How to Get Babysitting License


Babysitting is one of the acknowledged practical jobs in our present society. This is because everyone can learn to do it, especially now that there are tailored trainings in order to become a licensed babysitter.

Aside from that, it is also one way of saving more money since you can have it as your part time job.

If you really like children, then you have an advantage over the other aspiring babysitter. This is because you will not only earn money from it but most importantly, you will have fun while doing it. In addition to this, you will not find it hard to babysit children since you are accustomed to them. However, if you are not exposed to children and you do not really like them a lot, then you can take advantage of the trainings that some institutions provide in order to obtain a babysitting license.

Steps on Getting a Babysitting License

  • Know the Age Requirement

    In order for you to get a babysitting license, you must first know the age requirement of such job. Although babysitting seems to be an easy job, you must bear in mind that it also brings a big responsibility on you. Taking care of the child and ensuring his safety must be your priority. Thus, there is an age requirement for one to become a licensed babysitter. For most states, the age requirement usually ranges between 11 years old and above.

  • Talk to parents

    Talk to the parents in your community and tell them that you are very much interested of taking care of their kids. In this case, you have to convince them that you are capable of taking care of their children even if they are not allowed. If you are taking a babysitting class, tell it to them. This will definitely convince them of your babysitting capability.

  • Get Background Information

    Read a lot of books that you think will provide you with the essential information about babysitting. You can also talk to your friends or to the parents themselves. Listen to their advice.

  • Be a Mother’s Helper

    A mother’s helper is one who normally plays with the children while the parents are still home. As a helper, you lighten the burden of the parents and provide them a chance of getting things done quickly.

  • Learn in a Babysitting Class

    There are a lot of institutions that are now offering babysitting class in order for one to acquire their license. One of these institutions is the Red Cross. The local hospitals in your community might be providing a class too.

  • Get First Aid Credentials

    It is very important for parents that their babysitter is well equipped with the knowledge of first aid. This is because unfortunate events may happen, and your first aid credentials might be able to save their kids’ lives. Thus, institutions like Red Cross make sure that aside from the babysitting class, you also have first aid credentials before giving you your babysitting license.


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