How to Start a Skateboard Company

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Skateboards are in the market for a long time, still the demand is increasing everyday. Since 1950, skateboards remained as teen's favorite outdoor sport. The evolution of skateboard drove many entrepreneurs attention and made them successful in skate business.

Skateboarding remains to be one of the most popular hobbies that the young and old alike engage in.

skateboard business

Many entrepreneurs therefore find it a good idea to invest on a skateboard shop given the number of potential customers looking for snowboard skateboard products and accessories like skateboard clothes, skateboard pads, skateboard shorts, skate apparel and skateboarding shoes. If you are looking for a profitable business that you can engage in, you can take advantage of the popularity of the skateboard sports by investing on a skateboard store. Investing on a skateboard company is best if you are a skateboarding enthusiast yourself because you can teach your customers skateboard tips and skateboard tricks. The following are some information that you will find helpful if you want to know how to start a skateboard company.

What You Need to Get Started with Skateboard Company

To operate a skate shop, it is important that you choose a good location where you will be able to display the skateboarding products that you sell. Make sure that you choose to operate your skateboard shop in areas where people looking to buy skateboards and skateboard gears can easily find you. You also have to make sure that you have the basic skateboard products and accessories that skateboarding people will usually look for in a skateboard store. These basic skateboarding products include helmet, footwear, and skates. Make sure that you also have a good number of skateboard ollie, skateboard ramps, skateboard bearings, skateboard birdhouse and skateboard decks. Your clients will also look for roller blades, roller skates, spitfire wheels, skateboard trucks, longboard skateboard, skateboard wheels, inline skates and grip tape so it will be a brilliant idea to have a supply of these items in your skateboard company.

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How to Increase Your Skateboard Company Sales

The sales of skateboard stores peak during seasons when people have plenty of time to skateboard such as during vacations and holidays but there are also times of the year when rollerblades and skateboards hardly sell. You will therefore find it a good idea to consider effective marketing strategies during this time of the year. You can boost the sales of your skateboard stores by selling cheap skateboard products or offer girl skateboard products on discount. It will also help if you can provide your customers excellent customer service so they will likely return in your skateboard store in the future and tell others about your skateboard company.

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  • 1. Jake said on March 13, 2008
    Well first there the website, then the t shirts, the decks for sponsors, then making the decks. I own a skate company and starting a company is a *****
  • 2. jonathan said on March 13, 2008
    how mutch money do you need to start your skateboarding company and how old you need to be?
  • 3. HARI beginner adviser said on March 15, 2008
    i say around 10,000 dollars to keep it running smoothly
  • 4. joe said on March 22, 2008
    I am also starting a skateboard company, and i agree, its a very difficult thing to do.. getting your name out there is probably the hardest part.. in all do respect, people who dont "have" to buy an expensive premium deck{like plan b or element etc} should take some time and look at all the small companys who sell their decks for less $, and they are still just as good.
  • 5. elliott said on March 23, 2008
    I am looking for a skateboard flow sponsor. Can anyone throw their shops names out so i can get sponsored please! thnx
  • 6. woody said on April 22, 2008
    Well rick james go to a small company not too far away from where you’re at and buy the cheapest one. That way when you think about not continuing your skating you save some money on your board take it from me i have done the same thing many times.
  • 7. bogey said on April 22, 2008
    well i'm not starting a skate shop but Im starting a skate company and it is going to be called D.R. Grizzly skateboards. I just need to know how much I need and do I need a buissnes license? How to put my name out there and where to get the decks. Anyone wants to talk further with me e-mail me at element55_756[at]
  • 8. skate for v said on April 23, 2008
    I got a name for my company i got the money.should i just ask my friends to ware my shirts and shit or should i be getting noticed in a different way?
  • 9. Reality beginner adviser said on April 27, 2008
    First of all, to start a skate company being original is a start. First look at the market around you and fill in the gap that is present. Make sure that your decks are from a good mfg. There are many out there now, more bad than good. Different skate scenes have different tastes. The skate industry is a tricky business where fortunes are made and lost overnight. start out small with decks in the 7.5-8.25 range and tees. Bro out with the people at all of the shops around you. Some of them might give you a shot, most won't. Find the best skaters in your area and see if they want to get flow from you to get your name out there. Most shops have a team, and have hidden talent lurking behind the counter. If one of the shops guys is getting flowed product from you, chances are your product will be on their shelves and they will be pushing it hard $$$$$$$. Do your best not to burn any bridges, because word travels faster than the speed of light sometimes. Go to demos and contest to get a good idea of what a good skater really is. Just because some dudes can kickflip some stairs doesn't mean yu should flow him product. I hope I have help in some way, good luck, you will need it.
  • 10. Ted_Toxic said on May 13, 2008
    ok, basicly guys I am considering starting a skate shop. I really just need to know how much money I'm going to need to gather to get this thing off the gorund and standing on its two feet. someone wiht some expertise in this area please email me at
  • 11. Thomas Field said on June 14, 2008
    Hey guys i'm trying to start up a christian skateboard company. i have the name and all down .......i even have some products already like shirts, jeans..etc. i just want some advice on how to get it started and out there. I don't get on the computer that if anyone can help me at all just call my cell number 812-241-5684.....thank you
  • 12. Alan Encinas said on June 16, 2008
    OK, well I’m a 19 yr old skater that started building decks for longboards and skateboards. My goal is to make my own company but i really don’t know where i should start or how the business works please help out if you have any advise please email me at I’ve tried getting advice from my mom since she’s the designer for Stussy, the clothing factory but she hasn’t been much help so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • 13. juvy said on June 18, 2008
    Skaters, I am trying to open up a skate shop. Any advise I can get I will greatly appreciate..
    Already got the logo and what the shop would be called...
  • 14. sgm412 said on June 20, 2008
    Going to open an indoor skate park and have a retail shop, it is going to be in the Hopkinsville KY area.......anyone out there close that would be interested in checking it out??? Please advise... Thanks!
  • 15. Mike Mega beginner adviser said on July 3, 2008
    I've recently opened a skate shop in my city here in Minnesota. It's much more work than I ever imagined. We've been officially open now for 3 weeks, but I've been hard at work for like 5 or 6 months. It's very, very expensive to do what you want to do. I'm not a business major, my parents don't own businesses or anything like that, and I’m just figuring it out as I go, doing TONS of research. If you're really serious about getting your own shop going, you can totally do it. If I did it, you can. I love what I'm doing now. It's a commitment and a half, though. I'll be doing this, whether I like it or not, for the next few years. I work basically all day every day. I want to go skate with customers!! I'm totally willing to share some of what I've learned with you, only serious contacts plz -
  • 16. j-nelson said on July 7, 2008
    I want to start my own skateboard company I already have the name but how much money do I need?
  • 17. B.Wilson said on July 9, 2008
    I am starting a skateboard company also and I want all the people that are opening up a shop to send me an e-mail so that we can work together on some future projects. Hopefully we can all make it and go far with our ventures. But most of all have fun with this. The skateboarding world is small and they know when someone is trying to just make money, it's for the kids don't forget.
  • 18. CHRISTOPHER MAY said on July 27, 2008
  • 19. Hard cory beginner adviser said on August 7, 2008

    Let's see. Everyone wants to start a skate shop or company and the only thing they can come up with is the name of the company. Sounds like a typical skateboarder. That is the least of anyone's concern. Know this, if you start a business like this, you will no longer have time to skate.

    I own a successful business and decided to add a skate shop to it. I have been in the scene for well over 15 years so I thought I would give back a little to the skaters. I offer name brand decks at very reasonable prices. Something I think you all forget is that by nature a skateboarder is thief, vandal, and public nuisance. I know because I too am a skater and now I get to tell the kids to not skate on my property. Why? Because a lawsuit can and will destroy you and your dreams of operating a business. Anyway, the kids can't be trusted for the most part. Sure, it's a good time to go to the park and skate with them, but I wouldn't leave my wallet laying anywhere in plain sight.

    Finding a place for your shop

    Starting a skate shop requires a good location where all the skaters will easily find you. Make sure you are friendly with all the kids as one bad word turns into seven and then multiplies again until you can't get a single sale.

    Don't sell based on brand name. The kids will always find it cheaper somewhere else (ebay). You have to find a niche that makes them want to come to you. Every single kid will want to get sponsored. That is an entirely different story that has no happy ending either. I know the secret to success here. But I am keeping it as I am planning on doing it. Something that has never been done. And should have been done years ago.

    You don't have to be a certain age to start a skate company. But you do have to be a certain age to rent property, get certain business licenses and maintain a business merchant service and checking. Ask your local banks about their merchant services and see what your limitations are. Find someone to invest in your venture that can put their name on a lease. Definitely have some real start up capital. It's better to start big than to start small and try to work your ass off to get big.

    Oh yeah, brand name boards that are popular are actually pressed out in china and are far inferior to an American build. They only press the decks for 20 minutes or so and add heat to the mold to speed curing time, this in turn dries out the board and makes it more brittle. The biggest names out there are doing this. It's because they only want the dollar signs. So, to those of you that love Plan B and the other big companies, let this be a lesson to you. They don't give a shit about you, just your wallet. If they did care, they would offer a better board for the same price. You pay how much for a board? It costs them less than a dollar to make a single deck and they only pay the pro rider a buck a board per sale. Where does the money go? In their pocket.

    Best of luck to everyone.
    It's not glorious.

  • 20. Truth beginner adviser said on August 27, 2008
    Starting a shop is a more difficult process than just starting a "sk8 company" First off, you want to trademark your name if you’re serious enough about your company, register a domain name, make a website etc.

    But by all means start local like many have said. Go to all the local contests and have your board be the first place prize. Create a local fan base within your community, hit up all your local shops and ask if they can carry a deck or two.

    And as far as how much money, that figure cannot be answered as some people may want to start out by buying 200 decks, shirts, wheels, etc which could be costly. START SMALL.

    And another question to ask yourself is what makes your products better than your competitor? Why should I buy your board? "cool graphics; name?" You must offer something people can relate to be lost in the crowd with the rest.

    HARDCOPY above is right, this is and can be a difficult business. I am blessed with owning a Christian skate/surf company whose mission is to help be a positive influence on the youth of our society. I get super excited knowing I am making a difference in these kids lives. wow I wrote a lot.
  • 21. larry beginner adviser said on September 3, 2008
    Well lets see almost 30,000 for my shop and i have not even opened the doors yet . but most of what was said is true .and especially the name part ( that's funny) we don't pic a name and then decide to have a kid . its something that ponders in your head and when it comes you will know it. I am unfortunately not a skater, but more into business. and locale and product should be your #1 word will get around especially if your a big fish in a small pond.
  • 22. said on September 10, 2008
    want to know how to start my own skate company. where do i begin?
  • 23. said on September 25, 2008
    Anyone have any ideas on how to deal when the weather gets cold? No one will be buying skateboards or in-lines and just relying on selling clothes and accessories wont suffice...
  • 24. said on September 30, 2008 anyone know where could i order the skateboarding equipment from..........
  • 25. checkmate said on October 13, 2008
    Anyone in here from the NYC area and serious about starting a shop. Meaning you have some concepts and capital. If so drop an note on this site with your email and I'll hit you up with a personal message.
  • 26. custom skateboard manufacturing said on October 14, 2008
    My company helps people start Skateboard and Snowboard companies. Basically if you have a name brand or logo, you can put them on our boards and sell them as your own. You should check out our site for more info.
  • 27. jaz from australia said on October 22, 2008
    g,day my brothers and i are starting a new skate company and we have some pretty sick ideas on how to do it. we don't have the money and I'm the eldest I'm 13 but i'm passionate about it we have good skaters and some people to flow but we need money to buy like decks and stuff i'm getting a job at the local skate and bike shop and we have the all sussed out s4l skating for life pretty kewl hu well the whole purpose of my being on this site is that my bro is a heaps mad skater and i want to make him big but i'm only learning and so is my Lil bro too moey is tight in our family but were willing to strive and excel as we are determined lil b#@$$^&* kk well i best b off cya mates jaz from australia
  • 28. IanBailey said on October 23, 2008
    I am 18 years old and I am starting a skate shop in Ohio.
    I just need to know where the best place to buy equipment from? like what company should I use order my gear... such as brand name decks and clothes, etc.
  • 29. Liné Ryan said on October 28, 2008
    So glad I could read through all these. My son wants to start a skate shop and have the ramps next door. in Hout Bay South Africa. If he gets the land next to the Hout Bay Beach we all invite you skaters to come and enjoy the best time ever
  • 30. Austin said on October 28, 2008
    you need around 300k to start a skateshop, buy the products, and keep it running for a while, not counting redecorating your location, rent, and utilities. and what the f**k is this? you will need a lot of skateboard Ollie? seriously.
  • 31. matt said on November 2, 2008
    well i do wild land fire fighting and i can make any were from 16 to thirty grand in like four five months and not even I’m 19 and really good ideas for a skate shop like skate lessons for kids i live in reno and i wanna start something in the next two years what should i start with when i have all this money like blue prints or something i need advice and I’m not kidding about starting i have a buddy in the army who’s saving up money and making a family and i have a awesome name but i wont disclose it cause i don’t want some one to steal it but i would love some advice and how much to start and what to invest in first for a indoor skate park.
  • 32. fellow skater said on November 4, 2008
    I've been thinking about starting a little shop in my garage (not car garage). It's pretty decent in size. As for spreading my name out i have many friends that can help and i know a local skateshop manager. I just need more info on who to contact for supply! I'm gonna start saving for this business and my mother plans on providing help...she too will profit from this. If anyone with experience is willing to provide some info, i'd gladly appreciate it! You can contact me at thank you!
  • 33. sam said on November 6, 2008
    Reading this has put given me a little confidence i could succeed. I'm on 17, and a girl who does NOT skate. i live in Vancouver, but i wanted to start a skate company, rather than a shop right away. I'm decent with sewing and not bad with computer graphic shit. I wanted to start with T-shirts, with graphics by me, get the name out, and if all goes well move onto decks and start to sponsor. As, well i'm also taking a shitload of business courses at school... can anyone recommend to me what steps or preparation i can take? or advice on a location, or even how to start?
  • 34. VasIauto said on November 13, 2008
    China Import of goods. Catalog of China products and companies for international trade.
  • 35. nicholas hansen said on November 15, 2008
    i am planing to start a skateshop with my own products and name brands. i also want to make my own videos with a store team. what can hold someone back from this. what big legal or non legal issues do i face. and what kind of costs am i looking at?
  • 36. Maddison said on November 22, 2008
    I'm a girl who skates and wanted to start a shop/brand. And that Factory Importer dude helped me a lot. Thanks Factory Importer Dude.
  • 37. KarrieTamsin said on November 27, 2008
    I initiate a sort of soups that check out grand, and can be made in big batches and frozen. Is there any interest?
  • 38. WiseGuy said on November 27, 2008
    You can dream up the shop/skateboard co all you want. This is a major cut throat business. The almighty dollar can split up the best of businesses. You have to try real hard and have a lot of luck. First forget about hooking anybody up. Understand this business.....c-ya out there WiseGuy
  • 39. Cows say moo! said on December 7, 2008
    I have finally opened my skate company... it is harder than I thought. If you want to start a sk8 company you should probably go to a local sk8 shop and show them your designs and ask them to either sell your stuff or promote it. I started with a small sk8 shop but it is up 2 u! Good Luck!
  • 40. said on December 11, 2008
    ever since i was ten years old and went to the local skate shop in town for the first time i knew that's all i want to do, own a skateshop or some kind of skateboard company, i'm eighteen and i'm about to get my diploma, but i don't know where to go from there, i NEED advice....
  • 41. Garrett said on December 14, 2008
    Thanks for all the advice. I plan on owning a skateboard company and i don't want to release the name because it might get taken and I am 12 years old and I am trying to start it with a few of my friends. We are starting out really small. We are only starting with $500 which I know I’m sounding like such a kid but I think it will work. My grandpa will be making boards for me because he owns a company that can make them and they will be cheap for me. I will sell them pretty cheap. Remember this "buy low, sell high" but not too high. If you can give me any advice it would be great. Thanks!
  • 42. Guest said on January 6, 2009
    My boy and i are starting a skateboarding and snowboarding company and right now we aren't tryin to open a shop but just a brand or company. We are startin with clothes and promoting right now but can anyone hook me up with who i need to talk to or get ahold of to talk about gettin decks made? We already got some raw shit cookin up!
  • 43. Guest said on January 6, 2009
    Can someone hook me up with who to talk to about gettin decks and snowboards made?
  • 44. JCT beginner adviser said on January 20, 2009
    I own a skate shop in Tokyo, and I have some wall space for some smaller companies products.. If any of you company owners want to go international, hit me up and maybe we can work out a deal to get your branded products in my store. I'm not looking to make money out of this - Just want to diversify the skate industry and offer my customers some product varieties.. I could easily just fill my space with more junk from Element or Zoo York as that stuff sells really quickly here, but as you other owners know - If customers know exactly what products you have at all times, they'll soon get bored and wont come back.. I just picked up an old 720 arcade game to put in my shop for kitsch!
  • 45. samaad said on January 21, 2009
    I need help with starting my own skateboard company I need to know where to order the products from and how much money I will need to get started. if you know anything, email me at thanks
  • 46. J-dog said on January 26, 2009
    i live in sa and want to start a skateboard company. I want to know where to order decks. please help.
  • 47. OHM said on January 27, 2009
    Hey gals and gents, I would agree there is a lot of work involved in getting a company up and running .... however if it is something that you really want the only thing holding you back from success is your self. It takes about 10 years to get where you want to be.
    JCT I'd like to talk to you about carrying some product. If you can contact me
    perhaps we can make something happen. anyways good luck to all you out there catch you on the flip side. and see you in the winners circle.
  • 48. ZYIVVZRRZZZF said on January 28, 2009
    I am very grateful to all who have helped me solve my problem
  • 49. Nick said on January 28, 2009
    I am really thinking about starting up a skate board shop! Its hard work and a lot of set backs. I just want to give thanks to this site for making things clearer! But i too have a problem!!! I'm starting a christian skateboard shop in south africa but don't know where to get the decks and stuff any help will be gladly accepted!
  • 50. kayela said on February 11, 2009
    how much do i need to start the company and am 21 living in africa zambia in lusaka. can this business work?
  • 51. Nick said on February 17, 2009
    Hwzit guys in looking for skateboard suppliers.....decks bearings trucks cloths shoes etc. Anyone willing to help please email asap. come on guys help me out.
  • 52. Nick said on February 17, 2009
    Whats your email address i'm sure we could help each other out. . . . Email me as soon as you get this
  • 53. Rippy said on March 26, 2009
    I live in a historic town that is growing. A skatepark was just built in the last 2 yrs. Finally! The town is also located on a river that is the shit for wake-boarding! So many kids skate, wakeboard, snowboard, and surf. Oh yeah, the beach is only an hour and a half away too. I want to start a one stop board shop here because there has never been one and everybody has to drive 30 min. to get any kind of boards or equipment. I've got some prime locations I have to check on as far as vacant shops. There is still a lot of figuring out what to do first! If anyone has any roundabout guess on how much $$$$ it would take to get this shop going HOLLA @ YA BOY!
  • 54. GHOST LEGION SKATEBOARDS beginner adviser said on March 26, 2009
    I think some of you people on here are crazy lol. But you all seem nice...anyway I've had my company 'Ghost Legion Skateboards' since October 2007. I started by looking online for skateboard manufacturers, found one, started with 50 decks, 50 shirts then got hoodies, stickers. we recruited a team(including me) filmed for our video...had a big video premier party and raffled a deck. 3 local skateshops and 1 skatepark carry my products now. I'm friends with them all, they're really cool. I sell my product on a consignment basis meaning i front them the decks, etc. When they sell something they'll contact me on myspace and i'll swing by in a day or two and get a check. Obviously you give them the products at a lowered price so they can make a little money too. I've been skateboarding for 16 years... i think it is easier for a skater themselves to start a company or shop because they know all about the business already. It's much cheaper to start out small with your own company than to start a skateshop... so if you don't have much money(like me) i suggest starting your own company. Find a name, artist, manufacturers, a team of skaters, and some skateshops/skateparks and go for it! if you already love skateboarding it will come naturally....later yall check out ghost legion skateboards on
  • 55. D. Boy said on March 27, 2009
    A lot of ollie??????? Hahahahahah!!!! Well I have been skateboarding for about 8 years now and I got my own thing going on selling decks but I don't have a shop yet or anything. I started out with thirty skateboard decks and got a good return on it. If anybody has any info on where I can get the decks like a manufacturer or something hit me up at
  • 56. GHOST LEGION SKATEBOARDS beginner adviser said on March 27, 2009
    You'll need very much skateboard ollie like 1 or 100 and plenty of skateboard birdhouses. you will need to carry plenty of kickflips to sell! that's where the money is!!!
  • 57. SwitchSkateShop said on April 1, 2009
    I am finishing writing the business plan for my retail skate shop set to open in late May in Indianapolis. I am working on building the financials but i have no idea how much wholesalers sell products for (for example i don't know how much wholesalers charge for skateboards or apparel or hardware) Wholesale distributors will not discuss price until you have your retail sales license which I will not have until i complete this business plan, can anyone offer any help as far as prices that skateboarding products will costs (example wholesaler = eastern skateboard supply) thanks!
  • 58. Ev said on April 3, 2009
    I am starting my own skateboarding company not shop but brand boards. I have noticed a lot goes into it. I haven't once read on here that any person who signs a skater or have their own decks mention insurance for your company?
  • 59. Ev said on April 3, 2009
    Switch Skate Shop... I understand your problem. its like a secret code to everything with these people.(Companies) I created my own label due out this summer. And I have no idea what I am supposed to sell these for to retailers such as yourself. If you find out let me know!
  • 60. Ramsey said on April 15, 2009
    I am thinking about starting a skate shop. I want to brand my own decks. Any deck makers in Orange County, ca. Email me.
  • 61. Matt Mutter said on April 18, 2009
    hi i am only 13 and i have big dreams for opening a skate shop or company i think i will start with a company i have a place to get boards and i could find a place to paint them what about the trucks thought wheels and bearings and can i start a company when i am 13???
  • 62. jack said on April 25, 2009
    I don't think you really need a premises, the best thing you can do is start a skateboarding website and sell online. I'm currently working at it myself now, my website is
  • 63. dennis said on April 25, 2009
    I want a skate company i got some design for shoes but that's is of far and I'm going to try to make some more designs and then i will begin any design ideas. please email:dennisskorokhodov. i check email for at least every 48 or so hours. Once i do get started i will probably sponsor someone and i don't really know I'll make an indoor/outdoor skate park.
  • 64. Nick M said on April 28, 2009
    hey i'm starting a company and the name is Colors. We are 5 right now, who are in charge. And I have an artist. Does anyone have an idea for t-shirt designs or sticker logos. send me a message at thanks
  • 65. brandon baptiste said on April 30, 2009
    hey if any of you are serious about starting a skate company or shop within the next 6 months and live in washington, or anywhere close to spokane. shoot me an email i have some innovative designs. I am an artist and went to school for a while for business. didn't graduate but have a good grasp on how a small corporation work. my mother owns a business so i kinda grew up around this type of stuff. I am going to build my own board manufacturing suite in my basement here real soon. I use to skate and I got lazy and fat so now i don't. my dream is to pick it back up. but I have always wanted to start a skate company. I have started other venture in the past that fell on their face because of the economy and the market. I also have an associates in art design specializing in metal works like jewelry. my skill and knowledge alone could net some good profit. but with a bang up crew of like minded individuals, there is no telling what we might do. shoot me an email if anyone serious and ready to do something about it.
  • 66. Dano said on May 3, 2009
    Hello to all if anyone needs help with getting boards made i would love to help. Offer 7 ply maple with your logo and also can print on wheels which have all kinds aval. Also looking to work with companies or industries. who has a new idea. All decks, wheels, bearings, bushings, hardware, and grip is tested parks in Hawaii and California. Let me know if anyone has
  • 67. reggie said on May 4, 2009
    i'm 14 and can help anyone that wants to start a skateboarding company like my whole school is skaters and the area i'm in is full of skaters i would sell stuff right now for u and can get the name out if any one needs some help i am willing to help you just email me
  • 68. Jordan said on May 7, 2009
    me and my friends have had a skate crew i guess you could call it for a while now and we have wanted to make it into a legit company does anyone know where i could get boards, t-shirts, etc made so we can get our name out there and start it up. email me at
  • 69. Tim said on May 7, 2009
    Hey, we're four 18/19-year-old kids from Central Canada looking to start a company. We have a name, a bit of cash and whole lot of talent and we're looking to start our own company selling and creating our own t-shirts/boards/whatever. We need some info as to which the best online warehouses are to get this stuff from. Anyone knows any info please let us know. Thanks a lot.
  • 70. orchid beginner adviser said on May 10, 2009
    Are some of you serious? Eight year olds, twelve, 14 year olds wanting to start companies? Parents getting involved? Companies in garages? Skateboard ollie & birdhouses? wtf? There's something very wrong here. Go ahead and dream big but with out any action they'll just stay dreams. Your going up against some companies that are in the $100 million + category with world wide distribution, distributors and retail shops. There's nothing wrong with being a small company; many people love & support the little guy. People have worked there way up but at what cost & sacrifice? We see all the success stories but how many failures are out there? People like Reality, Ghost legion, factory importer over there, do know what they're talking about but that's 3-5 comments out of 84+ on here that KNOW what they're doing. The basic formula for wanting to run a shop or company starts off with MONEY. $5,000 -$50,000+ saved. Then most likely your going to need a RETAIL spot and or E-COMMERCE site, (website). Your going to need to register for reseller license, insurances, display cases, bills, finding distributors, etc, etc, etc, then much more etc. This is a business and sometimes its CUT THROAT. You just don't wake up one day and open a restaurant with out any experience or knowledge on how to take Either way, in all honesty, this is the real FILTRATION SYSTEM: the people that are the most serious, talent, creativity, networking, will save up the money, find all the information they need, set up all accounts needed and simply just do it.
  • 71. habib said on May 21, 2009
    hi, i want to start a skateboard company but i don't know where to get the boards. anyone can help? email me please. tried emailing pennswood but didn't get any reply.
  • 72. Barb said on June 10, 2009
    Hey JCT, Can you e-mail me with your information, I have some apparel I would like to place in your shop. Thanks Barb. e-mail is
  • 73. Andy Bee said on June 15, 2009
    Hey you all just a quick one for you all check out Wolf Skateboards and Decks. Soon coming up in the L.A. Cali area or e-mail me for details. Andy Bee Also check out Wolfie Barrueta on or
  • 74. AJ sk8er said on June 17, 2009
    My dad and his friend are thinking about starting a skate shop in Michigan. They expect me and my friend to give them advice as to which brands, to sell, or even what to sell. I was thinking decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and maybe even shirts and shoes. If you see anything that i'm missing, or know some good brands to sell contact me.
  • 75. Dunn210 said on June 25, 2009
    My dream is to start a shop any advice. help, my email is, serious advice only. thanks
  • 76. raul contreras said on July 10, 2009
    Me and some high school friends have started a small skate company and we already have boards stickers and shirts and we're looking for shops in the LA area that could help us out in selling our stuff thanks.
  • 77. the miestier matt said on July 23, 2009
    i'm trying to launch a skate company called trashcan skateboards. i don't know how to make a deck or anything but i can make great grindwax that one coating will last weeks if used properly. where can i sell the wax? stores don't take me seriously because i'm only 14, so should i wait to even try?
  • 78. Mmm said on July 28, 2009
    Well, so far the guys that claim to own a shop haven't mentioned the price and quantity they get the decks for, and a lot of us are wondering the same thing. So if you own a skate shop, please share the price that you get the decks for, so people can figure out the profit of wholesaling decks. Because it is obvious that buying 50 decks like somebody said, you're not getting the price that the ones that buy in the thousands.
  • 79. Ryan said on August 9, 2009
    hey guys i'm trying to start my own brand of skateboard decks and stuff.. i'm thinking about going on eBay and buying some blank decks to test out and see if people like them but if you have any advice for me please email me at anybody's opinion is welcome. thanks, Ryan B.
  • 80. jon said on August 13, 2009
    whats up, i'm 16 years old and i want to start my own skate shop/park. i just don't now how i will get the brands like enjio, volcom, elament, zero plan b and all those other owns that i don't have time to type out to sell there stuff at my skateshop. can you guys help me?
  • 81. austin mclendon said on August 18, 2009
    when i get out of high school i was thinking about opening up a skate company and i was wandering do you need a business degree or something to start it up and i'm also looking to get sponsored. what all do i need to start a company?
  • 82. austin mclendon said on August 18, 2009
    hey my name is austin mclendon, i need help starting my skate company. what all do i need? i'm 17 and i'm looking to get sponsored. msg me at
  • 83. Ryan S. said on August 19, 2009
    hey guys i want to start printing designs on boards do i need to use a silk screen press or can i use a regular screen printer? and any advice would be appreciated on how to start a skate company. I am starting this with a friend that wants to start a clothing company so we are partnering up and he has some connections to get us a tent at warped tour next year. msg me at
  • 84. skater escape said on September 30, 2009
    Hey guys. It's great that so many 'young' people already have such ambitions to want to start their own business'. But everyone has to take stepping stones to get what they want... especially when you're young as some of the people blogging on this thread. Anyways... I have been working for a local restaurant for 8 years now. The owner and I are extremely close since I'm basically the longest working employee she has. The owner and her business partner are 'strongly' considering starting a skate shop. We do have a skatepark in our town, and don't have a single 'local' skate shop. We do have pacsun, zumiez, buckle... Which is what EVERYONE wears in my area. But they all are no where near our skatepark or downtown area. If my boss goes through with this idea of a skate shop, she wants me to run it, so she can continue to run the restaurant herself. I want to gain a few things from this thread. I am looking for some advice, hints and tips by skate shop owners. My boss and I aren't 'dumb' on a business basis. She's ran the restaurant for 15 years now, and I've worked there for 8 years. But we know it's a very different kind of business. I also would love any ideas for a business name and any other cool ideas. Please email me at Only serious emails please.
  • 85. lisa said on October 7, 2009
    I am building a Indoor Skateboarding and Family facility, need help in the Business plan I'm in B.C. PLEASE HELP..... email, p.s. already have land
  • 86. kennyo said on October 11, 2009
    hey! i'm also trying to start a skate shop. i have everything all set except for one thing. how many decks, trucks, wheels completes should i buy?
  • 87. Stratman said on October 20, 2009
    Hey what's kickin? I am in college for business management so i can start a skatepark/skateshop. I also want to start a board company after i get things running with that. Does anyone know about prices and such or which one would be better to start first? Please shoot me an email at
  • 88. Stratman said on October 26, 2009
    Hey what's kickin?!?! along with my last post I need help with the skate park. If anyone has any information as to how to get it running ramp plans stuff like that. that would help me tremendously! shoot me an email at thanks
  • 89. loncho said on December 3, 2009
    It is very sad that about 98% of all these day dreaming people that commented in here are not gonna be able to really make a company or a shop.. You all young people think this is very easy.. and is not..
  • 90. Luis/Mexico beginner adviser said on December 4, 2009
    Hi to all, first of all word on orchid and some others out there, they know the business. Well in my case I'm from Mexico(BAJA) and well just to let you know, if you think that in the states is hard to create a sk8company, in a third world country you have no idea. You have to work 24-7!! The competition it´s huge against the big ones. And well just follow the suggestions of those how know what they are talking about. 1.-Over 22 its a good time to start
    2.-Make a business plan
    3.-Do a lot of research (marketing, sales, suppliers, etc)
    4.-Be creative
    5.-Do a lot of promotion (events, internet, local magazines, make a team and a video)
    6.-Support your community
    It´s very hard, but it´s what we live for, right? Most important Enjoy and do it with love, because some days you will really need it. peace out. You can contact me at:
  • 91. BigRob said on December 7, 2009
    Just wanted to know the basic rundown of costs for a shop, and how hard it is to open accounts with skate companies? thanks for any help guys
  • 92. Sebastian said on December 10, 2009
    I have a company for sale! Name, Rights, Small inventory of decks and some accessories, Shirts, and all vendor info.... Make me an offer.....
  • 93. Misty said on January 2, 2010
    Some people have started a skate shop for around 40k but most start with around 100k. This is an expensive thing to start and if you are not really into it you could fail and become broke with lots of debt. I plan to open up my own shop soon but am having trouble finding a good city/state to start in. If anyone has any good places in mind please let me know and I will check them out.
  • 94. the dude said on January 5, 2010
    Milwaukee, wi. dude where do i buy the decks
  • 95. austin said on January 14, 2010
    i own prototype sk8 team/board co. and i have nice riders and i'm the best skater but go to BOARDPUSHER.COM, it the best place to design your own deck w/ ur name
  • 96. TommyTheTuna420 said on January 23, 2010
    I live in Chicago, Illinois and I've lived in this fine city for all my life and the one thing I figured out about the future is you have to both have fun and and try to influence the younger generation. If anyone can give me some "insider Training" on starting up a company please help. I also do a little videogrophy so I am available for that as well and yes I can skate!!!!
  • 97. odell beginner adviser said on February 10, 2010
    i'm so happy to find this forum well starting a skate board shop or brand can be very rewarding and easy it all depends on your marketing concept advertise in your local community magazines and news paper subways buses cabs etc hold events at clubs with younger crowds you have to get your name out there locally get that buzz start a blog and do social marketing. work with designers they are some really good designers out there I like graphic designers from Latin America and the UK start with t-shirts and sweaters then boards, jeans, hat, watches etc its an easy concept if you have the money you can start a shop or brand with 5-10k and grow after i love this business and its growing with Nike now getting in to it im working on starting a new skateboarding brand and finishing of my business plan and I’m willing to talk to any one that need my help.
  • 98. meth said on February 13, 2010
    okay guys, I am a 41 year old who has always worked in corporate and am quite successful at the executive level. I finally want to start my own business and am thinking about a skate shop, especially since my son is 9 and I think it would be great for him to grow into as he gets older. I'm in NY and the town we live in doesn't have any real skate shops at all, but they also don't have a skate park either, therefore I'm nervous to start this business. I have about 50k to invest initially but I'm worried if the business will generate at least 90k a year in PROFIT for me to live on. Again this is all new to me as I am not or have ever been a skater, my son is but he's young. I just see that there may be a niche in my area as there are no other shops. Any advice from serious people?
  • 99. Nate. said on February 14, 2010
    Man.. I've been skating my whole life and I know the industry. I'm trying now to start my own company, the only things i need are a good list of specific distributors. A basic outline of a business plan from someone who's done it before. And finally money. I need about 10,000$ to have a good start. Seriously, if you don't skate then don't waist your time opening a skateshop. You will fail. I'm not saying that to be rude, its just the truth, i've seen it happen at least 20 times. If you aren't a mechanic you wouldn't open a garage, would you. Same difference. To the man with 50k and a 9 year old. Thats awesome, but don't do it. Only if you really know the industry well, AND you are a good business man will you succeed. Thats it take care.
  • 100. Adam said on February 28, 2010
    Yo, I'm 16 and me and my friend are trying to start a skate business; nothing big at first, but gradually get bigger sometime in the future. (sorta like the selling thing sorta deal, but I doubt we'll ever be that good). If you could email me with any suggestions that would be great. My email is and I've been skating for a few years but I don't know how to get started, like what would the costs be? and what should I start out with, and where? Because I live in a neighborhood where there aren't a whole lot of people around, but I'm psyched to get started so if you could help out in any way it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • 101. tkorey pittman aka thermy said on March 25, 2010
    hey i'm not starting my own business or any thing but i'm a great skater i'm goofey footed black an 6'1. i have a lot a talent but i've been in a little trouble. i'm homeless but want to do something with my skills and talent and even have my own park and shop one day. but i have to do a little bit of time just a couple months. but try to get in touch with me any one if you are looking for a good skater to help out. my only address is 216 crestview dr. thomasville n.c. 27360
  • 102. Riley Thompson said on April 2, 2010
    I own I skate board company and its hard to start but you don't need a lot of money, and you can do it at any age. what you need is connections. I'm 15 and my company skate company PWK (Pasty White Kids) is already getting into shops and I've never had to get some $10,000 or anything else like that.
  • 103. Steve Hernandez said on April 7, 2010
    I have this idea of creating a skateboarding company, not a skate shop. It's called "SKATEBOTS" It's all about robots skatboarding and of course, the future. Also I have this other idea on the durability of the board,that it could last longer than any other skateboard in the industry. To make a long story short, I want to change the world of skateboarding. I want to seek help on how to start it and make popular like for example, DGK, Enjoi, Blind skateboards. I live in North Hollywood California. Please write back A.S.A.P in my email. Thank You.
  • 104. Ev beginner adviser said on April 11, 2010
    Sup people I wrote comments 72 and 73 last year! I have started my own skateboard company and been in business for over a year now! The thing I learned is dont let a shop try your boards for free they will not pay you in most cases. Be careful who you get your boards from I tried a manufacture in NC 4 months ago and still havent received my decks. So I had to dig deep and go with another company just to stay in business. I also found a skater on youtube to promote my business. A lot of skate shops want to work on consignment which means you get to put your boards up in there shop but you dont get paid unless it sells. I have branched out from NC and sell in Texas, and getting the word spread in KY. Now i'm not all big time, but I am proud of myself I made it past the first year which like 85% or so dont make it. If you want to talk or just holla i'm always down to make friends. I also have contest going on too! check out my website: and vote! Holla, Ev
  • 105. Big O boards said on April 11, 2010
    Hi, i am oran lynch from bigoboards i have started making skateboards now and am planing to open a shop. I am looking for a team of under 17 skaters to be sponsored!!! You must live in England! oh yeh email me at
  • 106. Diablo said on April 20, 2010
    SFV - CA 91307 WANTED - like minded individuals to collaborate regarding the industry and exiting new changes coming! NEW skate/snowboard company needs to assemble talent crew (great skaters/snowboarders young and older also filmers/editors/production assistants/etc - I'm 40 and have skated and snowboarded my whole life as well as run successful businesses and ventures) please send video/DVD to po box 4643 west hills ca 91307. Flow of gear to right guys/girls. Need superstar presence, send email and photo/resume sort of thing... No need to be formal, we can meet and skate/shoot/evaluate anytime in the valley....hit me up, knows the time... Let's go!
  • 107. meeee said on May 10, 2010
    i see everybody is got the name or your shop but do u know that the name has to be strong people are going to ask u what do your name represent do research ok and let see u have to start going to park other skate shop and let your name been seen like a website and then close t shirts with the company logo in it and then u have get in contact with this ames skateboarders to see if they are interested it been sponsored by your company let your name out there u represent it
  • 108. Benjamin said on May 27, 2010
    Hi, My name is Benjamin franklin. yeh i know my name sounds like the famous benjamin franklin but i'm not, In the skating world I am well known, it all started when i was 13 i thought of a great name Emerica, most people know this brand and i am happy to tell people how i had come up with it. I studied logo design at high school and went to college to pursue my dreams. When i finished i started of by making a few shirts and printing out stickers. I threw them out at local skate comps to improve my status in the skate world. From then on i hired some chinese people for only a couple of cents an hour to make me some sweet kicks. which i sold in america for 130$ a pop, From then on i have been make hundreds of thousands and any one can do it all you have to do is put your mind to it, and you will achieve it. Thanks, Benjamin Franklin
  • 109. blake baron said on July 2, 2010
    i am a local skater in ga and wanted to start my skate company i am ready and stuff but the cost of presses and heat screeners are to much man i just want to find a way to bind with homies and start my company man and quick
  • 110. MATTYD said on August 15, 2010
    I have searched high and low for this answer and can't seem to find it. So I start my shop, start advertising, just one little problem. I HAVE NO INVENTORY. Where do I start? If anyone owns a shop out there can you direct me to a site or company where I can buy directly from a distributor or wholesaler. Some people tell me to make these contacts at Trade Shows. There is one in Colorado in January 2011. Are Trade Shows worth it? Also since capital is tight is there a way I can get access to last seasons product line? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • 111. Screamskater said on August 19, 2010
    I am a 15 year old who has an idea of putting some of my own logos and graphics I have designed on some skate decks and some clothing. I have found some good sites that sell blanks for cheap as long as you buy wholesale and will apply your logos and graphics on them. I am thinking about buying 10 off them to start off with my designs on them to see how much they would sell. I live 10 minutes walk from this amazing new skatepark with lots of youth skaters. They are always trying to buy my used boards from me and I thought I should make some of my own boards so these young kids can buy new boards for a much cheaper price, cause up here in Canada just a deck costs double the price as in the us which is always why these kids are asking if I'm selling my board cause I get new ones quite often cause I buy my decks from the states. I already got a name and a logo,( I'm pretty good at logos and stuff, I designed the one my skateparks logo and a competition logo.) and I'm all set to go. I calculated that I'll make about 400-500 dollars profit if I sell the boards cheap, I don't want lots of money, it's just another scheme of mine to make a little money and I've been wanting to do this for a while. If you guys could give me any tips it would be a real help, thanks.
  • 112. django beginner adviser said on August 29, 2010
    ( MATTYD ) You need to first obtain a business license, Skateboard distributors will not allow you access to there catalog without one. Once you have your business license or LLC, put in a dealer application with one of the distributors. Get approved and start buying your inventory,
    1. Do not overstock, You can always order more if you sell out.
    2. Look around to see what is selling the best right now.
    3. Place your order.
    I run a skate shop here in san antonio tx called goodtimes skateboards,
    you can youtube us to check out the skaters i have on the team. Need anymore help email me.
  • 113. doni said on September 25, 2010
    Sup guys I'm a 19 year old from south african, jst registered my own skateboarding company, I need a contact from u.s, u.k to market my brand internationally and get my riders in competitions that side. pls reply at
  • 114. derrick shadrack said on October 23, 2010
    hey guys i'm 18 years of age starting my own skate co. i need help with manufacturing or making of the boards.
  • 115. T.J. said on December 8, 2010
    I'm also trying to star a skate shop with a tatoo artist in side, a indoor and out door skate park in the back and some apartments either on top or on the side if any one knows who can help me out call me at 320-279-3633
  • 116. Paul said on December 11, 2010
    hey JTC i have recently had 100 decks made out and i was wondering if i could take up the offer of having them stocked in your store. i couldn't find your email address on the page so just drop us an email please. Anyone else that would want my boards to be stocked that would be awesome. my email address is
  • 117. Scott said on January 4, 2011
    Hey folks i was just reading through here and noticed some posts. I want to open my own skating business as do some people, problem is.. i'm 17 and broke, bummer i know haha. so if anyone has any knowledge and tips it would mean a lot if you got in touch! My email address is . Thanks =]
  • 118. Yaseen Bessekhouad said on January 27, 2011
    guys me and my friend are trying to start a company, we are from france and we don't know how to start because skating in france isn't really popular but our objective is to make european skating more popular around the world what are we suppose to do any tips ? :)
  • 119. Fredrik said on February 23, 2011
    I think that i want to start a Skateboard Company but I don't want to work alone. My friends don't want so if one of you want you can write to me at my email
  • 120. CandySkates said on April 4, 2011
    hey all of you guys, i'm only 12 years old and i've already started my own skate business. i started with 1 blank deck and spray paint and my own stencils. i bought the deck sprayed graphic on and then skated it showed my friends they liked them then they gave me money brought the blank deck used stencils again and again and know i'm making shit loads
  • 121. Roel Fris said on April 11, 2011
    Hi, I am 20 years old and live in the Netherlands. I don't have any money, but I do have a credit card. There are some good blank deck sellers out there, but I don't know which one is the better one. I have tried to contact the English distributor for printing decks from Woodchuck. anyone heard of them. the seem to make some great decks. Can I trust those guys? I have a plan to keep it small for a bit because I am still in school to learn to be a salesman/representative. I also have a friend whom I running/starting the company with. can someone plz give me a price indication on how much it is to buy and print a deck in full color? this will help me get the product. Then I can sell them on a local scale. I also have tried contact some local heroes to skate for the company, the seem to dig it. If anyone has some ideas on how I have to handle this pickle, let me know on my e-mail. greetings from a fellow skater, Roel Fris
  • 122. Austin said on May 15, 2011
    Hey, my name is Austin and I'm 15. I have plans for making a skateboard company when I'm a little older. This site has told me a little bit but I'd like more info on what I have to do and how much cash is needed and stuff. Like everyone else on this site, I have a name and design picked out but that's probably the easiest part. Email info to me at
  • 123. Jimmy said on May 27, 2011
    I have a skateboard company I just started in Las Vegas, NV and am selling our full graphic decks for only $30. Anyone out there looking to get sponsored, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do.
  • 124. george said on June 8, 2011
    hi i would like to ask the skate shop owners how much does the maintenance of the shop cost each month (if you could tell me in euros would be much better because i am from greece) thnx a lot ! :D
  • 125. SkateCity said on June 18, 2011
    Ok guys... I got a skateboard brand called skate city I started it when I was...13 I started it on a site called I made my own deck from there I made up my shoes griptape wheels trucks and bearings it took me about $10,000 to start but now from that I make about 50G a year and please guys who read this comment please don't copy my skatebrand because u will be sued I have copy rights. SkateCity
  • 126. Zuse said on June 22, 2011
    Hello friends where do you think the best spots are for a shop like near a skate park or by the mall or even in a shopping center
  • 127. Real Talk Skateboards said on July 27, 2011
    Hi. I own a small skateboard company that caters to the budget skateboarding market. The economy is in the dumps now a days, so someone needs to help the little guy keep his wood under his feet, thats where we come in. Its a slow start up. Being attentive to customers and doing cool things like sending free stickers help a lot. We have been lucky to find all the things needed to start up quite easily, as i am a online reading junky. I hope to have this be a full time thing for me someday. Takes time and hard work. If you are willing to do it, it might just pay off. Check us out on facebook.
  • 128. tulpetema said on September 17, 2011
    I am happy to tell you the fact that I'm probably the most recent fellow member right here and i am looking forward to meeting with every body in here soon enough.
  • 129. Jeremy said on October 25, 2011
    hi i'm a 12yr old skater bout to be 13 and what i probably say u wont listen to... i'm looking to get sponsored in de, i know alot of terminology surprisingly, my dad has an MBA 'look it up' so i just want to help with anything skateboarding and can so hit me up at
  • 130. Kolt said on November 15, 2011
    Hi i'm a 16 year old from Ontario, Canada and I'm thinking of starting a skateboard shoe company does anybody here own a shoe company willing to give me advice I would like to know what i would need to start. Thanks, Email me at
  • 131. donnyboy atl said on November 28, 2011
    2. set up llc or corporation duns and tax set up bank account and save up some damn money
    3. location and website
    4. hook up with damn good product distributors
    5. hit the streets and sell sell sell
    6. before 2 years is up branch out and learn about other sports or go BROKE
  • 132. Andy said on February 21, 2012
    I'm trying to start up a skate company and want to now what licenses I need before I start distributing gear. Also, what are some GREAT manufacturers? Skateboarding is the shining light in my life, so any flowed products would be sweet! Ask for some footy if interested. Tanks, email me at
  • 133. Mateo said on February 26, 2012
    i'm 10 years old and i'm starting a skate company with my friends. u cant own a company at 10, so my dad and friends mom said that they are gonna deal with that stuff. we have every little corner of making this layed out, but the one thing we dont know is how to actually GET it STARTED. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
  • 134. DMJ said on March 3, 2012
    These questions are pitiful! Does anyone have initiative to do some research on their own? First thing to point out, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT STARTING A BUSINESS!!! Do research on how to make a business plan. There are outlines and templates all over the web that anyone can use for free. Second, figure out if you can handle manufacturing your gear (which will cost shit loads of dough, easily in the 100's of thousands, if not millions depending on what you're dreaming), or if you need to hire on a private label company to make your product for you. Even that route will cost of a few bucks. The good thing is, they will do it right instead of you learning how to make the shit yourself... oh, and if you're thinking of manufacturing it all yourself, remember you're going to need employee's which will drive your already sky high operational costs through the roof. Basically, you better be selling tons and tons of product if you're manufacturing.

    I'll help you a tiny bit.. If you're in the USA, Google Drifter Skateboards- they can make you kick ass decks... For Canadians - Woodchuck Laminates or Control MFG, both in Quebec. Point Distribution can do private label clothes, decks, trucks, wheels, hardware and even griptape for you. But let's say you can pull off getting some decks made with your name and logo on it. Instantly you are in a super saturated world of companies and odds are you won't even be heard of. So you better get smart, very smart. You're marketing will have to be cut from a new block. You are going to have to sell all that product you made, and get at least a 100% markup on it just to cover some costs of getting the product out there. It would help if you're better than most pros, but I bet that's not the case.

    Here's another gem of information for you. Most modern day skate companies are heartless and have sold out for cheap labor in China. They're cost earnings ratio is sky high, which is undercutting true bread and butter North American skate manufacturers. These are all the big names you know. Almost, Element, etc... It's not cool, it's not skateboarding. Skateboarding should be kept where it started, and it should be made by skateboarders. Besides, the best wood comes from here, why send it all over the world just to sell it here again. That's why I recommend Drifter, Woodchuck, Control, and another Watson laminates out of Cali. They're the real deal. In fact do your absolute best to get something going with them to beat out the huge skate corporations, and help the skate companies that are keeping it real. Rather than asking such a foolish question of "how much does it cost to own a skate company?" use your brain and devote your time to research everything you can. Read up on past skaters that pulled this off. Jamie Thomas for instance started Zero off as just a small T-shirt company because he wanted to do something for skateboarding. He had maybe two logos. It also helped that he backed his brand up with 16 stair smith grinds. Remember this one key thing, Skateboarding is all about the cool factor. Do research on what cool is. Here's a hint, cool isn't what everyone and everything else is. In fact, here's a fun sight to check out The shit on here is cool... because it's fresh, new and never seen before. It's hard to stand out this day in age, most everything has been done already. Learn as much as you can about branding, most skateboards are all the same, but it's the branding that sets the gold from the rock. I wish you all the best, and I hope people can start thinking for themselves and not ask such stupid questions. JUST RESEARCH PEOPLE!!! AND DON'T STOP, EVEN IF YOUR COMPANY IS UP AND RUNNING!!! SKATE OR DIE!!!
  • 135. Thor Salden said on April 29, 2012
    I'm 14 and i'm from Belgium . Me and my friends were tired of the crap that our local skateshop sold so we started on our own . We started making wax and spraypainting griptape but now were also recycling skateboards by making DIY oldschool boards or baseplates out of them . I'm searching for good skaters to sponsor so mail me .
  • 136. Sector 9 said on May 17, 2012
    Great stuff man! I like it. The author had described in such a manner that If a person will read this blog then he can also open the skateboard shop. Interesting information had shared with us. The most important from all the points is to choose a good location according to your target audience. I would like to give thanks to author for sharing his deep insights with us. Interesting post.
  • 137. Rebaone Gill said on June 5, 2012
    I want start a skate shop. I am a skateboarder by the name of Rebaone Gill, I am 19 years old and I live in Mafikeng NW, South Africa. Yes, South Africa, and if know your skateboarding general knowledge well you'll know that South Africa was there first country outside the United States to host the Maloof Money Cup last fall at kimberly. South Africa has a fairly good skate scene, a few publications and endemic companies. But the majority of the skate scene in concentrated in urban areas mainly Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town. Now as I mentioned I live Mafikeng, a relatively small town with a population of over will 45000 people and no skate scene. Now I want to believe that skateboarding is getting more popular because of Zeke & Luther and the internet, but I will never really until I see people on skateboards. But then again where do you buy skateboards in Marketing. Exactly I'm thinking of opening Mafikeng's first skate shop for a non-existing skate scene. So my question is how does one identify opportunity, should I invest my money and just hope that kids will come along. Has there been a successful skate scene in a small town in the USA? HAPPY SKATEBOARDING
  • 138. ernie torres said on June 6, 2012
    i live in brawley california, i am 27 years old i been researching trying to do homework on how to start a business that involves in skateboarding and sports in general i have my own brand and i'm creating new designs everyday. I also have some merchandize at home where i'm starting to gain my sales and client , but i just dont know how to start meaning how to connect or get hooked up with all the skating brands to sell me half price reseller merchandise i need help please email me asap i will appreciated
  • 139. skateMY said on July 9, 2012
    hi,from borneo,Malaysia here.why not any of you help our local skateboarder to be your flow rider?so that your company can be more worldwide....hihihi
  • 140. Gijs said on August 22, 2012
    what are the name of wholesale skateboards or warehouses that are selling skateboard to sell in my one store?
  • 141. Peter Woolley said on October 11, 2012
    I have an idea for a new type of skateboard, and it is basically a skateboard that would utilize a composite construction (carbon fiber/honeycomb) much like the way formula one cars have been made since the early 80's. This idea is not an expensive proposition either, it is very simple, and all the manufacturing can be done within a space of a couple of thousand square feet. Please contact me if interested.
  • 142. lewis said on November 3, 2012
    i live in Australia i am wondering if there is any companies that will sell me blank deck so i can start my online store it cost to much to get them from america
  • 143. Bry said on February 11, 2013
    Hi From Aus! I love that there is this enthusiasm! I am starting a board company based out of Maroubra, Sydney Australia. I have studied marketing, and my GF has her Masters In Business, and i tell you from an educated perspective skateboarding is one of the hardest markets to research that there is. The nature of skating is anti-establishment, the difficulty is as skaters we are not likely to honestly fill out a survey if we were ever given one! And the big players are not going to give out their info or figures, even the Sba (the government funded Skate Boarding Association) does not real ease their spending figures. Dig deep and think outside the box and there are ways to gain information though. Know that skateparks are still being built, skate shops are still popular (present in almost every shopping mall, and country town), the gov gives money to skateboarding, and though the boom of the 80's and 90's have past, it is still cool, and cool sells. I still struggling through trying to put together accurate financials for my business, but there is a point where you just have to roll the dice. Regardless of forecasts only time will tell. And today more than ever the market is SATURATED! Be original, and do it well! Know that it is expensive to start a business, and that just start up capital won't get you there,; think about the cash flow, and the fact you won't make money for a while. In Aus 96% of small business fail... a rough stat. So rejoice when you read posts put forward from others that you think have less of a clue than you do... and encourage them! Honestly though Business is series of competitions. You will not always win. Make friends along the way, and be a good sport. But never start if you know you will not win, and never give up after one loss, just learn, improve, and persist!
  • 144. alberto said on June 9, 2013
    Hi, I'm Al3 from the Philippines i want to have a skateshop but i dont have much money to buy a big quantity of skateboard parts, so i decided to sell small quantity like 5 decks, 5 griptapes, 5 sets of trucks, wheels, bearings and hardwares just to start and i need a suppliers that can supply here in the Phillipines and i don't have a shop. I'm just gonna sell it online.. Sorry hope u understand what I'm saying because I'm not really good in english..
  • 145. Hayden said on July 3, 2013
    Hello, everyone. I am 20 years old and looking to open up a skate shop. I know that startup is costly and I am just wondering where to get those funds. I have a minimum wage job and that does not save up well. Are there banks that would give loans to people like me looking to start a shop, get a GOOD team together, and create a video for publicity to start a brand. Please email me at if you have any advice. Thanks!
  • 146. RS said on August 7, 2013
    I have worked in the industry for some time. For you guys looking to start a brand, best of luck. You can increase your chances for success by not jumping in too quick. Do the research, know your local market. Are there enough people to support you selling 300 decks per month ? How many shops have you contacted ? what do their customers want ? Quality sells ..... crap sinks and skaters love to bitch about everything. Best of luck to everyone ! If you are interested or have any specific questions please don't hesitate to hit me up
  • 147. JPSB said on November 6, 2013
    I am helping in designing a new line of boards for Jetpilot, so far its been a great experience and i've been meeting tons of skaters from all over the world. So if you ever make it, have fun and GOOD LUCK :)
  • 148. Chris said on January 10, 2014
    What I was wondering is do these companies cut you a deal for selling their product or are you buying it for retail price from them because I really don't see how these shops make a profit? I am starting up my own skateboard park and plan to open a shop in the second year of opening anyone give me some info?
  • 149. Kenan beginner adviser said on February 21, 2014

    @Chris, How are you , I see you mentioned opening a park will you also have a shop that will sell boards and accessories and other merchandise? I may be able to assist you if you still have a need we can discuss by email || (347) 651-1855 || Consultant

  • 150. Paul said on May 7, 2014
    Hi there, it's cool to open a skateboard shop or skating boutique, but I don't think it would be perfect only sell skateboard. In your shop, you should sell also other categories like accessory, hat, especially skate shoes. It would be professional and fantastic if skaters can buy not only skateboard or accessory there, but also skate shoes which will be very popular among skaters too. I am distributing skate shoes, and if you need any help from me, I can lead you to buy the shoes that you can mark up at least twice price you buy. Anyone wants to open a skate shop must bear one thing in mind that you must earn enough to support your business. To source profitable products and sell all of them, this is the way to start up business and grow into a real big company. I can help you by cheap price skate shoes or high quality skate shoes. Please hit me up by
  • 151. ashtonparnell said on December 3, 2014
    Hi there I think it would be cool if I owned my own skateboard shop and it would help me out a lot so i think that I would be good to own a skateboard shop.
  • 152. ashtonparnell said on December 3, 2014
    Hi there guys it would be cool also to have my brother work with me we work together and it would be good if you owned your own skateboard shop and had your brother there to work with you because you would get things done faster and so what i'm trying to say is get along with your brother or sister so yall will be in each others life for as long as you want to be just dont fight with your elders and siblings.
  • 153. TYE said on January 6, 2015
    Hey guys I'm a 16 year old skater who is look for a group of people to join my new skateboard company. The name of this company will be named black widow. I will be representing the black widow spider by its symbol. Call me if you are interested (857)272-1109
  • 154. noah said on June 3, 2015
    how much does the average skateboard company make?
  • 155. drew said on April 20, 2016
    Hey guys i thinking about starting a company and i need to know how much money i need to take off. i have already got some people who say that they would love to skate for me if the idea gets to a good start if you have a answer or any other advice shoot me an
  • 156. J.T. said on October 18, 2016
    I've got my business plan going; however, I'm way too analytical about where to get the goods, such as decks, etc. (i.e., which distributor). Any suggestions about where I should get my boards, accessories, shoes, etc., would be much appreciated. Out here in Seattle, btw.
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