Starting Chicken Farm Business

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With so many people eating and having chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you don't need to be a college graduate to figure out that there is a huge demand for chickens.

Demand is huge but the supply can barely keep up. Fortunes are made by huge chicken farms. This chicken business article will help get a piece of the pie.

chicken in the farm

Learn about chicken

Eating chicken and raising chicken are not the same for your information. So if you are thinking that it’s as easy as eating a drumstick, I think this business venture is not for you. First of all chickens will eat about anything so you do have to consider sanitary measures otherwise it just becomes really gross to think about. So yes, learning about chicken include what they eat, how long they lay eggs, their life span and how to care for them in different stages of their life. Find some books and ebooks from web on how to raise chickens. Grab a book and read about them. Try to raise few before setting up a farm is not a bad idea.

Decide what breed of chicken you want

After you have read a few things about chicken, reflect on what goals do you have for your farm. Make sure you have the right chicken breed to match your goals. A black leg horn chicken for example will lay more eggs than a white leg horn chicken can ever make. However because the breed is of stronger decent, further fortifications are needed to accommodate such chicken.

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Find reputable chicken supplier

Order your baby chicks from a trusted dealer. Try searching the web for such dealers. There are literally hundreds of them to choose from. Better yet ask another chicken farm owner where he gets his chicks from. Get a second option about such matters. Read chicken farm reviews and visit supplier farms with high rating practices. Get way ahead from competitor chicken farms by getting good sources of baby chicks.

Plan a budget for your operation

Calculate and make an intelligent estimate how much it will cost you to run a chicken farm operation. You will need to account for weekly expenses for feeds, water system, and heat for younglings. Get additional funding for your start up chicken farm expenses by soliciting help from close friends and relatives. You may also want to get a bank loan just in case. Your expenses will depend on how huge you want your operation to be.

Location for chicken farm

Find an area where you can build a chicken coop. If you have a small parcel of land, begin with small coop. A bigger coop may mean purchasing a bigger lot area which may entail doing business with a real estate broker. The choice is up to you.

Gather your chicken farm supplies

After you have solved where to get your chicks, get supplies you can use for your chicken coop. Also find a dealer for your chicken feeds. Again search the web for different types but a good way to know what type to buy is by consulting a veterinarian. Your chickens will need a doctor to check on them and vaccinate them too so a vet can not only recommend vitamins and other supplements but what feeds to buy as well.


Q. What are the equipments required for chicken farming?

  • Chicken feeding and watering equipment
  • Chicken processing machinery(if you want to setup a processing unit as well.)
  • Chicken waste disposal equipment
  • Disease and pest control equipment
  • Incubating equipment

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  • 1. Alexander Sabastian said on 12/31/2008
    I want to start poultry business in mumbai exporting & importing to companies. can you give me details for this business almost we have started our business in mangalore email id : or contact us 9820393479 / 9819583216
  • 2. Nelisiwe Ngwane said on 1/5/2009 8:16:29 AM
    I want to start chicken farm business and interested in supplying big companies like Rainbow. Where should I start?
  • 3. Texdeco said on 1/13/2009 7:14:47 AM
    I am interested to start a chicken farming business with layer farm included in UAE. Kindly advice and if possible provide more information and business plan. Thank you.
  • 4. tope said on 1/14/2009 8:03:41 AM
    information on how to start a viable poultry farming and also constituent in poultry feeds that can make them grow well and lay big eggs especially for broilers and layers respectively. thank you
  • 5. Hormazd Mistry said on 1/14/2009 11:41:38 PM
    Hi I want to start a medium size poultry farm business. Where do I get information on the set up and contacts for financiers. Also need to know where I can get chick Birds and at what price can one pick them up at. What about vet services. What do they cost and what is the frequency for the vet to visit. Regards
  • 6. dinesh said on 1/19/2009 11:58:22 PM
    HI, i want to start up a chicken farm. i have enough land and shelter. i need chick, its food & medicine supplier. pls help me.
  • 7. Francis said on 1/23/2009 7:56:32 AM
    Hi, I would like to start a medium size poultry farm business in Goa, India. Could you please help me in getting the information as how to get started with the set up and what facilities/machinery is required? Thanks.
  • 8. muhammet said on 2/2/2009 8:07:46 PM
    Hi, i want to start poultry farm business in Turkmenistan and at the moment i live in Doncaster if you can help to find any farm around to learn. thanks
  • 9. Yvonne Hartwell said on 2/5/2009 6:26:22 PM
    I have a small farm with chickens. I have done it as a hobby for years. We are in 4-H, so we are learning more about showing the birds. I love chickens and I would like to know what I have to do to become a ligitimate business. I live in US.
  • 10. Umo Ozoemena said on 2/10/2009 6:33:38 AM
    I want to start rearing birds for egg production can you please help me with information on the housing, feeding regime, accommodation of birds ( space requirement for each bird) and egg collection and preservation
    Thank you
  • 11. Mubasher Rizvi said on 2/10/2009 7:47:47 AM
    I want to start poultry farming business in pakistan. please send me all important information on shed space, feed and chicken.
  • 12. maria mansell said on 2/12/2009 3:08:03 PM
    i want to start a chicken farm in Spain any advice will be welcome.
  • 13. phil said on 2/14/2009 10:54:22 AM
    I wanna open a farm chicken, but not sure where in mexico or usa.... I also don't want to buy one existing farm.
  • 14. jorge said on 2/15/2009 9:34:44 PM
    I started with 1 chicken with 4 chicks. Now I a large enough coop area with @ 200 birds. It is great for the eggs and meat. We share our eggs with family and friends. We trade birds with local growers and or trade for other animals. It's a great hobby for someone from the Bronx. JR
  • 15. scott said on 2/17/2009 4:29:22 PM
    hi, i wont to start a poultry farm but don't know where to start and how much poultry i need to make enough money so i don't have to work 2 jobs.
    please, can u send me some information about where i could get bulk of chicks and pol chicken. thanks scott
  • 16. michael said on 2/23/2009 5:11:54 AM
    hi, my dream has always been to become a poultry farmer and i think the right time has come. please send me information on how to draw up business plans, feasibility studies and tools to manage a poultry farm. thanks
  • 17. priya ranjan said on 2/26/2009 8:38:47 AM
    Dear Sir/Madam, I need your advice on how to start up a poultry(chicken) farm. I don't have any knowledge about chicken breading, I would like to know how many acres space will be required for 5000 chicks, What will be the ideal climate, what will be Construction expenses, what amount will be required for chicken feeds and Operational expenses. Please send me these details so i can plan out to start a poultry form. Priya Ranjan, Email Id:, Mob: +919920604436
  • 18. Sam said on 2/27/2009 11:01:08 PM
    Hi, i am wanting to become a poultry farmer. I already have 20 acres of land, i am wanting information on how to turn this into a poultry farm, how many chickens i would be able to run on 20 acres. I haven't any experience in poultry farming however am dedicated into making this work. any information will be appreciated. email:
  • 19. Hassan Saleem said on 2/28/2009 8:14:48 AM
    Hi, i am wanting to become a poultry farmer. I already have 12 acres of land in pakitsan, i am wanting information on how to turn this into a poultry farm, how many chickens i would be able to run on 12 acres. I haven't any experience in poultry farming however am dedicated into making this work. any information will be appreciated
  • 20. daramola abiola said on 3/5/2009 12:03:23 PM
    I m a 30 yr old man and i m going on retirement from June having worked as a Sales Manager for 8 yrs in a reditributive trade. I want to know more about poutry farming. Here in Nigeria, alot of people do so much.
  • 21. GEOFFREY KHUMALO said on 3/5/2009 2:56:43 PM
  • 22. Shaquille said on 3/7/2009 8:15:39 PM
    Hi, my name is Shaquille. I live in Aruba and i would like to start my own chicken business. i am 15 years old... This site was very useful, are there any other tips that you can share with me?
  • 23. Lanre said on 3/9/2009 4:47:11 AM
    Please, having hoping to become a poultry farmer, i need some information on starting layers farm, including there vaccination and feeding procedure. thanks
  • 24. mike said on 3/12/2009 2:10:37 AM
    hi, looking for friends to share ideas with who share the same vision as mine, to become poultry farmers. get me @ sharing knowledge is the way forward and making our dreams come true!
  • 25. Vinod said on 3/13/2009 6:48:29 AM
    Hi, I would like to start a medium size poultry farm business. Could you please help me in getting the information as how to get started with the set up and what facilities/machinery is required? and the investment it takes to start Thanks. Please mail me the details this is my mail id
  • 26. Gezahegn Tegenaw said on 3/16/2009 8:16:31 AM
    Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to get your assistance sharing your business idea. I have a small Chicken firm, I would like to expand my business firm from small to medium, please your generous idea can help me. I would appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
  • 27. Rustambek said on 3/17/2009 1:58:28 PM
    Hi everyone... I would like to offer a partnership in Chicken farm business in Central Asia. I have already 2 Farms each holds more than 100000 chickens. If anybody interested in investment 50/50 than i am glad to discuss and answer all your questions. My e-mail:
  • 28. winnie cheruiyot said on 3/20/2009 2:02:05 AM
    hi, i would like to start a medium size poultry farm business. please assist give me ideas and info on how to get started fasciitis/machinery required and capital it takes to start in kenya. thanks
  • 29. Nadeem Hodekar said on 3/20/2009 2:25:09 AM
    I want to start poultry business in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra exporting & importing to companies. can you give me details for this business almost we have started our business in mangalore email id : or contact us 9860626095
  • 30. The good breed chicken farm said on 3/21/2009 6:37:45 PM
    I am starting a chicken farm business. i really need some information on starting a business. i got chickens and i think I'm going to make a lot of money. we don't have eggs yet so we don't have no money. thank you PLESE EMAIL ME BACK!!!
  • 31. Denis Bakomeza said on 3/24/2009 1:02:37 PM
    I am starting a Poultry farm but lack Capital. I already have a temporary structure with 300 Layers but i need support to make the structure permanent and expand the farm base. Help me to get any organization/individual who could support me. I am based in Central Uganda. Denis Bakomeza
  • 32. LEBOGANG said on 3/26/2009 11:21:47 AM
    Hi, your information is valuable but i don't know how to start. Can you please send me the details on how i should start my own Chicken farm.
  • 33. Isaac Kumar said on 3/27/2009 11:47:51 AM
    Hi, We are running a N.G.O. in Dehradun, India We would like to start a Chicken Farm of 5000 birds to support our children who come below poverty line.
  • 34. siphindile said on 4/1/2009 6:01:59 AM
    i want to start chicken farm don't have an idea of what i should do. i have a place but don't have idea of how many chicken i should start with, finance, supplier, budget and need some tips on how to start business.
  • 35. Victor said on 4/3/2009 3:12:16 PM
    I have about 10 acres. how many chickens can have with that amount of land? How Much for the Facilities and Machinery? Would love to start a chicken farm. Will appreciate all or any information giving. Have a Good Day. Email is
  • 36. Zahoor Ahmad said on 4/4/2009 3:04:20 AM
    I am wondering to start in personal business in Pakistan but most interested in Poultry farming but don't have experience. it is to request all participant if they have useful tips, do share with me. i will be grateful. like minimum investment, space, experience like that. look forward to hear well from all of you. Regards/zahoor
  • 37. slindile said on 4/6/2009 6:13:30 AM
    i have an assignment in which i am required to do a business plan. I want to do a chicken farming business, so what operational plan do i have to consider as i want to supply my chicken to company's like mountain due?
  • 38. s.venkatesh said on 4/7/2009 8:00:40 AM
    I am planning to start chicken farming near chennai. Please can somebody help me in dos & don'ts while starting chicken farming.
  • 39. Irfan Basha said on 4/14/2009 7:53:44 AM
    I am looking for good info on how to setup chicken farm, cost for setting up the farm. Investment required, etc.. I am planning to buy 10 acres of land for this project. Please advice. Thanks in advance.. Irfan
  • 40. Gobiraman.k said on 4/14/2009 1:17:14 PM
    thank you for the information. i am really happy with the way you have given information about setting up chicken farm. i am from auroville near pondicherry, i have decided to set up a farm but i have decided to start in lease basis. i just wanted to know how much capital is required initially to set up the farm and what would be the profit margin.......

    i request you to send me reply to my mail and also one business plan for this project in order to get bank loan.. it would be a great help for me .. thanking you gobiraman.k my email id
  • 41. jitendra D. said on 4/14/2009 1:33:56 PM
    I am looking for the information as to how to set up medium size poultry farm and the investment required for it. Please forward me ideal poultry farming business plan.
  • 42. ahmed said on 4/18/2009 3:04:42 PM
    i want to start a medium size poultry farm in northern nigeria, maiduguri to be precise kindly forward ideal plan and cost implication for that. thank you in anticipation.
  • 43. hafiz said on 4/19/2009 5:54:27 AM
    Dear Sir, I am interested to start chicken farming in my village, please send me all information in starting a personnel start up, i have a place but don't have idea of how many chicken i should start with, finance, supplier, budget and need some tips on how to start business. please reply me sir , i am awaiting for your reply please and give your bless also. thanks
  • 44. James expert adviser said on 4/19/2009 3:02:26 PM
    @Hafia, You need to write me back with the plot/building dimensions. You also need to finalize the type of chicken you like to grow. It can be egg laying/to eat.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 45. yetunde said on 4/20/2009 10:11:58 AM
    I want to start rearing birds for egg production and meat can you please help me with information on the housing, feeding regime, accommodation of birds ( space requirement for each bird) and egg collection and preservation and so on Thank you
  • 46. vuyani sokahleleka said on 4/28/2009 5:08:29 AM
    Help me i want to start this chicken business, please forward information on how to raise, feed, under which conditions must they grow up on and which type of chicken can survive under not perfect environment and grows fast. Please help me i want to start this business as soon as possible.
  • 47. juber said on 4/28/2009 8:25:25 AM
    Help me i want to start my chicken business, please forward information on how to raise, feed, under which conditions must they grow up on and which type of chicken can survive under not perfect environment and grows fast. also want to know the exact cost and area to start it Please help me i want to start this business as soon as possible.
  • 48. Mudassar Shahzad said on 5/5/2009 1:54:44 PM
    Respected Sir, i want to start poultry(Chicken) farming here in malaysia on large scale. i have already my poultry(Chicken) business in pakistan. so need some assistance to start business here. regarding this matter, can you help me how i can initiate my business. my email is Cell No 0060166834122
  • 49. elvis said on 5/17/2009 5:36:47 AM
    hello. i want to start with chicken farm in bosnia, can you help, give me some idea to find buyers.. i will start with 2000 chickens after more. text me on 00447877688961 thank u
  • 50. sudhier r. poojary said on 5/18/2009 6:17:12 AM
    want to start a chicken farm in udupi, how can you help me, same time i also want to know that from where do i get live birds chicken in bulk at wholesale price to sell it in retail, please let me know at the earliest.
  • 51. ISICHERI HENRY said on 5/18/2009 2:37:12 PM
  • 52. Ants said on 5/25/2009 4:11:19 AM
    Good Day, Please assist with the following information

    Decide what breed of chicken you want?
    Find reputable chicken supplier?
    Plan a budget for your operation?
    Gather your chicken farm supplies?
  • 53. amir khan said on 5/26/2009 12:20:07 AM
    hey how is everyone? i want to start a chicken farm in pakistan. i'm from usa and i want it because my dad really wants to have one. i'm starting to read about different chickens, and how to care them. if anybody in usa/pakistan or anywhere would like to help me.. or do business and network email me or call me 1-203-807-2708
  • 54. patrick kufor beginner adviser said on 6/2/2009 7:57:36 AM

    +233 272261483 || || Consultant

  • 55. saravanan said on 6/2/2009 9:21:09 PM
    please advice me, How much investment is required to start a chicken poultry of minimum size farm business in the Tamilnadu village. Could you please help me in getting the information as how to get started with the set up and what facilities/machinery is required? Thanks
  • 56. amy said on 6/5/2009 1:21:46 PM
    HI, i want to start a medium size chicken farm.
    1, I don't have land yet
    2, I don't have any idea how much money to start with.
    3, where and how do I obtain the chick, its food & medicine and any poultry machinery supplier???. Please I need your help.
    Than you
  • 57. elias moloi said on 6/10/2009 5:52:52 AM
    we are unemployed youth of refengkgotso and we decided to start our own chicken farm near Heidelberg because there is no chicken farm, we need financial support, please the aim of this is not to get rich but to reduce the number of unemployed, please contact elias at(0733051446)post address 2943 mbheki sec, refengkgotso, deneysville, 1932
  • 58. alich kariuki said on 6/10/2009 9:22:15 AM
    I have tried raising chicken for meat - broilers. The business is superb, I now want to venture of layers for eggs, there is extremely big market for that in Kenya. I want to approach the bank for finance and from scratch, please help me write a business proposal. thanks
  • 59. Mr. Adviser said on 6/18/2009 4:44:18 AM
    Hi, I would like to start a medium size poultry farm ( 300 ~ 500 chickens ) business. Could you please help me in getting the information as how to get started with the set up and what facilities/machinery is required? and the investment it takes to start Thanks. Please mail me the details this is my mail id Thanks, Regards, Mahfuzur Rahman
  • 60. Rahman said on 6/18/2009 4:49:40 AM
    Dear Sir, I am interested to start chicken farming in my village. Please advice and send me all information in starting a personnel start up. I have a place but don't have idea how to build the farm building base on quantity of chicken. I should start with, finance, supplier, budget and need some tips on how to start business. please reply me sir, i am awaiting for your reply please and give your bless also. thanks
  • 61. Helen Abraha said on 6/18/2009 12:45:33 PM
    Hi I am inserted to start chicken farming in Ethiopia. please send me information i am in a process of moving to Ethiopia and chicken farming is my dream. I don't have any idea how i should start with, budget, finance, even how to build the farm and business proposal. please help me. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks, Helen Abraha
  • 62. Noah K. Chepwarwa said on 6/22/2009 6:34:39 AM
    Hi! I went through this Web and got happy because i have great plans of venturing into poultry farming. I request for information on poultry keeping of indigenous chickens of 5000 in number. I have the space but do not know about the feeds, other breeds, diseases, drugs and other favorable environmental conditions such as temperature, ventilation and marketing based on the Kenyan environment. Please help
  • 63. Ugo said on 6/22/2009 12:42:58 PM
    further to your request for chicken farming, those wishing to start would find it easier to carryout research in their own countries. main areas of information would be to find out who the local vet is (he can normally advise on the feeds, injections and general care of the chickens. they would also be able to give advice on the types of chickens and their productivity. Visiting other poultries in your area would also be useful, they will give you an idea of suppliers and costs. Most of the work will need to come through research online or visiting local suppliers and vets. Hope this was useful.
  • 64. charles said on 6/25/2009 2:55:34 AM
    i live in Kentucky and have plenty of land to build anything but i don't have the money to get started and i don't know where to start but i know i could do very well at this but i don't know where to start. any tips? thank you
  • 65. Nike said on 6/28/2009 5:39:37 PM
    I would like to start a chicken farm in Nigeria but do not know anything about it and how to go about it, would love to hear about the info concerning this business. Do you know anywhere in Nigeria where i could get trained?
  • 66. Stanis said on 6/29/2009 2:49:54 AM
    Dear sir/madam, I am inserted to start chicken farming in vandalur. Please advice and send me all information in starting a personnel start up & How much investment is required to start. I do have my own land. please help me. I am waiting for your reply. thanks stanis
  • 67. antonius danurdoro said on 7/4/2009 12:36:34 AM
    Hi, Thanks for this articles, however I need the complete to give me brief information regarding farm design, equipment selection, and all operational, management and business aspect such as FCR standard, acceptable depletion rate etc. FYI, I plan to start medium scale chicken/broiler farm located in Sukabumi, Indonesia. Thanks in advance Regards -antonius-
  • 68. Dudu Radebe said on 7/5/2009 11:06:59 AM
    I want to start a successful chicken business in ladysmith. Can you help in terms of the business plan, finance sources and any info that is required for successful breeding and growing of chickens. Thanks
  • 69. deborah howard said on 7/5/2009 7:03:57 PM
    Hi, we are looking to buy a small holding in wales, Britain, which i have found out 20 years gone was a poultry farm and the remnants are still visible. i would be very interested in starting the business back up again. could you help me in terms of a business plan, and basic general knowledge of chickens as i don't know the fist thing about them only that they lay eggs. thank you.
  • 70. Benjamin Hadde said on 7/6/2009 10:23:42 PM
    Hi, I am currently a biology major who has recently had a spiked interest in farming. I was curious if you could share anymore info you may have on starting a chicken farm. Thank you.
  • 71. Dayanand said on 7/11/2009 7:14:31 PM
    i would like to start a chicken farm. i need a place where i can go for training. How to go about? please let me know here ::
  • 72. Anna said on 7/17/2009 3:18:13 AM
    Hi, i am from China, i own a factory which have been dealt with feed and feed additive since 1994, we mainly supply DCP (Dicalcium Phosphate)and MDCP (Mono Dicalcium Phosphate) for the swine and the livestocks, the DCP is used to give enough Calcium and Phosphate for the livestock, you know Calcium and Phosphate is important for the livestocks, because they will lay eggs, and the eggs contains Calcium and Phosphorus a lot, and if the Calcium and the Phosphorus in the body of the livestock is not enough, that will cause broken eggs and the soft bone disease, i saw so many people in America want to run a chicken farm, and i hope i can help you in your chicken's feed and feed additives. Jinan Kangda Feed Co. LTD, email:
  • 73. jefferson said on 7/17/2009 9:18:01 AM
    i want to start a chicken business but i need to draw up a biz proposal first to assist me in funding for the project. Can you kindly assist me in writing the proposal?
  • 74. h said on 7/19/2009 5:45:45 AM
    i am planning on starting a organic chicken business, as all the chicken where my family is from is gm, can you provide me with some more information please?
  • 75. Zamzam dahir said on 7/23/2009 2:06:53 PM
    Hi, i am Somali lady, finished business administration but very interested in starting a poultry and egg farm and i don't know how to start this business and who to consult with, your input will be highly appreciated.

    I have my own plot of land and market to sell, but I need a partner who want to share with me. Kind regards My cellphone is +252-15925839, email:
  • 76. e.lynch said on 7/30/2009 4:21:48 PM
    please supply business plan, i am interested in investing. can you supply info from Canada?
  • 77. sabiu buba said on 7/30/2009 4:23:11 PM
    Can you recommend a book to read or any advice. sincerely, SABIU BUBA, 519-977-9579
  • 78. Bernard Kinoti said on 7/31/2009 4:50:00 AM
    I am a graduate student based in Kenya and i have always wanted to get started in the venture. i will appreciate any important information from various people who also share in my idea.
  • 79. deus mujuni said on 7/31/2009 12:43:12 PM
    i have toyed with the idea to do poultry production for sometime. the only barrier has been to do with the necessary resources to get started. i am inviting anybody with this interest for business' sake to combine effort with me to set the ball rolling. no doubt that this biz is a money "minter." i live in uganda.
  • 80. perumal said on 8/4/2009 5:44:30 AM
    Hello, I want to start a small poultry farm with around 100 chickens to start with in southern part of Tamilnadu. I have very little idea on maintaining and managing poultry farm. Would like to know,
    1. the various stages of chicken we cross
    2. vaccination and how frequent it should be given.
    3. Ideal climate for the farm
    4. Cost estimate (approx) i should have to start this.
    Appreciate your earliest response. thanks, Perumal.
  • 81. telema lawson said on 8/5/2009 5:53:30 AM
    i am looking at starting a poultry business and need your advice on starting one with about ten thousand to fifty thousand birds. basically looking at doing meat and egg production.
  • 82. Eric Bogaert said on 8/5/2009 7:49:13 AM
    Hi, i want to start a poultry business and need all the information available. All information will be good. Land is already in my possession. Thank you in advance
  • 83. alisha tirkey said on 8/7/2009 5:44:22 AM
    hi, am thinking of opening up medium size poultry in jabalpur, mp, india with 50-100 chickens.. can someone share their 2 cents of knowledge how to set up, raising up birds, vet and suppliers. advices are welcome.
  • 84. Chewe Creevey said on 8/8/2009 4:00:07 PM
    Hi, i want to start a poultry farm in Zambia. Can you please forward any information available. Thanks
  • 85. MansoorKhalid said on 8/10/2009 7:41:00 AM
    Hi, i want to start chicken farming in Afghanistan which imports nearly 80% of its chicken and egg needs from Pakistan, I am looking for a partner to start this business in one of the new born markets of the world. contact: +92-345-9222370
  • 86. hairie said on 8/11/2009 11:57:51 PM
    Hi, i am looking for Rhode Island breed. Where can i get this breed. can you email me some contact in malaysia, if i can get it from here. tq
  • 87. Muhammad.Esmaeel said on 8/15/2009 9:38:36 AM
    I am thinking to start in personal business in Chakwal Pakistan but most interested in Poultry farming (almost 3-4 Thousand chiks) but don't have experience. looking forward to hear from all of you. Regards/esmaeel my e-mail
  • 88. Tariq Mahmood said on 8/17/2009 3:58:58 AM
    I want to start the chicken farming on small scale in chichawatni, pakistan. please send me important information about chicken farming. also send me the list of equipment, which are necessary for farming.
  • 89. Pontsho Ntsoane said on 8/17/2009 7:36:24 AM
    Hi, I want to start a business on selling chicken. What procedure can I follow and I want also to build shelter for them. Please advice
  • 90. dave akumu said on 8/20/2009 7:46:51 AM
    hi, i want to start chicken farming please all are welcomed to send me useful information. i am here in kenya East africa +254735899934
  • 91. Benai said on 8/21/2009 3:24:17 AM
    hi, i want to start chicken farming in morocco and i need help how to rebuild farm and if chicken need the air condition and need heat in winter.
  • 92. samsom wisdom said on 8/21/2009 8:58:19 AM
    i want to start chicken business in nigeria but don't have basic information about the business. please send me useful information
  • 93. nicky said on 8/21/2009 9:30:19 AM
    i need information on how to start, run and operate a poultry farm, i really don't have any ideas on how to go about it.
  • 94. Ali Alrashidi said on 8/24/2009 9:52:17 AM
    Hi! I'm Ali Alrashidi from Kuwait. I need business partner 50/50 share to start up a 150,000 heads chicken poultry farm in Kuwait. I have the land 100,000 sq. meter. I will do the license and everything. Anybody from any country is welcome. Who are interested, contact or email me soon as possible! My email: My office +965 22400046 or my Filipino secretary +965 99749165 - Thanks! Have a nice day! God Bless Us...
  • 95. donlyn said on 8/28/2009 5:46:39 AM
    hi! i'm lyndon from Philippines. i am 17 years old, and i really do want to start a poultry. can you help to know more about raising a chicken..
  • 96. Modisa said on 8/31/2009 12:28:19 PM
    I have been researching about starting a farm in zeerust with the intention to start exporting chicken to Botswana can you help with information regarding pros and cons of the whole operation. thanks
  • 97. khuliswa said on 8/31/2009 3:44:55 PM
    I would like to start a chicken farm in JHB South Africa. i know very little on farming yet alone chicken farming. but i am very determined and am willing to learn. Where do I start? Please send me all the information I need to know I already have the drive
  • 98. mohit nayyar said on 9/1/2009 4:41:33 AM
    i am 23 and i want to start poultry farming in Amritsar Punjab as a small scale . sir, please guide me how much money is needed to start this business, expected cost of land. sir please guide me or please give your contact no.
  • 99. Raghu kishore said on 9/1/2009 7:27:58 AM
    i am planning to start poultry farm, i don't have any idea of this business. please give me some information so that it may be very helpful to me.... thanks for your site........
  • 100. sulthan said on 9/2/2009 11:13:28 AM
    hi sir/madam, i want start a poultry business, i want to make 4000 chick, for the construction, feed, medicine and water total how much amount will coming, please i don't have any knowledge about chicken breeds, how many acres of land for 4000 chicks. send me the details to my mail id
  • 101. kayier tut said on 9/3/2009 9:01:13 AM
    i would be very grateful if your company supply me with information on how to begin poultry production business farm, especially suitable land size feeds formulations possibilities of success/failure, sort of breed reliable in tropical areas
  • 102. sorin sacacian said on 9/3/2009 8:53:06 PM
    i have a chicken farm for sale = 4 houses complete equipped ''chore time'' ready to grow 110000 every 50 days equipment, asking price is 380,000 usd please call 239 6010996
  • 103. william monis said on 9/4/2009 4:22:41 PM
    hai, i want to start a poultry farm. for the 1000 chicks, give me the idea for building, land, feed, medicine, water. for all those things how much amount will come. i don't have a much knowledge about chicken breeds please can you help me. thank you, willim
  • 104. Ron Clark said on 9/8/2009 11:06:33 AM
    Hi, could you send me some info on starting a chicken farm. i live in ontario and has always been a dream of mine. Went to the bank and they need me to do a proposal of all costs so any info would be great.
  • 105. Jorge said on 9/8/2009 11:18:08 AM
    Hi, I'm from Bolivia, i will like to start a chicken farm, but I live in the zone altiplano, If some can give me information so that it may be very helpful. thank very much...
  • 106. Dr.Ibrahim Ismail Mbulwa said on 9/8/2009 11:22:54 AM
    My Interest lies on keeping Native Poultry Farm. ON MY AREA THERE IS A BIG MARKET. Please give me the idea for Building, Land, Feeding, Medicaments. I don't want to start big, assist me. Dr.Mbulwa.
  • 107. mrigank said on 9/11/2009 4:17:04 AM
    respected sir, i am interested in poultry farming, i have small land in rajasthan, india. please give me info on cost in setting up business. can poultry be done in hot places. please help.
  • 108. Ibrahim adam said on 9/11/2009 3:18:31 PM
    Dear sir/madam, How are you. I am from rep, of Maldives. I want a person or a group to invest in the Maldives. so, you can invest in poultry business as well as tourism, constructions, transport etc. I am sure that Maldives is a very good place to invest. Waiting you kind replay, Ibrahim adam Rep, of Maldives.,, Mobile : 00960 7946882
  • 109. Mohamed Sherfudddin said on 9/12/2009 12:57:43 AM
    sir, i would like to start chicken farm, broiler, please let me know how to proceed with it. it will be in tamilnadu, around chennai, India. please mail or call me, handphone +91 9791187156
  • 110. Negacy said on 9/12/2009 11:09:25 AM
    I want to start chicken farming. I've been planing for long time. Now I am looking for equipment like incubator and other important things. Where can I get these things? Thanks in advance
  • 111. vinod said on 9/13/2009 1:24:28 AM
    Hi, i would like to set up a own poultry farm, i am trying to get a clear info regarding this field, i mean the working capital, where we found the seed, marketing etc. could any one help me out on this....... you may reach me @ 09949132288.
  • 112. Roy said on 9/14/2009 3:34:56 AM
    Anyone with info on how to raise cox chickens? any info will be highly appreciated. Regards, Roy.
  • 113. ADEBAYO A A said on 9/14/2009 12:26:53 PM
    I have means of securing land to star up, but i need to be filled with ideas on generating capital and foremost information regarding new innovation about poultry farming. help me on this
  • 114. Unnibhargav said on 9/14/2009 3:44:58 PM
    Dear There, I'm an indian national presently being here in oman and wish to start a poultry farm business with one of my friend in Ethiopia. kindly provide me the best suggestion and ministerial procedures for lease the land and all. awaiting your favorable reply in this regards... E-mail : GSM: +96899877273 / 95791900
  • 115. equipment for sale said on 9/15/2009 2:21:20 AM
    i want to buy used equipment for broiler chicken, please e-mail me at
  • 116. Karribfarmer said on 9/18/2009 10:09:38 AM
    this site is extremely useful. I am a young man with a plan in progress and goals to meet. I also have the resources when it comes to land Therefore, I sincerely ask for inform on way to go about this in.
  • 117. Pramod & Raviraj said on 9/21/2009 3:46:36 AM
    Can I get the information from where to buy the small chickens, feed and veterinary information for my poultry farm! I have land, sheds for 5000 chicks! contact : Mr. Pramod:9022991437, 9323719576, Mr. Raviraj- 9323829296
  • 118. raj said on 9/22/2009 11:40:38 PM
    I want to start a chicken farm supplying eggs and selling chocks in Hervey bay, Australia. Can you help with any info from start to selling stages.
  • 119. Kuldip Belekar said on 9/23/2009 1:55:08 AM
    I want to start the Poultry Farm business. Please let me know what will be the proper location and how much area is required. Please also let me know the name of the company I can deal with. Eg Venkys Chicken or may be Sagunna Chicken. Your reply is appreciated
  • 120. tarik said on 9/30/2009 9:23:36 AM
    hello there, i am looking to learn how to grow chicks to chickens in a large scale and what equipments do i need etc... can you help
  • 121. Eusebio said on 10/1/2009 3:54:27 AM
    hi, i want to start a small broiler chicken farm in goa, India. i want to start with 100 chicks. can you advise me how to set up? please help me find the supplier for the chicks and the feed. thanks..
  • 122. Binh Truong said on 10/1/2009 11:52:47 PM
    Hi, I am planning to start a chicken farm raising free range chicken and would like to get more information. Thank you,
  • 123. Goodman said on 10/2/2009 10:40:26 AM
    Hi we are in the process of starting a chicken farm in the free state province S.Africa, can you advise us where to find good and affordable chicken suppliers in the free state and Gauteng as well, quick reply please.
  • 124. nouno said on 10/3/2009 5:59:37 PM
    hi, i want to stat a chicken farm, in north africa, i want to start with 4000 chicks, can you send me advise plz.
  • 125. Jonathan Pwajok said on 10/4/2009 10:48:11 AM
    Please I already have a poultry business. I do compound my feed on my own. I want to inquire about feed formula. Particularly Chick mash, grower mash, layer mash, broiler starter, broiler finisher. and also feed for pigs as I am also into the pig business
  • 126. Taliq Paul said on 10/8/2009 4:17:51 AM
    i am very interested in visiting a medium sized or small scale chicken farm in the Capetown area in South Africa. my intentions are to invest and learn more about the business. your speedy response will be greatly appreciated
  • 127. Amritendu Sen said on 10/10/2009 1:21:36 AM
    HI, I want to start a medium size poultry farm business, and want to supply my chicken and mutton to any super market store like reliance and other retailers. where should I start from.
  • 128. khateeb ul islam qadri said on 10/10/2009 1:25:53 PM
    i have contact of chicken suppliers in our local market i can supply a huge quantity of chicken in & abroad, plz send me full details of supply in broad thanks...........................
  • 129. vikas duhan said on 10/11/2009 8:24:12 AM
    sir i want to start a poultry farm chicken business so please give a detail information about starting a poultry farm to my email. . i have rs 15 lac and one acre land on the side of NH71a. thanks regards
  • 130. Vincent said on 10/12/2009 5:39:54 AM
    Hi I want start a chicken farm in Capetown and can you please help me with great ideas and which equipment to buy and how much it can be and what bread is good for Capetown
  • 131. thembi said on 10/13/2009 10:14:17 AM
    hi, i already own a farm in the Free State, South Africa. its 92 hec. at the moment i'm not making use of my farm i need help! i need funding, advice! i love chicken farming, i also love beef but on a level of exporting the meat! thank you for this website....
  • 132. Asha Slater said on 10/13/2009 9:11:44 PM
    hi, i am very interested with establishing my own chicken farm, please send me information on farming to cater for a Caribbean island
  • 133. Nyakanini Grace said on 10/14/2009 2:23:34 AM
    am happy to find you. i have just started keeping chicken in Kenya initially they were 225 but 8-10 died before the 2nd week they will be three weeks in two days and doing fine but i get different ideas from people who all mean well and they really seem to know am confused that's why i would appreciate if you really let me know what steps to take like the vaccines to give and at what stage, the vitamins/glucose, antibiotics please i would appreciate any information from experts. i have a dream that one day i will be able to keep a big poultry farm. thank you.
  • 134. Alemayehu Haile said on 10/14/2009 11:43:00 AM
    please would you like to assist me. i would like to start chicken farming by minimum no of 1000 chicken please consult me
    1- how many m2 land enough
    2- Suitable Weather condition Define
    3- Per day one chicken eat how many gm
    4- if there is any pre condition or steps pleas submit in written form
  • 135. arshad afridi said on 10/14/2009 12:29:11 PM
    i need the catalog of machinery of eggs and chickens. plz contact me on 03219121810 in pakistan, n dealer who sells machinery of chicken poultry farm. urgent plz reply me . Thx
  • 136. shoaib khan said on 10/14/2009 4:48:23 PM
    i want to start a chicken farm business on standard size. not very big and not very small. so need assistance and more information on this topic which is practical and useful. also i need the catalog of machinery of eggs and chickens plz contact me on 03212202226 in Pakistan, and dealer who sells machinery of chicken poultry farm urgent plz reply me, thanks and regard, shoaib khan
  • 137. M. M. Hoque said on 10/18/2009 8:34:53 AM
    I wants to start chicken farm business in Maryland, USA send me all information about the farming. Thank you.M . M . Hoque0.
  • 138. Maendo Uazapo said on 10/18/2009 10:03:30 PM
    I'm so glad to receive all these great info about chicken farming. How can i come up with a viable business plan for this type of business.
  • 139. mike kobeissi said on 10/19/2009 9:47:59 AM
    i have an opportunity in running my own chicken farm. the farm is ready to go it holds 12 to 20 thousands birds but i have no experience i was reading a lot about raising chicken but still need lots of info if u can help me i would really appreciate it the farm is in lebanon and the temp is cold in winter time so please need lot of detail. thank u very much
  • 140. Mohammad Pervaiz said on 10/19/2009 10:17:09 AM
    I am planning to run a poultry farm. But i have no Idea about this business So kindly send all information about poultry farming
  • 141. Habtu said on 10/20/2009 4:58:57 PM
    I want to buy used cage for chicken farming purposes to be relocated to ethiopia. Please send me information if you know someone who plan to sell this equipment.
  • 142. Sarel Nyambi said on 10/21/2009 5:26:59 PM
    Hi! i am interested in selling chickens, having a chicken farm as a beginner, can you please take me through necessary steps to be followed if there is any, i wanna have my farm at giyani, limpopo. hope you respond to my email.. and god bless you
  • 143. kisakye irene mbabazi said on 10/22/2009 4:59:35 AM
    am planning to start a poultry farm(small) due to financial constraint and i would like you to help me i.e how to start, the cost estimate for at least 400 chicks. i will be grateful once my request is granted. Thanks
  • 144. chriss perwe beginner adviser said on 10/22/2009 11:19:15 AM
    i'm a 3 generation chicken keeper and this site has good information. hey i learned something i didn't know from it. look up wiz bang chicken plucker this item might help you a lot your business. it has helped ours a lot in selling chicken
  • 145. Phumelele said on 10/23/2009 1:57:52 AM
    thank you very much about the information we are obtaining form you, it's very helpful. i am interested in chicken farming and i need help in drafting a business plan in order to see my dream come true. thank you
  • 146. rachel said on 10/23/2009 8:12:34 AM
    I'm interested in the chicken farm. could you please give me some ideas for beginners? Thank you rachel
  • 147. Binu Kamalasanan said on 10/24/2009 1:46:04 AM
    please send me more details about Chicken Farming- starting program, life period, export method, actual expenses etc. pls send details to my email. Thank you.
  • 148. Madu said on 10/24/2009 7:09:49 AM
    I would like to start a poultry farm business in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India and would like to know the following:
    1. What would be the best one out of the two i.e. chicken farming or chicks farming( Hatcheries).
    2. I have agricultural land and hence would like to know if i have to do any conversion of land for starting a poultry farm.
    3. What is the land size requirement for setting up farm for 4000 birds.
    4. What would be capital investment for setting up the farm.(please give in detail like construction cost, equipment)
    5. What would be the running cost.
    Thanks & Regards, Madu.
  • 149. sana said on 10/25/2009 4:48:43 AM
    i am 20 years old, and i am student, i wanna know WHICH IS THE BEST PLACE IN PAKISTAN FOR THIS BUSINESS, what would be capital investment for setting up the farm please give detail like construction, cost, equipment, running cost, land size every thing? and one thing more i have no idea and i have no land.
  • 150. Simon Rouaia said on 10/26/2009 2:21:19 AM
    I want to start a broiler chicken farm in my village. I want to start with about 100 broilers chicks. Please advise on the minimum space requirements and any information of how to start and look after chickens including housing, feeding and health and environment of chickens. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  • 151. Clara Solomon said on 10/26/2009 6:13:52 AM
    I am a Nigerian, I work, but I FEEL i need to have another source of income as I am a wife and a mother of two. Sometimes I prefer to take care of my home and do things at my own time. Can not do stuff like picking my kids from school, going through homework with them etc, all because as an employee I have to be at work for 8 hours.
  • 152. adedeko abiodun said on 10/26/2009 6:19:30 AM
    i want to know the criteria for which i can start chicken farming. i am based in lagos and i have a piece of land wish i can start something on. but i believe that there should be some pre-knowledge before embarking on such business. what type of birds will be more beneficial?.
  • 153. Emmanuel Temu said on 10/27/2009 4:56:54 AM
    I am a Tanzanian, have just graduated in August, I am thinking about starting a chicken farm, All I need is a sample of business plan which can help me to prepare mine. thanks in advance
  • 154. Ramphelane said on 10/29/2009 5:35:25 AM
    i'm interested in running a poultry farm one day and i've got few ideas in mind of which i think are not enough to convince the bank to grant me a loan. And the other problem is the people that are already in the business, how do i go to them and ask for advice, because we still have a race issue in my country? plz email me more info about the advantages and disadvantages of this business.
  • 155. Adesola said on 10/29/2009 8:54:09 PM
    Hello dear respondent, it has been my childhood dream to become a successful entrepreneur, and i see poultry business as a good start up. I understand that it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. please, i will be so glad if you can send me all the necessary details on how to run a successful poultry farm. Thanks.
  • 156. Yogesh Venkatraman Mahalingam said on 10/30/2009 6:53:36 PM
    I am doing my MBA in real estate.. Starting a chicken farm is my ambition.. Those who are interested in joint ventures can contact me.. Those who are interested are welcome.. Please contact me..
  • 157. sherme edwards said on 10/30/2009 7:26:29 PM
    I have 10 acres of land and i would like to start a chicken farm. is this enough land and how many chicken to start with. First how do i go by getting the chicken house build
  • 158. shankar said on 10/31/2009 11:22:09 AM
    I have north to south 100ft and east to west 400ft land and i want to start chicken poultry farm. I think 10000 birds shed can be made. Tell me how much money needed to construct for 5000 bird shed. I want to know how much we get for 1kg if we sale to a company and who to sale for. If we make by our own how much money needed for feeds, etc for 10000 birds .
  • 159. Alexander said on 11/1/2009 7:17:25 PM
    I have 438 acres about 50 miles North of New York City. If anyone wants to start a chicken farm here I will be happy to give my land to this venture for a share in the eggs.
  • 160. Temana said on 11/3/2009 12:53:01 AM
    Hi. I need to start my poultry business, I have land, I need to know how much is going to cost me to get my idea up and running. eg cost of equipment, feed. I need to construct 3000 bird shed. Can you also brief me about profitability of this industry. I'm thanking you in advance.
  • 161. abdulaziz said on 11/3/2009 9:36:38 AM
    hi thank u for these opportunity. i'm ethiopian gentle man i need to start chicken farm, egg. i can get money for the middle stage chicken farm. what is the step for the time being i'm in south africa how can i get the work shop, guide books? all related information be on touch
  • 162. Jane said on 11/5/2009 2:55:16 AM
    and my friend Michael we already started chicken business we don't have a land to place them now their in a back yard to raise 150 chicken in a small area is not healthy even in our society. We need help a stand, finance, equipment and more information. We are at Braamfischerville Soweto contact no 072 888 0271.
  • 163. Didas said on 11/6/2009 1:19:54 AM
    Dear all. Am beginning poultry business, i have never done it . am get them on 30-11-2009, could you please provide me with guidelines, Didas from uganda, africa
  • 164. Joshua Mohanraj beginner adviser said on 11/8/2009 11:49:15 AM
    We are Malaysian based company dealing with setting up poultry farms, construction planning, commercialization, packaging, etc. We have been in the industry for almost 9 years with success rate of 87%. Anyone worldwide can contact us for becoming a consultant for the overall setup up to marketing including various health and day-to-day operations training

    Joshua Mohanraj

  • 165. Zwe Mzolo said on 11/9/2009 4:12:00 AM
    Hi, i would like to start a chicken farm and supply big stores even export. can you help how to start, how to get finance and good supplier of chick. also i want to farm different breeds, that is black chicken, curls an brawlers.
  • 166. Ch Qaseem Ahmed Kaleem said on 11/10/2009 9:58:08 AM
    Hi. I want to start the chicken farming on a large scale about 20 canal land in maredhka, just out side of lahore, pakistan. I need business partner 50/50 share to start up. Anybody from any country is welcome. Who are interested, contact or email me soon as possible! My email: My cell no# +92 0321-8885619 ..Thanks! Have a nice day! God Bless Us...
  • 167. mina said on 11/10/2009 5:09:55 PM
    i am doing a business plan for my business school project can you please let me know what are the expenses that i have to include and also how much the small poultry and how much the equipments and the food and what is the selling price thanks MY EMAIL IS :
  • 168. Ezekiel Koomson said on 11/10/2009 7:11:48 PM
    I am planning to start a poultry farming and i would like you to help me to start it. I have no/little piratical idea about poultry; I would like to start with at least 500 birds. I would be grateful if my request is considered. Many thanks & regards.
  • 169. Erick Oreti said on 11/11/2009 4:51:26 PM
    I am a Kenyan based in USA, I am looking to give back to the community, to empower women, in Kenya, where I come from. I want to start with about 1000 chicken for the community. please advise me on the logistics. I will fund the project. Thanks in advance.
  • 170. joshy said on 11/14/2009 3:42:18 AM
    I am planning to start a poultry farm with 3000 chicken. I would like to know how much the equipments, food, selling price and estimate cost for starting a farm. Thanks, joshy
  • 171. fhulufhelo ogunrinde said on 11/18/2009 7:58:59 AM
    Hi, I need info about the chicken farming, am from south africa limpopo. i want to know where i can get fund because now i am stuck on fund, also let me know how to feed the chicken. pls am waiting for any info you can provide, asap.
  • 172. Anne said on 11/19/2009 6:26:19 AM
    Am a kenyan with more than 30 acres land willing to sell it to any person interested in poultry farming or mutton farming as quiet ideal in temperatures, out of noise and within reachable market. email
  • 173. shankar said on 11/21/2009 6:49:43 AM
    I am from india, karnataka state. I have north to south 100ft and east to west 400ft agriculture land and i want to start chicken poultry farm. I think 5000 birds to shed can be built in this land. Tell me how much money needed to construct 5000 bird deep litter shed with all equipment. Is this match of land is ok for bank lone. please help on this.
  • 174. zuhair said on 11/21/2009 11:27:00 AM
    i want to learn how to grow chicks to chickens in a large scale and what equipments do i need etc... could you please help
  • 175. ADEL said on 11/22/2009 10:38:47 AM
  • 176. Moorthi.N said on 11/22/2009 10:39:17 AM
    Dear Sir, Please help me to start poultry farm in Tamil Nadu Salem(India)
    1) I have 20 acres land
    2) I am ready to invest 7 lacks on hand money
    3) I am having rice mill building currently not working (plan to remake as feed mill)
    4) Next step how to approach in Bank to get loan? And my qualification is Msc.
    5) what knowledge still required
    Please help on this and I am waiting for your good suggestion and advice please... Thank you, Moorthi.
  • 177. James expert adviser said on 11/22/2009 7:59:22 PM
    @Moorthi.N, You don't need that big land. 10 acres of land is enough for 75K birds. Your money is less to invest for 75K birds rather you can start with 10K birds. You can approach the banker for a loan with a nice business plan. Write a rough one and take advise from consultants to complete the work. You need basic knowledge and passion to be a businessman.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 178. @James said on 11/23/2009 7:01:04 AM
    Hi James, Thank you very much for your suggestion. Moorthi
  • 179. Leo Ekene said on 11/25/2009 8:00:59 AM
    I need to know what it would take to grow a pullet from day one to the point of lay. the cost of feeding specifically. thanks in anticipation. am at Abuja, Nigeria.
  • 180. Dr.Alliu Samson said on 11/26/2009 6:28:48 AM
    am a 23 year old Doctor just graduated from medical school and looking for a good business aside my practice. Can somebody please send me information on the cost of setting up a poultry farm with rearing layers, cockerel and broilers. The most profitable among them, the cost of labour and proposed annual yield. If anyone knows where to buy good breeds of birds please contact me through my e-mail address I will appreciate any additional information from anyone.
  • 181. barna keresztes said on 11/26/2009 10:11:46 AM
    Hello there my name is Barna leaving in UK. There is a poultry farm for sale and I am very interested to buy it. My question is that if I take a mortgage on it what is the guaranty that the farm is profitable enough to pay back the mortgage? I know about the poultry farm because I work on the site before.
  • 182. lesego nkitseng said on 11/27/2009 1:31:44 PM
  • 183. Maryke said on 11/28/2009 4:35:58 PM
    I would like to start a chicken farm in Namibia. please provide me with information to do it successfully and also provide me with information on how to obtain the necessary funding for it.
  • 184. Adejoke Olutimehin said on 11/28/2009 7:14:34 PM
    Could you please send me an information on how to set up my own chicken farm, how to raise feed and any information i need to know to the business to be viable.
  • 185. Bashir Ahmad said on 12/1/2009 5:16:33 AM
    Hello, I want to establish a new poultry business in District Rawalpindi, Pakistan on a small scale to start with. I would request for your advise in this regards
  • 186. PRASHANTH KUMAR said on 12/1/2009 8:25:22 AM
    Dear sir /madam, i have one acre land, sufficient water source, now i would like to know process of setting up a poultry farm for the one acre place i have ie
    1.what type of fencing do i need to choose
    2.sanitation steps
    3.favorable conditions for chicks
    4.what sought of equipments
    5.itinerary for for feeding
    6.medication process
    7.last but not least with the place i have mentioned above how many chicks to start with in to be in profitable margin. so i kindly request you to help me out with your valuable suggestion. thanking you sir, i hoping for reply, regards. prahanth kumar
  • 187. Jehrie Belle Francisco said on 12/2/2009 2:07:23 AM
    we are business partners, and we would like to engage in poultry farming business. Can you help us if what are the benefits of this in our country or community? What are the strategies in order us to know on how to run the business like this..Thank you..we are hoping for your response.
  • 188. toni said on 12/2/2009 4:37:18 PM
    Hi my name is toni and I live in northern virginia. I would like to start a chicken farm business. You can reach me via email or by phone at 703 944-8039. thankyou
  • 189. john allen said on 12/2/2009 7:48:24 PM
  • 190. atake imara said on 12/3/2009 6:27:32 PM
    my business place is nigeria and i like to get information on how to make chicken food. i like to know how many chicken you can rear on 6 plots of land 120 ft by 50 ft. which will be better free range or enclosed place. which bird lays better eggs the white or black chickens. i love to hatch my own eggs and raise my own chicken with my own feed.
  • 191. haron said on 12/3/2009 6:51:54 PM
    Hi i am Haron from Kenya. i am seeking a partnership within an investor(s) of good legal repute to run chicken farming in Kenya. Kindly connect me to potential investor from USA. Contacts via email are welcome.
  • 192. ABOYIM G. said on 12/4/2009 4:23:11 AM
    Am in Lagos state Nigeria and want to run a poultry farm with at least 5000 birds. I already have a plot of land and will need advise from you on how to start up and the things I need to do. thanks...
  • 193. Sami Dagher said on 12/4/2009 5:32:12 AM
    hello, please i would really appreciate it if i can receive information about the technical elements and material needed to operate a chicken farm, detailed information would be good. Thanks in advance, Sami, Beirut, Lebanon
  • 194. Patrick Moloi said on 12/9/2009 6:07:06 AM
    Zeerust, South Africa. I would like to start a big poultry farm in Zeerust, Apply for some funding. Please give some info or ideas. Thanks. Patrick
  • 195. murali said on 12/10/2009 4:02:12 AM
    hello sir, i am seeking to start a poultry business. i had a land of 5 acres, i would like to know about how much poultry farm can i set up in my 5 acres land and also please provide information regarding the investment in this process .
  • 196. safdar nazir said on 12/10/2009 12:17:22 PM
    dear sir i want to start poultry business in pakistan city mbdin. plz send me details construction maps of shed expenditure, plz send me 1000 chicken expenditure
  • 197. raed said on 12/11/2009 4:42:20 AM
    i have a farm as well as equipment to start chicken farm, can u supply me with more information. south africa, cape town
  • 198. Kwaku Negble said on 12/11/2009 5:56:58 AM
    i am starting my own poultry farm in this December. though i did agricultural at my first degree, i would want you to give me information on brooder house preparation, vaccination program for day old layer chicks and feed preparation formula. thanks town.. saamang E/R, Ghana
  • 199. ASIF PASTA said on 12/11/2009 8:21:50 AM
  • 200. James kaugi said on 12/14/2009 7:59:19 AM
    your advice and ideas are really very encouraging. I have a lot of interest in rearing chicken. Please advise on how I can source funds for the project. James Kaugi, Maua area, Kenya
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