:55 PM
    My name is champagne Graham from RIdgeland S.C and I am doing a project for Future Business Leaders of America, and I was just wondering if you could give me a few pointers on how to start a candy business.
  • 36. Lamia said on 2/25/2013 1:36:49 AM
    (248)-818-8477 my address is (24882 eurika ave,warren,mi,48091)
  • 37. yemi abebaw said on 4/1/2013 7:13:26 AM
    Hi i'm yemi and i live in Addis Abeba Ethiopia i am a mother of three have a dream of opening a candy store in my area and country we dont have one here. I just want some ideas to start up.
  • 38. walter conley said on 4/3/2013 3:33:33 PM
  • 39. walter conley said on 4/3/2013 3:42:45 PM
  • 40. Tabatha Grundy said on 4/15/2013 11:58:41 AM
    My sister and myself are looking to start a small homebased business. We currently make and have some small orders of novelty chocolate lollipops for weddings, birthdays, baby showers ETC. I would be interested in more information about growing our friends and family clients, by reaching out to the public but still keeping it on a small scale home based business. I am located in Brampton Ont Canada.
  • 41. heicolene said on 4/18/2013 1:25:00 PM
    Hi, I would like to start my own small business preferably a candy shop as here isn't much of that here in both this town and country. Africa, Namibia.
  • 42. nikita glover said on 7/11/2013 4:36:34 PM
    I would like to start a candy store in Shreveport, La.
  • 43. Cher said on 8/22/2013 2:00:39 AM
    Hello there, very informative !!. I would like to start a candy and chocolate shop in Johannesburg, South Africa selling chocolates and sweets which I can get directly from factories producing the goods. Could you give me a guide to creating the business plan and a list of companies I could contact to start this venture. Thank you
  • 44. Seithati modibedi said on 9/17/2013 9:53:18 AM
    Hi my name is Seithati modibedi i'm from johannesburg in South Africa, i'm a graduate from the Raymond Ackerman Academy at the university of Johannesburg. I would like to start a business of a mobile candy shop around my area but i dont know where to start
  • 45. Jeffrey Ingram said on 11/20/2013 3:10:33 AM
    Hello, i'm interested in starting a candy manufacturing company. I live in this city that is low of employment. I think it would be a perfect place to start a candy manufacturing company, it would not take much to hire employees at minimal wages, plus the taxes to start the business here would be very benefiting. i'm pretty confident that this city would be the perfect place to start this kind of business. Since the steel plant in this area has shut down many years ago, this town has not been a very profitable due to the lack of employment. I'm interested in starting this manufacturing company and i'm certain that anyone that wants to help me get this company up and operating will be very satisfied in being a part of this as I am certain it will be very profitable here. the government would be very interested in seeing this happen because it will bring jobs to this area. please contact me in seeing my goal to become reality, i'm very certain it will do very well and the right place to see this happen. this is Gadsden, Alabama. My name is Jeffrey Bruce Ingram and I look forward to anyone willing to seeing this happen and being able to make a lot of money. Thank you, please contact me in regards to this business opportunity.
  • 46. Nothabo K Ndlovu said on 2/20/2014 8:13:17 AM
    Hi there, am in South Africa Johannesburg and would like to start my own candy and juice bar. Please help me the requirements, suppliers and if possible with a business plan. Thanks.
  • 47. marana adams said on 3/1/2014 12:04:54 PM
    I'm in ohio and i make candy butterfly and edible necklaces the butterflys are beautiful. on wedding cakes
  • 48. Joe said on 5/29/2014 2:22:46 AM
    Hi, I need assistance, I bought a candy shop in Pretoria for R100000 South Africa last year November. the business is moving slow at the moment. when should i buy stock? and how much do i buy.
  • 49. Brain said on 7/6/2014 8:12:13 AM
    Hi, I need your help on how to start a sweet shop in my area. I live in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The reason why I choose this sweet\candy shop is because there are only 3 sweets shop in town and they are not even up to standard. They are so limited that they do not have variety of products. Please help me to draft a proper business plan as this is needed at the bank for them to fund me with the capital. Thank you
  • 50. Kathryn said on 10/27/2014 12:52:54 PM
    Hello I am 19 and I really want to start up my own candy shop I am in brentwood TN and I just wanted to know what to do first. I have very little money.
  • 51. Qiana Menzies said on 12/2/2014 6:44:32 PM
    Hi, I always wanted to create a candy bar I have some recipe ideas but I wanted to know where would I go if I wanted them made. Also how would I start out.
  • 52. jasmeena said on 1/22/2015 8:57:03 AM
    what is a unique selling point for a candy store
  • 53. d v jain said on 2/14/2015 6:02:33 AM
    i want to start candy business in india, gujrat state at surat. how you can guide me for this business. please contact me.
  • 54. Monica said on 4/6/2015 4:20:13 PM
    Hi, Am located in kitengela, nairobi kenya. I always wanted to create a candy bar I have some recipe ideas but I wanted to know where would I go if I wanted them made. Also how would I start out.
  • 55. sabi said on 4/13/2015 2:30:40 AM
    Hi, i am looking forward in opening a candy store in goa. like a franchise. i just need u to guide me how do i go about? what all would i require and where would i go for the supplies? thank you awaiting your reply
  • 56. k.abhishek said on 8/1/2015 4:09:25 PM
    Hi, i wanted to own a candy store in andra pradesh can you help me in knowing best ways to choose for starting candy store without loss
  • 57. elite centre training said on 8/31/2015 8:05:44 AM
    We are a training in Mlolongo next to cooperative Bank in Kenya. We train in making various candies. Please reach us on 0711178370.
  • 58. chana said on 3/3/2016 12:08:57 PM
    If you would like to promote candy lollipops that are all natural and good for us and our kids call me 17406301625.
  • 59. Natasha said on 3/22/2016 9:39:07 AM
    Hi i am a University Student in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and would like to start my own Candy shop.Please help with requirements ,suppliers and if possible a business Plan.Thank you.
  • 60. eugenio collis said on 9/22/2016 12:14:39 AM
    Invaluable writing , I was enlightened by the facts - Does anyone know where my business might acquire a template DoL OSHA 300 example to type on ?
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