How to Start a Biscuit Business


Establishing a biscuit business can be a rewarding enterprise. This business doesn’t include costly materials and extensive effort.

To make it more successful, making delicious biscuits and accurate marketing strategies is highly recommended.

Competitive market is experienced by large numbers of businessmen. To become a successful businessman, you have to ensure that you are equipped with knowledge on your chosen industry. If you love baking, you should know how to start a biscuit business. For better understanding about this business, take the following paragraphs as your guide:

Effective Tips

People who decide to start their own biscuit business must first contact the business licensing and zoning bureau. As a businessman, you have to consider license, registration, permits, insurance, taxation and many more. Starting up capital is also needed in pursing your small business. You also need to consider the location of your business and selling strategies. In selling, you can sell your biscuits either online or through local shops. It is also needed to check wholesale prices from local wholesalers to another. Writing an effective business plan is also imperative for your business success. This will determine your monthly expenses, income and other related details.

Factors to Consider in Establishing a Biscuit Business

Before urging to have a large biscuit business, it is best to start in a small one. Once it becomes successful, that’s the time that you will create a business expansion. In expanding your biscuit stores, you have to examine your preferred location. It should be more reachable to all customers for better selling. In handling huge biscuit business, it is best to hire some employers needed for your daily operation. Your chosen employees must know how to bake biscuits and with great communication skills. Aside from hiring of employees, another factor that you need to consider is the regular pricing of your biscuit. Pricing should not be very high to become more accessible to every buyer.

Marketing Your Business

Advertising your business is an effective way of reaching your preferred daily sales. Since there are several marketing strategies, you are probably confused on how to select the perfect tactic that matches to your business. To advertise your business, you can distribute fliers and other paraphernalia. You can also post your special products via online or local newspapers. The word-to-word is also one way of advertising your product. Just make sure that you create a delicious product to encourage more customers at hand.

Make Your Business More Famous and Achieve Success

To improve your business operation, it is also best to make some partnerships to other restaurants. Regular supplier of biscuits means that you have a constant income to your regular customers. For more improvement, you can also improve your packaging and offer various services as well.


  • 1. shashi sanmarg said on 7/13/2012 11:20:46 PM
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  • 2. Abhishek Ghoghari said on 1/5/2013 11:45:48 PM
    Bhadgoan, Jalgoan, Maharastra, India,424105. Sir My Question is all permissions for start biscuits business. And permission of vegetarian logo.
  • 3. Mohammed Ikramullah said on 9/9/2013 6:38:15 AM
    I want to set up an automatic biscuit production Plant in Bangladesh of approx 250 Kgs per hour production capacity for that I would like to procure Chinese Machinery and Eqpt. I am looking for a machine Supplier for collaboration. Mohammed Ikrasmullah, KRIS industrial Services, 19, central Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh Email: Cell: 01713002513
  • 4. Sriram sharma said on 2/16/2014 1:19:20 PM
    Sir i want to start my own biscuit business at a low. Scale, plz advice my how to start this
  • 5. fauziah Mohamed Yah said on 3/13/2014 11:21:12 AM
    I'm in biscuit manufacturer base in Malaysia ,looking forward for expansion fully auto. Looking for more business plan .
  • 6. fauziah Mohamed Yah said on 3/13/2014 11:23:19 AM
    would like to share more success story outside from Malaysia. Kindly email me at or can contact me at cell phone +6012-3986348
  • 7. mohammed said on 7/2/2014 5:31:17 AM
    sir, i have started a biscuit company in a small scale in thanjavur(tamilnadu). but i cant trade my biscuit easily. in my company making biscuits like joosberi,salt,fruit,coconut etc. so please help me to get more orders for my biscuit. its my email id or its my cell no: +918220325214
  • 8. Abhishek sharma said on 7/19/2014 7:38:51 AM
    Sir, I want to know about how start biscuit making and machinery to produce so kindly give me full detail of it. Abhishek 09887661574
  • 9. D.venkatanarayana said on 8/8/2014 4:56:05 AM
    Health biscuit I Want to know start biscuit making and machinery to produce so kindly give me full detail of it Dabbara Babu 9848223108
  • 10. Tufail akhter sohail akhter said on 8/11/2014 3:59:33 PM
    Dear sir my first choice in delhi or aligarh other wise darbhanga so u suggest me and my target amount is(20000) thousand .
  • 11. khizer hussain said on 9/15/2014 8:56:00 AM
    sir, i have a half acre in out of my town which is approx 5 km, i have plan of starting a small business of biscuit manufacturing, could you pls help me required capital including license fee, machinery. building construction, etc
  • 12. jaswinder singh said on 11/27/2014 7:20:24 PM
    Sir, i setup my biscuit making business in small scale near meerut city .....sir i want some advice about this how can set up this business, kindly give me detail step wise step. thank you...
  • 13. jaiagarwal said on 12/1/2014 11:33:05 AM
    what license is required to making biscuits list send me what types of licence is require
  • 14. mr.kiram p. sampao said on 12/4/2014 3:42:04 AM
    Good day, please be inform that 10 million local muslims in the philippines, need to establish a biscuit manufacturing company the ist ever factory to be establish to the bangsamoro autonomous region, the propose site is iligan city, one of industrial city in mindanao near the port of iligan and 1 hour from international airport. honestly, we have no technical knowhow to set up biscuit factory, but the marketing had a big potential because local muslim are sensitive to buy foods and sympatize muslim made product,the local and imported material were available, the machineries can directly import in china or other source with government free of tax because of incentives give by the government, please give up options by way of joint venture or any options from your, and estimated cost to start up. thank you. haji kiram p. Sampao
  • 15. Gurvinder singh said on 12/17/2014 10:26:15 AM
    Hello sir plz give me advice to startup biscuit factory and give full detail of factory machinery .plz contect 09896959185
  • 16. umasankar said on 12/28/2014 2:27:16 AM
    Hi can you please guide me how to start small biscuit business and how much price to start the business and what r the component required to make the biscuit
  • 17. karthik said on 1/1/2015 4:31:01 AM
    My father making a biscuits in small quantity so I want to expand it by making variety of biscuits by using fully Automated machines so pls help me
  • 18. himesh chawda said on 3/3/2015 2:51:11 AM
    hello sir plz give me advice to startup biscuit factory please provide details how to start business and project report please provide my email id.
  • 19. ovayo said on 4/5/2015 3:06:45 PM
    I am in the small town of the Eastern Cape province, South Africa, wanting to start a biscuit manufacturing business. I do not have an information or knowledge of making biscuits, however, would like to take advantage of the opportunity considering that there is no manufacturer of biscuits in the area. could you please give me some tips and what machinery needed for starters. Thank you
  • 20. zala pradip sinh said on 7/22/2015 3:03:18 PM
    Gujarat surendernagar. Sir, I am new business biscuits factory manufacturing, please provide details projects report and production selling market detail.
  • 21. Anirudha B said on 7/24/2015 10:19:47 AM
    Hello, I need information to start a biscuit manufacturing plant on a small scale. Please guide me on machinery & equipment required. Also kindly mention the approx. setup cost for this plant. Pune, Maharashtra (India). Regards.
  • 22. Imtiyaz ahnad bhat said on 10/14/2015 10:06:18 AM
    I am going to start the new biscuit making plant in kulgam kashmir j&k india.If anybody wants to have a joint venture with me please call me on 8803938943
  • 23. JITENDRA KUMAR said on 10/25/2015 11:08:20 AM
  • 24. Mr. Ranjan Malik said on 12/25/2015 3:40:36 AM
    I want to start business of biscuits with manufacturing and exports in domestic also.Please guide us
  • 25. vijay mortade said on 2/6/2016 4:33:30 PM
    I want to start low budget making biscuits in metpally,telangana from where to buy machinery and biscuits(food) items.please advice me,how much budget is necessary for startup
  • 26. kapil pathania said on 5/4/2016 6:08:59 AM
    Hi am kapil pathania I want to start any business please advice me Contact no. 07696969697
  • 27. Vipul said on 5/24/2016 1:24:56 AM
    I want to start small biscuit business (At home) pleased advice me. Con 09662479828. Gujtat
  • 28. Santosh phapal said on 8/16/2016 6:24:48 AM
  • 29. Ravi said on 2/23/2017 5:13:22 AM
    Am Ravi I would like to start a biscuit factory in telangana state. Please provide information for me how to start and basic knowledge about starting.
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