Starting a Granite & Marble Dealership Business

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Do you own a marble or granite countertop in your kitchen? If so, then you know how sturdy and beautiful these stones can be. Granite and marble have always been a favorite for kitchen and bathroom surfaces also for other places in the house. It is no surprise that it would become a very lucrative business.

And if you are deciding to set up your own Granite and Marble Dealership, then you may be making a wise investment. However, unlike what most people believe, success in running this kind of dealership is not just a stone’s throw away, as you will have to keep a few pointers in mind.

Setting up your Granite and Marble Dealership Business Plan

One major factor that will affect your potential Granite and Marble Dealership is your supplier. If you already have friends or relatives who supply marble, granite, and other natural stone you no longer have to worry about this. But if you don’t, then it is best that you start looking. Search your local and neighboring communities if there are any suppliers nearby. You can either do the old fashioned way by phone calls or on foot, or you can use search engines such as Google and Yahoo! to search for suppliers in your area online. Before you make further commitments to this business, you must already have one or more suppliers where you can get the stones.

Where to Start your Granite & Marble Dealership Biz

Another big factor that you will have to consider for your business is location. Your store must be easily accessed on the road, and if it is near your supplier then it is much better. It must also be big, as you will need a large amount of space to house the marble and granite slabs. In addition, the place must have a showroom where you can showcase the stones to your customers. And if possible, you must also have space for tub decks, mock kitchens, bars, furniture, and fireplaces.

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One of the things that might also affect the location of your business is competition. Having a competitor in close proximity to your Granite and Marble Dealership can help improve your services, but having too many will make it harder for you to turn a profit. This might be even worse if your competitors have been at it for a relatively long time now, as they may already have a base of loyal customers. Do your research on the competitors in your area, and study how they operate as well as their strengths and weakness. Who knows, if you find a niche in the business that your competitors don’t fill, then you might have a potential goldmine in your hands.

Finally, once you have suppliers and settled on the location, you must be ready yourself to a 24/7 commitment to the job. The Granite and Marble Dealership is a lucrative business, but in order for you to get a good profit you must be ready to work for it. For example, you must be ready to explain to your customers the differences between one type of granite to another as well as for other types of stone. The stones must also be done of professional quality, and that requires a lot of work to do. If you think you can do all of these, then you have a good chance to succeed in this kind of dealership.

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  • 1. Vivek Jain said on May 12, 2010
    The article is good. I wanted to know the scope of this business in Canada. From where the Supplies come and can it be combined with other flooring materials. Do the counter tops come in ready form or the granite slabs come and need to do labour work here which i think will be expensive in Canada.
  • 2. Mia said on May 20, 2010
    We have been quarrying and processing all kinds of stone for generations. For instance, marble, granites, tombstone, sandstone, slate stone, slabs & titles, bathroom & kitchen counter tops, man made stone, fireplaces and so on. Should any needs, please email at:
  • 3. fareed said on July 1, 2010
    we are the wholesale granite provider. We import the granite direct from the mountain to your showroom. No middle man involve.
  • 4. roma said on September 4, 2010
    hey FAreeD i am looking for granite slabs. Please contact me here is my email thanks roma
  • 5. M CHANDRA SHEKAR said on September 15, 2010
    we want to establish a granite factory and dealership in ranga reddy district near imamguda village.. so how much land required and what are the documents required for establish the factory and give details of quarries..
  • 6. sam tim said on September 29, 2010
    hi, I'm will be starting my own marble and granite business in the new future, i want to research on the product and i need help on finding some potential customers and supplier. thanks sam
  • 7. Mahendiran said on November 17, 2010
    Hi, i am interested to do granite business in the future. I want to raw material, space requirement, potential supplier and customers and capital required for the same. Please educate me........
  • 8. Vin Truong said on November 20, 2010
    Hi All, We just own a granite quarry in VietNam. The operation will begin in next 4 months. I'm currently living in USA. I'm looking for buyers in USA and international prospecting buyers.
    ** Stone suppliers & wholesale granite providers please contact me to get more info about our stone.
    If someone know where I can find potential customers/buyers, please let me know. Thank you very much. Vinnie.
  • 9. Sabir said on December 7, 2010
    Hello all I want to start Tiles & Marble business in Kabul, Afghanistan. I need some information of startup procedure and other related
  • 10. Santosh said on December 16, 2010
    Hi All, We have granite and marble showroom in India. Presently I am looking something to establish that in USA by exporting fine quality of granite. I am living in USA presently but I don't know where to start this from. Please contact to my email id with any information. Thanks, Santosh
  • 11. Hasan said on January 23, 2011
    Hello everyone, We are a quarry processor and have a large cutting factory in Turkey. We supply on average 7000 tons of marble to Europe every month. We are always looking to create more mutual business relationships. Please e-mail me on Thank you.
  • 12. Charlie said on February 12, 2011
    Hello everyone, We're Granite prefab countertops supplier in China!! We could make prefabricated and also the customized kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops etc. Already supplied for a lot hotel and apartment projects in USA. Please contact if you are interested! thank you!
  • 13. malaisamy said on February 19, 2011
    hello i have red granite land in 8 acres. i want buyers please contact cell:+91 9790310436.
  • 14. ravindra said on March 4, 2011
    Hi i am planning to start an granite and ceramic dealer ship on commission basis interested people from karnataka can contact me soon i am planning to start in chitradurga and later in tumkur mo:-+91-9900981198
  • 15. Rajesh.R said on March 12, 2011
    I am Going to start granite factory can u plz give me a better good idea to Improve my business
  • 16. samer birawi said on April 17, 2011
    Hi...I'd like to start a marble import business plan in Canada. I'm looking for a business plan to provide for the bank to have a loan. I appreciate if you provide me with a sample business plan to customize and use it for my project. Thanks
  • 17. mahendera singh said on May 20, 2011
    Hi, i am wholesale supplier of marble,granite,sandstone,carved stone & all type of stone.So contact me for any kind of stone at the
  • 18. sanjay said on June 6, 2011
    hi,i am planning to establish granite factory in chittor distc, A.P. i dont know the process of starting a factory any one can help me plz
  • 19. Anant Solanki said on July 21, 2011
    Hello all I want to start Tiles & Marble dealership in Mandsaur, India. I need some information of startup procedure, capital and other prerequisites and other related info. Thanks
  • 20. Getachew Asmare said on August 6, 2011
    Hi I am interested in establishing marble processing plant. i want to get guide on the type of tools required and if any one interested I have access for the marble and can start business in partnership , my email address
  • 21. chaithanya said on August 13, 2011
    hello i am willing to start marble and granite business in nalgonda (A.P) how much percentage of profit comes from this business
  • 22. KHTAN said on August 22, 2011
    High I am from Malaysia .we have beautiful dimension stone in malaysia and a very close link with China AND iNDIA for supplying dimensional stone incl quartz for green products. I am much willing to assist in your new biz :
  • 23. Omer SHerif said on August 29, 2011
    We have our own quarry mining process all types of marble and Granite also soudi stone sand stones. if you have any inquiry please send mail:
  • 24. Karthik said on September 12, 2011
    Hi. This is karthik managing director of sree tirumala granite. We are the quarry owners in chamrajnagar, karnataka(India). producing rough block of fine black granite 50 to 80 cpm per month. Interested parties can contact me for further details via cell/mail. 09620996702/
  • 25. Nabeel said on September 15, 2011
    Hi All, We are doing stone business from generations. We have all kinds of Marbles and Granite Products. From Marble handicrafts to Fireplace kitchen tops Table Tops. We have wide range of handicrafts of Marble. Prospect customers and showroom owners. Please Contact me on my email or Cell: +923009427424 .Thanks
  • 26. Mahesh Kr Gupta said on October 16, 2011
    i want to start marble and granite business in rangia, assam,india. how much percentage of profit comes from this business
  • 27. Jogendra Nath Swain said on October 21, 2011
    My request is that I wish to start marble and granite business in the vicinity of Balikuda Block of Jagatsinghpur district in Orissa state. Just 24Km from Jagatsinghpur. Sufficient place is available to keep the stock. The location of the site for start the business of four road crossing East, West, South and North, There are several other kind of business are going on and no business are available which I choose. Kindly suggest with good tips for carry on. Also intimate nearer business partner for communication.
  • 28. Louisa Andrew said on October 23, 2011
    Hi all,please i want to start a marble and granite factory in calabar,Nigeria.please i need help.pls reach me
  • 29. Kris said on October 30, 2011
    Hi, I have granite processing company in india. We do have all kinds of granite. I'm living in UK and planning to start export to UK if i get to know any client. I need some help how i can proceed on this? Please send me any details on to mail
  • 30. Ajay Gupta said on November 3, 2011
    Hi Everyone. My name is Ajay Gupta I am doing Inspection of all stones from India. Like Granite, Marbles , slate , sandstone , quartzite, Mosaic, Thin Slate venner, Cobbles and tumbled stones. If you are interested to buy any material from India or any suggestion pls contact me through email
  • 31. satish khatod said on November 20, 2011
    i want to start granite export business.require experienced partner for this. preferably banglore/rajasthan 09314507007
  • 32. akash mishra said on November 29, 2011
    kanpur, uttar pradesh. plz tell me the suitable granite and marbles dealerships?
  • 33. akash mishra said on November 29, 2011
    i am from kanpur, uttar pradesh. i want to be a whole seller and i want to know all about it. my mob. no. is 9026246557
  • 34. Jason Ghaderi said on December 6, 2011
    We are starting granite wholesale business in the USA. I have identified some suppliers from China and India, but need more pricing on this product. Please contact me at
  • 35. sandeep singh said on December 12, 2011
    Hi, i am sandeep singh and i want to start marbles and granite export business in all over india. please send me a suggestion for starting the business.
  • 36. robel said on December 20, 2011
    Hi i want to import marble, Granite and Lime stone to Ethiopia oor work as and Agent representing a supplier . If you are interested pls contact me . My E-mail address is
  • 37. Nuhu Wya said on December 31, 2011
    I have a granite quarry and factory processing plant in Nigeria that has been in operation since 1991. We are looking to expand our production and are looking for a seasoned factory manager with vast experience that can help with the expansion program.
  • 38. Mahendra Kumar said on January 1, 2012
    Dear Mr. Fareed, kindly contact me i am looking for start a marble business in allahabad pls guide me. here is my mail ID Regards, Mahendra
  • 39. Mahendra said on January 3, 2012
    Dear all, Kindly guide me i want to start a dealership/wholesaler of marble and granites in allahabad what will be the investment amount and other kind of market scenario.. Regards, Mahendra 9899649446
  • 40. Feroz Fazlulhaque said on January 8, 2012
    We are suppliers of Rough Granite Blocks from all over India, Please contact us for your requirements
  • 41. Sherif said on January 18, 2012
    I would like to buy granite from banglore and I'm in coimbatore for my new home. I heard that it is risk to bring granite from other state. Also it would require many approvals from municipal to cross the border check post. Kindly let me know the details of what are all the documents required to bring granite from other state.
  • 42. kandasamy said on February 11, 2012
    hello, everyone we are the suppliers of rough granite block ,tiles and slabs in all colours from namakkal district [tamil nadu]. if some one is interested to buy it please contact.09442687368 or
  • 43. Nuno Lourenco said on February 27, 2012
    Hi there, My name is Nuno Lourenco, we have a cutting plant for marble and granite here in Namibia - Africa, is one of the biggest in southern africa region. We are looking for a serious group already established in the market to do the management of our plant on the agreement basis. We are looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you and best regards. Nuno Lourenco. Cell: +264 811 278 556.
  • 44. Jesse said on February 28, 2012
    I'm available as an Import Supplier Representative. All modern office technology in place. With offices in Northern and Southern California. Serious factory direct suppliers only.
  • 45. AJAY KR said on March 10, 2012
    i want to start marble business at nalanda in bihar. please help me
  • 46. Ritesh Kothari said on March 11, 2012
    Guys, We have granite cutting unit in banglore. please contact me for any related inquiry at
  • 47. Jayant Kumar Pradhan said on March 22, 2012
    Hello, I want to start sanitary, Tiles & Marble dealership in Chakradharpur, Jharkhand, India. I need some information of start-up procedure, capital and other prerequisites and other related info.
  • 48. James expert adviser said on March 23, 2012

    @Jayant Kumar Pradhan, most important is figuring out the dealership opportunities from various companies. Once you figure out that then govt formalities are not much, you can start as self-propitiatory business.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 49. Arun Shanmuga Sundaram said on April 12, 2012
    Hi, I am a fresher and need to invest and start a Granite & Marble business in bangalore, India. Please enlighten me about the procedures from start to finish of how to set up the business. Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • 50. Bhupendra said on April 13, 2012
    Hi. every one, I want to start a dealer ship in Ceramic and granite,, in Rajasthan-Abu Road, if any body interested to provide Dealership Contact me.. 9660669844
  • 51. palaniaapan said on April 17, 2012
    Hi..every one.i want to export granite and u have any requirements plz contact me. mobile:009443714639
  • 52. Frank said on May 1, 2012
    I own a marble factory in Egypt and will be opening a wholesale showroom in the east coast soon and later in the west coast. I am already exporting stone to Europe and USA but will need some guidance on where to open in the US and where to get land in business districts. the business needs at least 2 acres of land and high ceiling showroom for retail customers. I will not be doing any installation service. just selling to companies and home improvement professionals. If you can help with any info please email me
  • 53. Anil Rathore said on May 8, 2012
    i want to start it at gwalior mp please help for provide supplier and products range
  • 54. Olutoyese Ogundare said on May 8, 2012
    Hi everyone, I want to be a distributor in marbles, granite and tiles in my country Nigeria. So if u have any of this product contact me on +2348062297245 or email me @ Strictly business. I will help you sell.
  • 55. rakesh said on May 14, 2012
    i have a company who export marble so i want good buyers for better improvement of my company
  • 56. Tahseen said on May 26, 2012
    Hello all. My father owns a marble business in Pakistan. I would like to know as to what is the procedure to export marble around the world. I am currently in the Uk. If someone can tell me the procedure it'll be great as supplying marbles and granite won't be a problem. Thanks.
  • 57. kamal baheti said on June 11, 2012
    i have a granite factory i want to do export of granite slabs so i want good buyer to export &improve my business
  • 58. Jenny said on June 12, 2012
    Hello,we are factory and exporter in China. We can supply all kind of stone finished products.such as sculpture, fireplace, fountain, lantern, flower pot etc. Pls send email to or,if you are interested any stone products.
  • 59. Vinay Sharma said on June 22, 2012
    Hello, I want to start a business of marbles and granite but i have no knowledge for the same. please guide me. My Contact Number is 09818701920. I am planing start stone business in Meerut (U.P) India. Thank You
  • 60. Kris said on July 2, 2012
    Hi, Im from the Philippines. I would like to start a business about marble and granite stones. However, I dont know where to start. I already have contacts but I dont know the process of transactions and all those things. Please guide me. I would be a huge help. My email is
  • 61. Vijay said on July 4, 2012
    I am fresher and want to start a Granite business in Bangalore- south(Jigini area),India.Please let me know the investment required and process of setting of Granite store.
  • 62. Raj Kumar Agarwalla said on July 10, 2012
    HIE, I reside in burnpur,(west bengal)I am a fresher and want to start a business of granite and tiles in Burnpur. Please let me know the investment required and the process of transaction. Thank You.
  • 63. Suranjan Kumar singh said on July 15, 2012
    Hi, I am Engineer graduate but want to start export import business but lack of capital please suggest me.what can i do in starting step of this business.
  • 64. M.Alexander said on July 16, 2012
    hello ,i want to establish a granite slab industry at tandur , rangareddy, Andhra Pradesh ,India. please suggest. me how to establish.
  • 65. sushil kumar said on July 20, 2012
    hi, we have a granite manufacturer plant in karnataka, we cutting sira gray & adhuni brown completely, any one interested so please contact to me sushil kumar m. no. 9916961072. tumkur, karnataka, india
  • 66. nareendra said on July 23, 2012
    Hai, my name is nareendra, we are starting an new outlet of MARBLE AND GRANITE in bangalore, KARNATAKA, We are looking for ZET BLACK, MULTI COLOUR, GREEN, RED,and different shades, if any available please send me details, to my mail ID.
  • 67. simon said on July 26, 2012
    dear all, I have 15-18 years over seas experience in marble/granite (natural stone line) i am looking out for the possibilities of setting up a company in bangalore or even working in the top level for the established companies, i have sound knowledge in the industry especially sources around the world. Please feel free to contact me in 8606796307 Simon George
  • 68. D Haynes said on July 31, 2012
    We are kitchen dealer in Jamaica and we are currently seeking granite and marble suppliers who could partner with us. Tel 1518-557-5803 or 1876-583-8295. email or
  • 69. pradeep said on August 5, 2012
    Hello Sir, I want to start my first business of Tiles & Marble dealership in Orissa, India. I need some information of startup procedure, capital and other required information and My Email- n_pradeep_kumar @ Thanks
  • 70. rashid said on August 10, 2012
    Hi every one, we are exporters of Indian granites. we have best first grade and second grade quality ones for competitive prices. Interested people may contact on +918897694551 ; email:
  • 71. Nishant Kumar said on August 17, 2012
    hello All. I am Nishant Kumar i want to new business start of red granite stone. we would like to acknowledge you that we want to supply of Red Granite block to your country.Our mountain belongs to near Khajuraho(Madhya Pradesh) state in India with super Red Granite.We would also like to draw your kind attention and wish to know your requirement regarding surface finished size. Interested people may contact on mob:- +91-989-176-7747; my E-Mail ID:-
  • 72. Rajeev RS said on August 18, 2012
    Hi we are the quarry owner running black(absolute black) quarry in mandya we take order from the buyers all over india interested buyers can contact ph no,8904453194
  • 73. Ammar said on August 27, 2012
    Hi, I want to start a marble and granite business in Bangalore. I am looking forward for the dealership for the same. I would request marble/granite manufacturers and suppliers to contact me on my email id
  • 74. ALI KINDI said on September 1, 2012
    we are based in middle east and looking of granite suppliers especially from Vietnam, please whoever is the supplier may send us detailed information on list of their products for inside and outside, We mainly buy slabs as well as cut to size. please send us clear pictures and prices FOB.
  • 75. RUFUS FURE said on September 2, 2012
    Hello everyone my name is Rufus, i'm from lagos Nigeria. I have 38 acre land of black and white granite for sale, any interested person that want to start quarrying business can contact me on 2348038104166 E-mail strictly business.
  • 76. Dhiren said on September 4, 2012
    Hi, Am keenly interested in partnering with someone for the granite business. I have the capital and am looking for good locations in bangalore. People interested feel free to contact me on my work address
  • 77. kalander m kanavalli said on September 5, 2012
    hey i am staying in tier 3 city in Karnataka and i want to start retail business of marbles and granite. please suggest me some good suppliers in karnataka. Want to know about all the materials in this business.
  • 78. MAHESH BANDA said on September 7, 2012
    Hi I want to setup a Granite Warehouse in US. I have very potential supplier of random slabs from various parts of India. I want to have full range of colors qualities and sizes to stock in my warehouse. please suggest me how to I startup
  • 79. Venkat said on September 10, 2012
    Hi All, Good wishes to everyone over here, just wanted to mention that we have a client who is interested to welcome fruitful partners to join hands with him in his existing granite firm which is being operated from an export zone in Hyderabad. Please feel free to reach us on for more details on this fruitful proposal. thanks, Venkat
  • 80. sheikh zia ul abedin said on September 22, 2012
    hi all, can you please tell me how i start my own business of selling marbels, granites, tiles, etc. in my home place in bbsr near by banamalipur.
  • 81. revathi said on September 23, 2012
    hello all.. we are from hyderabad... interested to start granite business... i need details of this channel ... please if anybody help to know... thank you. my email,
  • 82. KayO said on September 24, 2012
    Is the import of Marble/Granite in form of Blocks/slabs/tiles freely importable or is there a requirement for a license or we need to pay to use the existing license of some one?
  • 83. kumar b said on October 17, 2012
    start granite business in usa and other countries , want to join hands plz contact 9886095708
  • 84. Gulam khan said on October 18, 2012
    hi. we have the classic red granite and also granite mining land and red granite and light black granite land also pls contact no +919784157500 thanks.
  • 85. kiran kumar korgalmath said on October 24, 2012
    Hello every one here i would like to introduce my self as a quality certifier, advising i.e. consulting & a trader of stones with respect to any kind i.e. marble, granite, landscaping natural stones from every corner of India & lastly designer stones (mosaics for interiors and exteriors which are custom made)please feel free to contact me for any requirement and query. my contact no is +918147819700
  • 86. Thomas said on October 24, 2012
    Hello, Am a German looking for business partner for quarry. I have 18,000 acres of land with Igneous rock in Nigeria, IF you are interested please you can contact me with this E-mail.
  • 87. J PATRA said on October 28, 2012
    Hello, I would like to start a business of marbles and sanitary appliances. Please give me on how to proceed. J.PATRA
  • 88. raz said on October 28, 2012
    Hello , I am looking for a business partner who has showroom or warehouse in uk, I can bring the marbles, granite and the machinery. please contact me
  • 89. Safi said on October 29, 2012
    Hello all, i am doing business of (Afghan White Marble) here in Afghanistan so i need trader and suppliers of others country to export them from Afghanistan we have too much tons of marble available in out stock. i need dealership opportunities from various companies. emai:
  • 90. Joshy Sebastian said on October 30, 2012
    I am about to start a tile shop. People who are dealing with ceramic, vitrified, granite & marble can contact me for display of your products. I am from Thodupuzha, Idukki dst. Kerala Contact no.09847708488
  • 91. John Sipho Ngwenya said on October 31, 2012
    Hi am a South African, am interested in starting a granites business in my country South Africa, my question is what tools and knowledge I must have, or the any bridging course that I can attend to introduce me to this business, please assist where possible
  • 92. shiva g swami said on November 1, 2012
    Hi i am swami s g & i want to start a marble & granites business in pune (maharashtra) then i need to ask you
    1) what is the process of start this business?
    2) which types of document is needed for this business?
  • 93. SUSHIL KUMAR said on November 1, 2012
    hi. This is sushil kumar from Hyderabad. recently we are started granite quarry at near to Kurnool dist. The granite color is IMPERIAL BROWN. And it was high density stone, And not observe water, very less pin holes and air cracks. And presently we are holding 120 Cubic meters. I want to establish my granite to all of india. Interested buyers and wholesalers contact me for granite block and slabs. RS GRANITES. Ph: 9000444566, Email:
  • 94. Hitesh Jaiswal said on November 5, 2012
    Hi All, I want to setup a granite and marble business in my home town ie Dewas (M.P.)India . So i want to collect all the information about the products and suppliers in india. Please email me all the information you have that will help me out in a new initiation. I will be very thankful to you for your support. Regards, Hitesh Jaiswal
  • 95. jaykantha said on November 8, 2012
    Jaykantha. we have started export granite marbles our show room in usa germany Nigeia and Austrila pls contact this no 9036902744
  • 96. Khadir said on November 10, 2012
    hi, we started a company of installation of marble, granites, ceramic tiles and all types of natural products. We are located in Udupi district , karnataka State. We had qualified and professional fixers who worked in GCC countries and in india also. We also suggest and making designs to our client. So we request you to please do not hesitate to call us if any installation or maintenance works of marble and granites anywhere in karnataka. My email id is ,, and contact no is, 0091-8861345078
  • 97. mohamed said on November 10, 2012
    i have more than 17 yrs experience in granite/marble/sandstone/slates industry. i have rich international marketing experience. traveled to more than 22 countries & can speak French too. any company wanting an international marketing manager in INDIA/CANADA/CHINA can get in touch with me at
  • 98. Abosede Akinlolu said on November 13, 2012
    We are looking forward to an interested investors in doing and partner a Quarry business in Nigeria.
  • 99. Raghu Reddy said on November 14, 2012
    We supply Granite Block & slabs for Tan Brown and Coffee Brown. Interested parties please contact
  • 100. vaasuu said on November 17, 2012
    hi, i'm from india. we know all the details and availabilities of all types of indian granites. we welcome foreign
  • 101. rakesh said on November 18, 2012
    sir i want to start vitrified tiles dealership work/ want to open my own showroom of vitrified tiles in haryana nearby Delhi. so sir you pls suggest me my best location where i can get more and more customers to buy my product (vitrified tiles) nearby Delhi in haryana to open my own showroom of vitrified tiles. Also suggest me how much it cost to open tiles showroom & best methods to gain the markets easily n quickly. Waiting for ur best reply. Thanks
  • 102. ravi.d said on November 21, 2012
    hi, hallo i have grey granite qurary lease in tumkur . karnataka and all so i want export granite blocks pls help me. My mobile no +918095143616
  • 103. Suresh Mehta said on November 24, 2012
    Hello All, We are exporting Granites slabs, tiles in Dubai from India. There are few challenges we are facing now
    1. How can i get less costly granite in Rajasthan (India)?
    2. Looking for new buyers in abroad.
    If you have any assistance, you people can reach me on phone#+91-08058019245 or e-mail me on
  • 104. SRIKANT TIKOTIKAR KOPPAL said on November 25, 2012
    Hi Hello. i want to start Granites slab & marble showroom in our town koppal (karnatak)INDIA. i have good place at commercial area in koppal. pls give me ideas how to start & success in business. cell - 9900547777,
  • 105. DEEPU said on November 28, 2012
    We are looking for good quarry owners to purchase different variety of granites in india. please contact at
  • 106. R PATEL said on December 1, 2012
    hi i want to start my own business in marble industries in surat so please confirm which document is required first, pls help me. Best regards, R.Patel
  • 107. atul said on December 3, 2012
    i am looking for buyers of granite in india n abroad. granite, tiles, marbles are available in different colours. plz contact we will do pure business.
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    Sir, I want to start my first time business of marbles & tiles in andhra pradesh , India. I need some information of startup procedure, capital and other required information and My Email- sukkireddi Thanking you
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    Sir, I want to start my first time business of marbles & tiles in andhra pradesh Madanapalle chittor dist, India. I need some information of startup procedure, capital and other required informationcom Thanking you.
  • 113. jtoves said on December 16, 2012
    I would like to start a granite business in Guam and would like additional information regarding capital required, and verified distributors/granite quarries able to ship to Guam and costs associated with that. Also any other information pertinent to owning and starting the business venture.
  • 114. Vusi Bongwe said on December 18, 2012
    Me and my partner hold a EPL for marble reserve of 16 000 ha in Namibia. We are looking at the investor (international) who can acquire 70% stake in the business. Full exploration and quarry development still to be done. Contact me at +27 (083)267 5583
  • 115. chiranjivi Granites Raghubir Agarwal said on December 22, 2012
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  • 117. krishna murthy said on December 31, 2012
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  • 119. Vishal said on January 4, 2013
    Dear Sir, Being an Interior Designer living in London, I want to start off my own dealership of Granite Import in London. I have found a supplier already from Mumbai to here but dont know the custom legals to follow as the supplier I have found, is a bit too dear dumb on this topic as he is not educated apart from knowing the knowledge of selling his stone to his customers. Can someone help, please! 00447872055806
  • 120. Babu Maddala said on January 6, 2013
    Mr Vishal, please tell your supplier to contact me at for the export procedures. Or we can help you with exports from india
  • 121. Shaquille E. said on January 7, 2013
    Hey all I'm interested in starting a granite and marble business basically would like to become a importer and distributor. I'm looking to open my business up in Alabama, USA. I'm really interested in know what some of the start up costs would be, capital require (ie do I receive slabs on a credit or do I buy inventory from quarry and if so how much would an average slab cost), and also what are the cost required and paperwork required on importing the slabs to the States. Also any other information on starting a business. You guys can reach me at my email Thanks
  • 122. chaitanya said on January 10, 2013
    i have slabs polishing factory, i want to export stones to different places......
  • 123. mukesh chhaparwal said on January 11, 2013
    Hi everyone this is mukesh i live at kishangarh that is place which is called as the largest europe marble i want to start one more showroom in dubai so someone can help to start.
  • 124. RaviMarar said on January 14, 2013
    Hi, i would like to start a granite shop in Kerala, India. I need some suggestions from experienced. how to improve, some implements and other options
  • 125. imran said on January 15, 2013
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    Assalamualaikum. I'm from India, we supply black granite's in huge amount in South India. I want to start our business in UAE or any part of Gulf. Kindly let me know the procedure and cost(approximately) to launch our business here in UAE. You can reach me at Thanks in Advance. Jazakallah.
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    Hello, I want to start a Tiles & Marbles manufacturing factory in Nigeria, and I need experts in the field that can help with docs showing the capital, raw materials and machinery needed. I may partner the person and bring him/her as an Expatriate for a smooth running Company. email me:
  • 129. Rakesh said on January 29, 2013
    hello all i just bumped into this site and noticed so many posts of people mentioning that you have interest in starting a granite and marbles business. i hail from a family of granite business men. we had our own quarries in india and we were miners, importers, exporters, distributors of granites and marbles in india. right now my father( who has about 25 years of experience in the field) is looking for business prospects. to get in touch with me you can send me a short email at rakeshpc@rocket or or you can call me on +91 809 566 8242
  • 130. shiv shankar mundhra said on February 1, 2013
    Hello friends I just want to know about the stability of this industry in near future. If this industry has got the full cup of tea then what more innovativeness can be done on the similar lines. Also I want to know how do the big builders in India and outside India purchase marbles, tiles, granite etc. Do they directly contact the miners or they go with the retail outlets located in every part of the country. Regards Shiv Mundhra
  • 131. Irfan Awan said on February 7, 2013
    We are a Pakistani Company dealing in export of Marble to worldwide. We have been quarrying and processing all kinds of stone for generations. For instance, marble, granite, tombstone, sandstone, slate stone, slabs & titles, bathroom & kitchen counter tops, man made stone, fireplaces and soon. You can contact me if you are seriously interested in import of Pakistani Marble and products. All the business would be done through Bank. Regards Irfan Awan. Lahore, Pakistan.
  • 132. Irfan Awan said on February 7, 2013
    I welcome all of those who are serious interested in importing of Marble from Pakistan, to contact without hesitation for business detail, plan & project. I welcome all, just email me. Regards Irfan Awan Lahore, Pakistan
  • 133. pietratrading said on February 7, 2013
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  • 136. krishna said on February 18, 2013
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  • 138. Cornelius said on February 20, 2013
    Hi, we are about to start with the production of slate slabs. We are based in Namibia. How can we be linked to international markets? Regards, Cornelius
  • 139. Nigel said on February 20, 2013
    Hello from Western Canada! We are expanding our local Tile and Stone installation business. We are looking to speak with, and then travel internationally to meet, friendly professionals like ourselves. We are an established company, and are looking for long-term, honest, suppliers of quality stone and tile products. How do we go about meeting good people in the vast international market? What is the best market for Canadians to import from? Thanks, Nigel
  • 140. sampatlal said on February 21, 2013
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  • 143. Eju Mathew said on March 1, 2013
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  • 144. ravindranath said on March 10, 2013
    since 12 years i was in working in iron ore mines, but i am interested in granite quarry. i want to do granite trading, i directly want to sell to the customers so that the middle mens can purchase them
  • 145. Ugo can said on March 13, 2013
    Good day, I'm located in Ghana in Africa and I want to start the granite production business. Please I need a good business plan to make this work.
  • 146. mohan said on March 17, 2013
    I want to start marble business so please tell me suggestion. This is good business or not.
  • 147. Yogesh Patil said on March 21, 2013
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  • 150. vijay shirodkar said on March 28, 2013
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  • 151. Hitesh said on March 29, 2013
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    I am doing marble job. I have 22 years experience. I am searching for own business or another job.
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    Hi, I am a fresher and need to invest and start a Granite & Marble business in gujarat tapi-dist(songadh), India. Please enlighten me about the procedures from start to finish of how to set up the business.. i want wholesaler who can supply marble and or mail me
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  • 167. Raj said on May 6, 2013
    Hi there, My name is Raj and i live in Perth(WA) Australia. and i want to start Importing Marbles/Greynites to Australia. I'm already trying to contact some people in Rajasthan(India) who have Querries there. If any body can help me who have his own Querry in India or who Exports Marbles from india. But 1st I want to know the Total cost including the Exporting Expenses. If anybody can help me with this i'll really appreciate this. My mail id is ( & my contact no is (+61-470379933) Thnx
  • 168. S KOMALAN said on May 12, 2013
    Hai all, Now a days marble granite and tiles business is a good one because granite is a product that every day public needed for example black granite if anybody is making a home, they must need kitchen tops and stair areas. If anybody have money to invest in this business who has no knowledge about these, i can help him/her how to start it, how much investment required, how can source the materials and how can market it in the local areas and what is the profit etc. Sure, it is a very profitable business, if u have a some own or rented land on national highway faced or city based or any publicly looking area, then we can start it, if u have a minimum of 25 lacs or more, u can start a small business. If anybody need help in India or abroad, sure call me i am available on 08943075131. regards
  • 169. Md. Arshad Jawaid said on May 16, 2013
    I want to know sales plan of marble & granite and who will be our probable customer in Dubai (UAE)
  • 170. Kamlesh Patel said on May 21, 2013
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  • 171. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on May 25, 2013
    hai viewers, most of the peoples dosen't know how to start a marble and granite business, if anybody would like to start this business, first upon you have a thorough study of products, where it can easily source and whatever formalities required for transportation of the materials and also sales tax related matters etc. it is better to appoint an experienced technician who can handle all this matters, so that u can only look after the investment and other matters. || Consultant

  • 172. sumit jain said on June 4, 2013
    business location -new delhi, experience-20 years. deals in-all kinds of italian and indian marble and granites.
  • 173. venkat said on June 13, 2013
    Vietnam country. Please provide us statistics of import and export of granite and local market in Vietnam country. We want to start granite business in Vietnam.
  • 174. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on June 14, 2013
    While starting marble granite business there must be some ideas about the sales, purchase, and laying works, it is a major fact of this business, because for example: one trader supplying 2000 sq.ft. granite to a customer, the same trader must be sent the required laying masons, because if some colour or cracks are there in some slabs, sure the masons can easily handle this matter without knowledge of the client. if anybody require helps for starting this business, sure they can contact me 100 percent i will give them the correct information i.e. how to start it? what procedures are there? how can source different materials? how can market it in his area? how can use the waste of the materials without loss of their money and at last how is coming profit etc. my telephone number is 8943075131. regards have a nice day. || Consultant

  • 175. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on June 14, 2013

  • 176. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on June 16, 2013
    Hai, my business location is kerala, karnataka, andhra, gujarat, rajasthan, m.p., orissa. If anobdy would like to start marble granite business the profit way is like. i am giving the stroy of the profit, SUPPOSE WE PURCHASE 1000 SQ.FT. BLACK GRANITE FROM ANDHRAPRADESH THE PURCHASE COST IS RS.90/ SQ.FT. THE LOCAL TAX IS 2%, LOADING CHARGE IS RS.1500/TRUCK AND THE TRANSPORTATION IS KHAMMAM TO KERALA IS RS.3000/TONE. 1000 SQ.FT. MATERIAL WIEGHT IS 7.5 TONE, WHEN THIS TRUCK IS REACHING KERALA BORDER, THERE WE HAVE TO PAY A 13.5% ENTRY TAX. SO THE TOTAL OF RS.30/ IS COMING APPROXIMATELY EXTRA COST PLUS 90/ SQ.FT. = 120/. it is the landing cost. Please note that one trader get a measurement benefit there at the time of purchasing the material, so we get an extra more than 100 sq.ft. as measurement from the factory so the total quantity is coming 1100 at the time reaching the material in our site. here we sell it @ Rs.150/ sq.ft., so we get a minimum of Rs.20 to 30/ sq.ft. profit plus the measurement benefit of 100 sq.ft. 100 x 150 = Rs.15,000/-this exactly an extra benefit in addition to our actual profit. So after selling this 1100 sq.ft. material one trader can easily get Rs.30 to 45000/- profit. So, if anybody would like to start this business, please dont waste your time for thinking, take decision fast and be a granite marble trader. If anyone need help, sure they can contact me on 08943075131 or regards || Consultant

  • 177. nareendra said on June 19, 2013
    CHATUR GRANITE placed in BATTARAHALLI, OLD MADRAS ROAD, SERVICE ROAD NEAR BAGHINI ANDHRA HOTEL. Need people who can supply other state coloured materials. contact -09845137762.
  • 178. komalan. s said on June 20, 2013
    Hai i am giving reply of @RaviMarar, QUISTION NMBR. 124 dated 14th January, 2013. Sir, if u r watching the details i had given above, u can easily start this business. In addition the above, i am giving some other informations also for the improvement of the business. first u must find out some 25 cent land on road face which is accesable for heavy trucks and also public passing route, then make a shed within 10 cent area that made by G.I pipes with tin sheet alongwith one side wall, this wall will help you for making a big panel board which is useful for giving wall tiles display and also vitrified tiles which colours u r dealing so that a customer can easily watch it and select the materials as per their choice. the balance floor area you can use for keep vitrified and wall other floor tiles. Then the open yard you can use for keeping granite and marble slabs. Also make 2 small rooms consisting 100 sq.ft. each, it can be used for your own and staffs office. it is too much for a small trader. If u need some more help, sure please call me 8943075131. This is a good business step by step u will be a big business man have a nice day and god bless you.
  • 179. osborne Adi said on June 22, 2013
    Our company is located at plot 863 phase 2 AMAC Housing Estate, Airport Road, Abuja. FCT, Nigeria.
  • 180. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on June 22, 2013
    Dear Shri Osborne Adi, President/CEO, Headbridge Global Services Limited, Abuja, NIGERIA. Please refer to your above inquiry, I can help you for arranging granite and marble materials from India, while please read my above tips, as you know i am having good relationships with all India marble and granite manufactures, Marble mines and manufactures are in Rajasthan State and also some varieties of granite is available in Rajasthan but 50% are in Karnataka state 20% in Andhra State, 20% in Tamilnadu and Maharashtra and 10% in Orissa, M.P states. I am traveling all these states for finding different and new varieties of materials they are manufacturing. My job is quality inspection, measurements etc. If you need my help, you are most welcome. My e mail i d is and phone number is +91 8943075131. Thanking you and with best regards. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN. || Consultant

  • 181. senthil said on June 24, 2013
    This is Rajan/Senthil ( Sri Balaji Real Developers ) from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. We are Real Estate promoter. We have 280 acres of our client property in Dindugul, Its fully Rock of Green Granite ( Charnockite). We have all the documents of that property and certified copy of the Granite by PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore. Granite mountain height is 800 meter. We have to sell this property immediately. We are attached of the Granite certificate. If you are interested to buy this property please call us. Thank you, Regards, Rajan / Senthil, Sri Balaji Real Developers, 09841753733,
  • 182. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on June 25, 2013
    Hai everybody, This site is very useful for a new one who is planning to start granite and marble business, because from the 182 tips given above are very very useful for the new comers. I wish this web site owners and the peoples who are supporting for this site a very good wishes for opening this site which gives the unknown peoples who has no knowledge about granite and marble business. And also i wish all the tips given this site which is very valuable for the viewers. regards. || Consultant

  • 183. Sulaiman said on July 10, 2013
    We M/s Kohinoor Marble House (India), we deal in granite and marbles since 1984. We have own mines for granite and marble also we deal with sand stone and lime stone. We also have contract many other mines in Rajasthan. We have 100+ varieties at the best price when compared to other exporters in India, We also do articles like monuments, statue, gate, grills at your choice. If any one has interest to do business please contact us at 0091 7667165011 and email: Thanks and Regards Sulaiman H
  • 184. Kamalesh Pednekar said on July 13, 2013
    Hi I want to start my first time business of Granite , marbles & tiles in Rural Karnataka , India. I need some information of start up of above business like basic investment where to approach for genvin cutting & polishing machines etc. My Email- Thanking you sir
  • 185. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 14, 2013
    hai everybody, i am giving reply of @Kamalesh Pednekar question number 187. for starting a small granite and marble dealership, first you have to choose a good location it means road accessibility for heavy trucks and lot of public passing everyday, so that you dont need any advertisement, 2nd you have to keep a minimum of 50 cents land, and you have to make a shed of 10-15 thousand sq.ft. 2 sides sheds are good, because the materials can be unloaded both sides. 3rd is investment, you have to keep minimum 3.00 lacs for a truck load, containing 3300 sq.ft. (in this truck you can select 3 items of each 1100 sq.ft.) suppose if you purchase 3 loads, sure you have keep more than 9 to 10 colours., 4th is you have approach the sales tax department for registration for availing tax benefit and billing purpose. The initial investment is Rs.15,00,000/- without installing machineries. first you start trading, thereafter when your are becoming financially sound, that time you think about the machineries. Please also keep good 2/3 persons who has good experience for measurement, giving advises to customers and taking orders etc. I hope the above are sufficient for starting your small business. sure you will get a good margin. in case of any doubts, please send me the same, so that i can help you for more better. || Consultant

  • 186. Afroze said on July 15, 2013
    Hi we are from india have much experience regarding indian colours and want to export to Singapore, , malaysia, Dubai etc. we can deal the material like Black galaxy, premium black, red multi, paradiso bosh, paradiso classic, ruby red, imperial white, Wiscont white, Steel Grey, lavender blue and many more indian colours. we can supply for resonal price. For more details contact. Mobile:091 9052434691,
  • 187. vinod jain said on July 16, 2013
    i am interested deal in granite business . i have raw material granite mines in shivpuri its my own .
  • 188. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 16, 2013
    Dear Mr. @Vinod jain, you have not mentioned your contact details, please add your mail i.d. and also your mobile number so that a client can contact you, otherwise how can contact you. i am interested to check the quality of your product. regards. || Consultant

  • 189. Kel said on July 16, 2013
    We are a United Kingdom based investment company which work with some of the best quality quarries around the world currently looking to expand our distribution network in mables, Granite,Limestone,slate,quartz,onyx,compac ,tiles. etc. We do have quality mables , tiles etc from Italy,Spain,Portugal,Brazil any body who is trying to start up or have an existing business but looking for good and reliable suppliers directly from the sources please contact us on +44 744 615 3660 or Email:
  • 190. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 16, 2013
    Dear Mr. @Kel, I am expert in marble and granite from India my area of business is in the state of Kerala. really nobody has not importing granites and marbles directly from the manufactures from U.K. and now a days the scope of Imported materials demands are automatically increasing in Indian market while i am saying most of Indian granites are very soft absorbing capacity is high compare to Imported materials. Please see, i can arrange few buyers in Indian market, therefore please mail me whatever materials are manufacturing ? and the cost of materials ? etc. on Please note that i am an expert of this products and more than 25 years experience in Marble Manufacturing Plant and in all India marketing. Purchase, Quality checking and marketing is my present profession. My telephone number is +91 8943075131. Best regards: SIVANANDAN KOMALAN (S.KOMALAN)INDIA (KERALA) || Consultant

  • 191. Burciner said on July 21, 2013
    I am expert in marble and granite from Turkey. please contact with us
  • 192. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 26, 2013

    Hai viewers, Starting marble and granite laying work business.  It is a good one if an individual like to start it, sure he/her can earn huge money from it., while i am saying because of only you have some knowledge about the products and also have some other technical knowledge about the laying work like taking measurements of the building and quantity calculations, helping clients for choosing quality materials, non-wastage of materials etc.  For example if you are taking 1000 sq.ft. granite laying work, i can give you a small explanation about the profit Rs.30 to 60/ sq.ft. is the laying charge of granite, it means Rs.60000/- after laying this 1000 sq.ft. material, the final measurements will be come nearabout 1300 sq.ft. (all the skirtings and other small measurements would be calculated on RUNNING FEET MEASUREMENT BASIS) so you can get another Rs.18,000/- extra benefit. so the total amount will be Rs.78000/-. After giving labour wages u can sure get Rs.20 to 30000/- very easily.  regards SIVANANDAN KOMALAN || Consultant

  • 193. Kamalesh Pednekar said on July 28, 2013
    Dear @KOMALAN SIVANANDAN, Thank you very much fr ur precious advice. Believe me it helped me a lot Sir.... Now i'm much more confident abt starting up. And i hv got land which is well connected to nh4 n surrounding 70km there is no such factory. thank u very much.
  • 194. nikhil said on July 29, 2013
    hi m nikhil. i have my own granite factory in karnataka ....specialist in black granite me 09739839915
  • 195. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 29, 2013

    Hello viewers, Starting a new granite marble dealership is not an easy matter, if you have sufficient money and place etc. u can't start it, for which the consent person has a basic knowledge of this business for that you must visit few such companies and see what they are doing and what kind of materials they have sotcked and which materials is fastly moving and what is the prices of each materials and how much is the purchase cost and other extra expenses etc. at last what is coming the net landing cost, then only can calculate our profit.  sure one trader can get a measurement benefit from the manufacturer it is not included the exact measurements., of course you will get this extra measurements profit, it is totally an extra amount.  Regarding cracks and other damages, you must create a person who can inspect the materials before measurements and loading so that you can avoid the breakages etc.  sure on this method, u can easily earn a good profit and step by step u will become a great business person. || Consultant

  • 196. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 31, 2013

    @ravindranath, Please refer your interest to start your own marble and granite shop, it is a wise thinking because you have some experience in this field, so dont waste your time to start this business and enjoy the benefit. please go through the information i have given above which will help you more to start this business. || Consultant

  • 197. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 31, 2013

    @sanjay, refer your message 6/6/2011  regarding starting a granite factory in Chittoor district. regarding starting a plant in Andhra now a days, it is very difficult because the shortage of power is the major factor in this state, and also the increased prices of machineries and labour charges etc.  for starting a small unit you have to install one Block cutter, 3 units of polishing machines, water treatment plant etc.  so the approximate money you have in your hand Rs.1.00 crore for the balance 1 crore you can get working capital from major nationalised banks. Another major factor is sourcing raw materials, most of the mines are closed in Andhra because of non-availability of good materials, for your purpose you have to purchase raw materials from other states like Tamil nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra the cost of outside materials are high compare to your state materials. I think it is better to start a trading of granite and marbles in your area step by step you can start a small unit. regards. || Consultant

  • 198. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 31, 2013

    @RaviMarar, Dear Shri marar, it is a good and wise thinking to start such a business, you know now a days the demand of granite and marble, vitrified tiles are very high compare to other indian states, while i am saying because of the development of our cities day to day growth of housing complexes, apartments, shopping malls, individual villas, auditoriums etc.  so please start the business as early as possible.  you know the profit is very high compare to any other business. please have your feed back to  regards || Consultant

  • 199. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on July 31, 2013

    @Vivek Jain, Please refer your inquiry about starting granite and marble business in canada, the scope of this business in canada is an 100% success because the present situation of canada, lots of developments and other countries peoples are immigrating day to day and also the government has planning to give more other countries peoples for setting their families.  It is improving the total business structure of canada.  Therefore, this is the best time to start such a business in this country.  I think you are an Indian and lots of Indian materials are available for exporting from India to Canada., first you have to study about the market or appoint an experienced person who has  thorough knowledge about all the materials and also to search good buyers and market this product in canada.  pls note that i am having more than  25 years experience in this field and i am interested to come Canada, while i am showing this interest, Canada is one of the good country for living indians and also doing business.  Pls have your reply to  regards || Consultant

  • 200. SIVANANDAN KOMALAN expert adviser said on August 2, 2013

    @Anil Dutta, Hello Mr. Anil Dutta, this KOMALAN SIVANANDAN as a consultant of this web site, i would like to know in which area was your experience selling or purchasing or importing granite and marbles, while i am asking I am from Kerala market and here nobody is importing materials from other countries directly, while i  am asking you because of the demands of imported materials are very  high in Kerala market and if you can arrange imported materials to kerala traders, i can arrange few traders throughout kerala.  you can have a reply to me via e mail or 08943075131.  regards || Consultant

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