Rice Fish Farming


Rice fish farming may add income to every household, contribute to nutrition and food security as well as contribute to enhanced rice production sustainability.

In general two production methods have been advised for fish culturing in the rice fields: concurrent and simultaneous scheme, and rotational and alternate method.

Rice fish farming is a technique good for rice and fish as well. Hidden safely from birds and other predators, this fish grow in the thick rice plants, at the same time provide fertilizer with their compost, eat insect and pests that is risky for rice plants as well aid the rice field in circulating the oxygen. Rice and fish farming can increase rice production by 10% in addition they have extra source of food necessity.


To start with, practical actions is essential for a farmer to know a appropriate site: you need to find a place which is not flood prone to prevent your rice fish farming from washed out. Create a dyke about 60 cm high about the field outskirts. This is a double purpose method, to keep your fish in the field as well as allow vegetable nurturing about the rice field. Digging a channel is the next step; this is to provide fish a sanctuary during dry season.

Stocking and Planting

The rice plants by the planter are in rows which are about 35 cm away from each other, and then fill 50 percent of the channel with water. And water is sanitized using a small amount of lime plus a little amount of organic fertilizer. Once the rice begins to grow, the amount of water across the rice field is augmented to 12 up to 15 cm, and fingerlings or small fish are free into the channel. The moment they have acclimatized to the water, the planters releases the fish into the rice field and increase the water level. The fish aid the rice grows by giving organic fertilizer, circulating oxygen as well as eating insect that is risky to your plants; this allows the farmers to save additional money in purchasing fertilizer.


You need to wait 4 to 5 months prior to harvest, the planter will harvest first the rice, and then the fish through draining the water in the rice field. This makes it easier for them to catch the fish. In places wherein Practical Action has assisted person to build rice fish farming, planters have stated a 10 percent improve in rice production and fish for their meals.


Some of the advantages provided by rice fish farming include, additional income and food in the type of fish, insects and mollusks that are damaging to rice, it reduced danger of rice failure that leads from fish and rice integration, continued flooding and rooting activity as well as fish helps to stir up the nutrients of the soil that makes them more accessible for rice. This improves the production of rice.


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