How to Register a Trade Name

Naming your business cleverly is good but you must also ensure that your chosen name is not being used by others.

You should only be the one having that name.

Choosing and registering your trade name is required for any business. If you will use certain name for your business and not your personal name then you should register it to make sure that your chosen name will not be used by other companies. Registering your trade name will prevent legal problems with any other businesses. Generally, the registration for trade name can be done by filling out forms and paying fees.

A registered trade name gives you the exclusive ownership of a brand and stop imitators legally. It can provide protection legally and stop others from imitating your brand. So, it is important to know how to register a trade name for your business.

Steps when Registering

Step 1: Choose a Trade Name and Mark

Decide what trade name or mark you will register. Just be sure that the trade name must describe directly your product or service offered. Trade name must not make people mistaken on the nature of your products or services offered. It must not also conflict with other names registered by competitors. Be sure that it is unique and very distinctive.

Step 2: Meet Legal Requirements

You must be sure that your chosen trade mark and trade name meets all the legal requirements.

Step 3: Decide the Class of your Products or Services

You must decide the class where your products or services must be registered. All in all, there are 45 classes and 1-34 classes covering goods and the 35-45 classes are for services.

Step 4: Search for the Trade Mark

You need to determine whether your trade mark is already registered or there is a similar trade mark registered for the products or services or your business. Check out if no one else uses the same trade mark. You can ask assistance from a trade mark lawyer to know if your trade mark is still unique. He or she can organize searches on trade marks for you.

Step 5: File your Trade Mark

Once you or your hired trade mark lawyer finished the steps 1-4, you should file your trade mark. Once it is registered, it will be published and if there are no oppositions then it will be registered formally and receive legal certificate for this. However, if there are problems or oppositions with your registration then you need to solve them first. Your trade mark lawyer can greatly help you in this matter.


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