Starting a Motel Business

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Perhaps you are itching to start your own motel business, but you have no idea what to prepare and what to accomplish first before gaining that goal. With this article, you will no longer need to wonder and instead you can start getting your motel business up and running in no time.

Learn here how to start a mote business.

Do you love to take care of other people’s needs especially their accommodations away from home? Do you love to entertain travelers and provide them with shelter after a long day on the road? Then a motel business is the ideal enterprise for you. Here are the things that you will need to prepare if you plan to start your own motel business.

An Ideal Location for a Motel

Motels need to be placed in a location that motorists can pass by conveniently. That is why they are called motels, short for “motor hotels.” Unlike a full-sized motel, motorists that use your lodging expect to park their vehicles right outside your building. They expect to have easy access to their vehicles, something that also differentiates hotels from motels.

Friendly Staff

The staff is what makes a motel famous. You need to have friendly and accommodating staff that has the ability to make your guests feel right at home the moment they enter your establishment. You don’t need to have an elaborate lobby, just a simple receiving area is enough for your front desk. However, you should have friendly staff manning the front desk and greeting your visitors.

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Amenities for a Motel Business

Despite being smaller than hotels, your motel should be in no way inferior when it comes to your amenities. You will need excellent beds and beddings for the comfort of your guests. The furniture in your receiving area should be attractive and pleasing to the eyes, as well as comfortable. Each room should have their own televisions as well, as visitors would want to just relax inside their rooms and watch their favorite shows. You can choose to have a dining area and even your own buffet service if you can afford it. It is not compulsory, however, as most motel-goers prefer to eat outside. Other amenities would include free Internet access, both landline-based and wireless.

Acquiring a Business or Start Your Own?

Another way to starting your business is to acquire an existing motel and assume its management. The advantage to acquiring is that they already have an existing system and establishment, which will eliminate the need to construct a motel and fill it with amenities and equipment. You would need to consult the services of a broker for this, as they have extensive contacts and information on available businesses.

Whatever your decision, you would need to secure financing for your venture. The easiest and fastest way to get approved for a business loan is to prepare a business plan. A business plan gives lenders the security that they are seeking for, an assurance that you will pay back the money you have borrowed.

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  • 1. deepak patel said on 5/10/2009 12:21:29 PM
    hi, i need to migrate with my family from here and need to start motel business by taking over a well established motel on busy highway with big parking area. I am based in tanzania, east africa and am indian by origin but born and bought in tanzania and have some savings to invest in this venture with some help from usa bank. please provide broker contacts and the rest, thanking you in advance.
  • 2. JK said on 7/5/2009 1:05:53 PM
    Hi, I am Inidan born canadian. I need to migrate with my family from Canada to USA. I am interested to buy motel in North East, I need some basic guide and help from USA bank.
  • 3. JAYNUL ISLAM said on 12/7/2009 9:45:36 AM
  • 4. Motel Buyer said on 2/7/2010 12:48:12 PM
    Hi, I am from Toronto, Canada and I wish to start a motel business in Owen Sound, Canada. Please help me with tips on how to run a great motel business. Thank you very much.
  • 5. FREDDY BALENTINE said on 2/23/2010 12:47:17 AM
  • 6. feria aznita said on 3/18/2010 5:39:15 AM
    Hi...I'm Feria, A Director Marketing in Resort Hotel. But I have a plan to have own business for Budget Motel, since the town area is needed for it. I plan to have 30 - 40 rooms. The location is in Indonesia, North Sumatra. Pls help me. Start to built, set, and finishing to open. thank you, rgds, feria
  • 7. Milan Vucenic said on 4/13/2010 2:05:25 AM
    How to start small Motel business. Location: Vista, Ca. 92083.
  • 8. clarance d' almeida said on 6/22/2010 1:53:54 PM
    I want to open a motel at Off Hurantorio highway near Britannia ONTARIO CANADA
  • 9. tirupamroy said on 6/28/2010 9:04:31 AM
    hi I want to start up a motel business in Toronto / GTA
  • 10. ariviss said on 8/2/2010 11:51:12 PM
    i'm from malaysia...dear sir is it a good idea to open motel near harbour/port. Please do advise me
  • 11. kumar said on 8/25/2010 11:14:29 PM
    Hi I am from New York. I am interested in buying established motel with 20 rooms in busy high way. Pl advise.
  • 12. Anna said on 8/27/2010 10:57:11 AM
    hi, I am a Canadian. I want to start a motel business with my sister. she is US citizen in Chicago. She can get finance in the states. We are looking at Chicago area. We need advise. thanks
  • 13. channelle said on 9/7/2010 2:00:36 AM
    hi, i'm from australia and i'm wanting to start a small bed and breakfast/hotel with my best friend. we have a place with a good view but its been rundown for 2-3 years from a fire i was wondering if you could help us to start. please
  • 14. Himanshu said on 9/23/2010 10:00:26 AM
    What size of motel/hotel is profitable to run? Which destination USA or Canada is ideal in point of view of price of property? I am in Canada and Canadian citizen. What are the legal, financial and administrative requirement for Canadian corporation to run motel/hotel business in USA? Thanks, Himanshu
  • 15. Lani Lee said on 10/29/2010 2:13:42 AM
    Hi my name is Lani and i am looking for new and effective marketing ideas for the company i am working with. Kangaroo Motel is located in Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea. It has been taken over by new management (us) and we are trying to make known to all in town that this is so. You see the previous managers didn't manage the place properly hence it being sold and the motel isn't situated in a good area (safe area). But with the current developments of starting up a security firm as well and having the security base on premises we are hoping that people will change their minds about this place. Also the motel had a bad name in with past management as a place where their were prostitutes readily available and under the new management, we are trying to clean the place up. Please assist.
  • 16. lali said on 12/3/2010 12:39:34 PM
    Hi this is me , i and my husband was planning to start a motel in saint Louis Missouri . PLEASE HELP ME to find the good motel and the cost and of course the goodies we need to have before starting , and how much we need to loan ?
  • 17. Mike de silva said on 12/13/2010 8:24:16 PM
    Hi, I am interested in opening a small budget motel in City of Jaipur, India. I have no knowledge of motel business, I request your advise on minimum number of rooms, amenities, negative and positive points etc.etc. that would be important. Many thanks for your assistance. Mike
  • 18. Suresh Patel said on 12/16/2010 11:10:42 PM
    I have interest to buy motel out of GTA around 20 to 25 units with resident.
  • 19. Shirley said on 1/7/2011 2:17:35 PM
    Hi, I am seeking for your advice in setting up a motel in either India or Pakistan or Nepal or USA (N York).
  • 20. latasha said on 1/19/2011 10:44:40 PM
    I'm have a building in Brooklyn, new York and instead of renting the apartments would like to start a motel. Need help on what I need to do.
  • 21. Irene T said on 1/24/2011 10:07:02 AM
    I need help on setting up a motel business in Malacca. Please guide me.
  • 22. Dan said on 1/30/2011 8:18:36 AM
    Hi, I am planning to start motel business in Georgia, preferably by taking over a well established motel on busy highway with big parking area. Please provide broker contacts list. Thanks- Dan
  • 23. William Hammond said on 2/14/2011 3:33:14 PM
    I am interested in establishing a Budget lodge in Ghana a vast acres of land has already been acquired for the project on a busy hight way few kilometers from the capital Accra . I need basic guidance and financial help from U.S.A or Europe. Thanks for your cooperation. William.
  • 24. Mark said on 3/2/2011 12:29:24 PM
    I have a motel in Lubbock Texas.. I am looking for someone to live at this motel and operate it. Will provide a nice large living quarter and a monthly salary. If you are interested in operating this motel please email me
  • 25. James expert adviser said on 3/2/2011 11:58:41 PM
    @Mark, do you want your email to be added to your comment so that people can contact you?

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 26. Sirisena Perera said on 3/10/2011 12:49:38 AM
    Dear Sir, I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I am keen on signing a long term lease of a property and then converting to a Budget Hotel. Any advise? What are the basic requirements?What are the pitfalls. How do I promote the budget hotel.? Regards Sirisena
  • 27. Praveen Negi said on 4/1/2011 3:37:00 PM
    I am keen to set one small motel in manali himachal pradesh. I have land but I need guidance.. how to set ..manali is based on tourists esp for snow seeing and skiing..I also wish to buy 5 snow scooters..pls advise me what wld be d total investment...
  • 28. Ma Teresa Masanga said on 5/11/2011 1:25:59 AM
    Looking for a business partner/investor who is interested to put up a resort and spa business or motel business.Location: Calauan, Laguna Philippines, Concept: Farm resort and spa (relaxing, nature lover), or a motel(far to the eye of people), Type/Style: Classic, elegant, with antique touch, a little modern with natural nature.The total area is 2260 square mtr. Interested may call at +639173483108.
  • 29. Jacob said on 5/12/2011 4:01:38 PM
    I like to open Motel business in Houston Texas but I like to know how much do I need to put down and how much do I have loan from bank. Please give me this information to my email:
  • 30. Patty said on 6/2/2011 9:05:59 PM
    Pine Mountain, Ga. I have a 14 unit motel for sale in Georgia on busy highway near tourist spots. It also has a nice owners house included with the property. I can offer owner financing on a large portion of the sales price.
  • 31. kathy said on 7/20/2011 12:52:07 AM
    Hi, I'd like to sell my 14 room motel in south lake tahoe california. 1.495 mil us dollars. this is the number one rated lodging in all of tahoe by trip all systems are in place and it could be easily converted to a b&b for additional profits.e-mail me @:
  • 32. brij said on 7/25/2011 10:00:39 AM
    Hello, i wants to buy a motel in Canada .Bank repossessed or Auction sale of Motel is highly preferred
  • 33. otilia maphongo said on 8/3/2011 4:56:08 AM
    hi,i want to open a motel in the riverbank of shashe river but side of shashe mooke village,central district,Botswana.i want advise from you please help.e-mail me
  • 34. yasser said on 10/3/2011 10:58:36 AM
    Hi, I am interested in opening up/owning a motel in the north east preferable in or around massachuestts. I would like to have info/help if possible. Thanks. Yasser
  • 35. crossing said on 10/24/2011 3:47:14 PM
    I am interested in start up of motel business in the area of fort wayne, indiana. I have no experience before. the investment I can make is about 40,000. but I know, with bank loan, I can get more. please advise me. I appreciate your kind assistance.
  • 36. MITESH THAKAR said on 11/10/2011 5:58:41 PM
  • 37. Tahir said on 11/13/2011 9:56:22 PM
    The motel location is the northern part of Ontario, Canada, 35 rooms , located on a highway kindly advise how to manage, promote and operate the motel especially its financial matters and documents such as files, invoices, vendors, suppliers, etc. I would welcome personal experiences from owners or managers of motels, my email is Thanks
  • 38. jd said on 11/29/2011 5:59:30 AM
    this is interest in the #24's help needed my name is jd and would like to talk to you about your business in lubbock, tx. i current live and work in carrollton, tx. and again would like to talk to you about your business and me. or call me at 214.493.3640
  • 39. benson said on 11/29/2011 11:02:25 PM
    hi,i want start a hotel or motel business at bruce peninsula area ontario, but i am not sure this business can make money or not, and also how to choose a good location for a new buyer, please help to give me idea about this kind of business and how to tell a good location. thanks a lot.
  • 40. senthilkumar.G said on 12/12/2011 1:24:38 AM
    HI, I am senthilkumar residing Coimbatore and I have very good place almost 14000sqft on the way to trichy to chennai place called veppr. If anyone interest to start restaurant in jv or invest please feel free to mail me. With regards business, Senthilkumar.G
  • 41. Hetal said on 12/20/2011 2:36:10 PM
    hi, i am indian and staying in newyork. i want to start my motel business in newyork or texas. but i am not sure this business can make money or not please help to give me idea about this kind of business
  • 42. Rakesh Kaushal said on 12/24/2011 9:19:50 PM
    Hi i am a canadian citizen and would like to buy a 170 suite hotel in Minnesota.. Could you please guide me with the process and how can i get financing on it..
  • 43. smita shah said on 1/27/2012 9:24:17 PM
    i am american citizen, i am running my own business last 11 years,in missouri, i would like to buy motel business in canada, please guide me .thanks smita
  • 44. john cisneros said on 3/5/2012 4:51:27 PM
    hello my name is john cisneros i was thinking about maybe going into the motel business i got alot of ambitions to do something with my life and i think the motel business would be a good opportunity to start..if you have any tips, enjoy insite , it would be very appreciated on how i could get started. denver is my location
  • 45. Shivadeep said on 3/13/2012 2:12:30 PM
    I have a Highway Motel Plan for Indian National Highways with 4 Acres of Land in NH 4 (Bangalore - Mumbai) close to a TOLL PLAZA. High potential opportunity for this location. Looking forward for a JV or Investor for building Infra. contact me :on +91 8080049291; or email:
  • 46. Anup patel said on 3/17/2012 8:22:46 AM
    I have 2 motels up for sale in Tennessee one is super 8 and other one is days inn super 8 is in tourism Town and days inn is on the hwy. I can help any one looking to get in to motel business. My cell number is 865 386 6751 thanks
  • 47. Shivadeep said on 3/18/2012 7:10:50 AM
    Hey Anup Patel,Are you interested in setting a motel on Indian highways? Please keep informed.
  • 48. William said on 4/8/2012 10:31:41 PM
    Hi, I live in Texas ane wanted to start a 400 unit motel however. I would need to know how to get the right funding for my dream. Ontop of that I know how a guest should be treated. Just point me in the proper direction on how to get the funds needed. Thank-you.
  • 49. Shaista said on 4/10/2012 9:54:34 AM
    Hi, I am in Canada ,I own a motel on a busy highway in a tourist destination. Due to some personal problem I want to give it on lease what is the best way to do this.
  • 50. syafiq said on 4/11/2012 9:02:43 AM
    how to do proposal about this motel. can u give me example of the proposal ?
  • 51. nick said on 4/28/2012 1:59:31 PM
    motel for sale in Missouri. we have 13 rooms, big apartment for manager. we also have 3 rv pad 1 mobile home, big gym, 2 tanning booth, 1 sauna. asking @225,000 or best offer. call 660 529 2233
  • 52. minar said on 4/30/2012 11:32:41 PM
    hi shaista if you are interested in giving motel on lease i will be interested to get it at earliest contact 740 616 4944
  • 53. Ali said on 5/5/2012 9:31:45 PM
    I am interested in buying a motel in central Alberta and need guidance to finance this property. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at
  • 54. Deepak Patro said on 5/8/2012 5:35:48 AM
    I am interested to build a small motel in Gunupur, Odisha, India with 30 rooms with the help of bank loan and some cash down. I may opt to use our own land to build it. However, I do not know where to start from. Please advise.
  • 55. Kelly said on 5/12/2012 1:59:53 PM
    I am interested in building a motel in Lufwanyama district in Copperbelt province in Zambia and I am looking for partners
  • 56. Julia said on 5/14/2012 1:04:36 PM
    Hi, we live in Arizona and We are interested in leasing a motel, hotel in a busy area in one of these states ca, mo, tx, arizona, il, pa. We have our own successful business of transportation for 6 years now so we work with people all the time. we use to travel a lot and we stay at the hotel all the time. We know how people should be treated and we want to know if it is profitable and what to do To start this business. We wish to buy a property but we need more money and it would take us other 2,3 years for that but we would like to start the hotel business right now if possible. Can you give us an advice please? Thank you, Julia and sam
  • 57. Hasmita beginner adviser said on 5/16/2012 9:48:12 PM
    We are selling our Super 8 motel in Arkansas!!! For more info you can reach me at the following e-mail. || Motel Consultant

  • 58. bouchaib ben said on 6/13/2012 4:44:42 PM
    tell me please if it good to reopen motel it already close six years ago in central florida, what i need do first before i start negosiat with the owner, the location is great ..
  • 59. raven said on 7/2/2012 12:09:41 PM
    hi there @shaista i am in canada email me with regards to your motel i am interested thanks
  • 60. raven said on 7/2/2012 12:46:28 PM
    hi any ideas am interested in owning a motel business
  • 61. sanjiv said on 7/13/2012 3:51:21 PM
    I am interested in buying/leasing a running motel 25-30 rooms within 100 miles radius of Boston area.
  • 62. betty cabral said on 7/14/2012 12:22:23 PM
    my business is located on the Island of Exuma in the Bahamas. I have four and in the process of building 8 more. The property is located on the beach in the rual settlement of rolleville. How can market this for a better all year round clients.
  • 63. PJ said on 8/3/2012 12:55:47 PM
    hi, i am indian and staying in PA. i want to start my motel business in visitor populated area. but i am not sure this business can make money or not? how much minimum investment and loan required to run about 20 rooms motel?. please help to give me idea about this kind of business
  • 64. Prasad Ramesh said on 8/3/2012 9:33:22 PM
    Anyone here have motels for sale/lease in California, texas or Arizona area let me know. thanks email:
  • 65. Danny Talwar said on 9/7/2012 11:42:15 PM
    Hi, I am moving back to US selling my 8 units plus very big house in Delhi Ontario excellent 1st time investment only 150 km from the GTA only interested person call me @ my cel. 226-387-1119. quick sale.
  • 66. chelsie garre said on 9/8/2012 3:03:58 PM
    I am looking for a motel to buy in west virginia email me if u have a response
  • 67. roge said on 9/14/2012 2:01:53 PM
    hi, i am looking into becoming someones partner in the hotel motel industry. i have 12 yrs experience in this field dont have the sufficient funds to open a hotel by myself but i do have the management experience needed to run one.. i live in houston tx anyone interested can contact me @
  • 68. Simba said on 9/17/2012 7:21:43 AM
    I am in Gambia in West Africa, this is a tourist destination for european tourists. I have constructed a 20 room appartment, I am looking for a client who is into tourism and running small hotels, to give out my building on long lease of 3 to 5 years with options to renew the lease. I am not a hotelier I am property developer. Thanks , anyone can get in touch with me at
  • 69. Dinesh Poddar said on 9/30/2012 6:10:55 AM
    Hi, I am an entrepreneur from India wanting to run a motel/serviced apartment business in New Zealand. Can someone guide me the investment required for a 15 room motel, whether leased or freehold is good, what kind of mortgages are on offer, is the business profitable and is it convenient to get work/resident permit since I wish to run the business myself.
  • 70. Sonu Regmi said on 10/21/2012 1:47:43 PM
    Hi! I am based USA with more than a decade of experience in hotel management. After gaining experience in hospitality management from the ground level to executive position I have decided to start independent hotel/motel business on my own. I would be glad to join hands with any serious investor/entrepreneur from within US or abroad who would be genuinely looking for someone dependable, and believer in business ethics.
  • 71. Danny Lai said on 10/22/2012 9:56:42 PM
    I am not only an experienced small boutique budget hotel operation manager, also a commercial focused with entrepreneurship to drive the business growth. I have pre-opening hotel experiences & I am a forward and think out of the box manager who has implement new ideas in operational procedures to tackle the ever growing competition in the service industry. I have a fantastic sales & marketing plan especially for new set up hotels to a successful and profitable revenue management program....Contact me (016-6052418)Malaysia.
  • 72. AISHA GADDAFI said on 10/29/2012 8:43:59 PM
  • 73. Sonu Regmi said on 11/4/2012 9:49:03 AM
    I am Sonu Regmi with my second posting in this thread. Also, I am prepared to partner with venturing entrepreneur anywhere anywhere within North American continent (US and Canada) provided that those places are safer with business growth potentials, which can be explored with due diligence. My email address is
  • 74. leonardo davila said on 11/23/2012 3:51:38 AM
    fairfax virginia us ..looking for legit investors to franchise a motel 6 or an independent new construction motel as i have the contractors for this 60 rooms, pool, jacuzzi, direct plumbers electricians architect engineers? need capital dc or md contact
  • 75. Lillian Pada said on 11/27/2012 3:08:26 PM
    I'm located in Lubbock, TX. I just want to know about the Mark's (# 24 & 25 above)need of someone to manage and operate his motel right in Lubbock. I wonder if that is still on / available? my contact number: 818 572 3551 . I will be back in Lubbock,TX in January, 2013. Thanks!
  • 76. Harshan Dahya Patel said on 11/28/2012 7:22:43 PM
    Dear Sirs, We have recently relocated from NewZealand to join family here in Texas .Please provide us with recommendation and advice on how to start a small motel (we have limited funds) and also which would be a good city to start from. Both my wife and myself are not strangers for hard work. As we are not familiar with this country where hoping that you could suggest some cities. Thanking you in advance
  • 77. Mary said on 11/29/2012 6:34:21 AM
    I have an existing motel with approvals for 44 rooms, I would like to build but need an investor to do so. This is in a resort town that was hit by hurricane sandy but had no damage. Please contact me at 732-330-4123
  • 78. Ron said on 12/24/2012 5:48:56 PM
    Hello. I would like to lease or find a (owner Financed) motel/Hotel in central Ohio, Would very much like to get into the motel business.
  • 79. Gaurav said on 12/26/2012 6:46:53 PM
    My uncle owns a motel in Canada and he is looking to buy another one, but he needs to raise some money for the down payment. I am a US citizen. Generally, two or more people going in the business together in the US will open an LLC. How does it work when one of them is US citizen and other one is Canadian citizen? I would appreciate if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks, Gaurav
  • 80. Dan Abey said on 12/29/2012 5:18:54 PM
    I would like to start a small motel ~50 rooms in either east coast, Mideast, Midwest, central, NC, SC, or Virginia area in USA. I would like to buy an already built one in a busy area. If you any one has please e-mail me at Also, please advise me if this is a good business. Happy New Year. Dan,
  • 81. Charlie & Marian Leogrande said on 1/2/2013 10:52:47 AM
    My wife and I have been in the construction / r.e. rental business for nearly 28 yrs. and our next goal is to own or operate a small motel. We would even be willing to work there as we transition into new owners. Fl, Va, Nc, Sc, Nj. are some areas of interest. We have some down pymt. funds avail and would be open to a conversation about other alternative arrangements. Please contact Charlie @ c.leog55@ Thank you.
  • 82. 83. Biraj Debata said on 1/23/2013 7:32:48 AM
    @SHIRLEY, Hello My Name My Name is BIRAJ DEBATA. I Am from INDIA.I Am An Indian National. I Am 35 years old Male. I Am Married. Well INDIA’S (I.S.D CODE -- +91) & My STATE ODISHA’S (S.T.D CODE -- 0674).
    OCCUPATION :-- I Am Working As A Senior Software Engineer In An IT Company Here.
    ABOUT MY FAMILY :-- I am from A Well-Educated & Political Family.
    Also It Has An DOMESTIC-AIRPORT ,Which Is Being Converted Into An INTERNATIONAL-AIRPORT. My Mobile Number Is 09692984955 & My Residence Land-Line Number Is 0674-2562254. My Email-Id's Are (, & ) You Can Send Me Your Reply's On These EMAIL-ID’S. Mr.Shirley As You Had Mentioned In The Message ,That You Are INTERESTED in OPENING An MOTEL In INDIA. If You Are INTERESTED You Can REPLY ME Because I Am INTERESTED. THANK YOU BIRAJ DEBATA -- 09692984955
  • 83. Marilou Sotto said on 2/20/2013 8:14:31 PM
    Hello!!! My name is Marilou Sotto, I live in Goulburn, NSW Australia 2580. I am very interested in opening my own Motel Business but i have no idea at all how to run or to start my business. Please give me the full information, guides, ideas, information from top to bottom. It would be appreciated if you can give the full ideas. Thank you very much in advance and more power to u
  • 84. Raj Agrawal said on 2/21/2013 11:02:19 AM
    Hi, myself raj, I wanna buy a hotel in newark or pensilveniya if I can get approximate budget. how do I need to invest.
  • 85. Laura said on 2/24/2013 2:00:25 PM
    Hi my name is Laura. I want to open a boutique hotel of 10 bedroom in Arusha Tanzania. I need an investor. if you are interested contact me on this number+255782999060
  • 86. Sarah Parker said on 2/25/2013 12:27:02 PM
    I have a commercial motel zoned lot 0.7 acres. Two blocks to the beach on beautiful Singer Island, Florida. Contact me immediately. Weather today is 85 and sunny.
  • 87. Ashok Kumar said on 3/10/2013 5:25:06 PM
    I have a 90 room choice brand Limited Service hotel in Massachusettes and a Commerical Trucking company for sale in New Jersey with solid profit. As I am planning to retire looking for buyer or a partner to run the business. Please email me at
  • 88. behzad said on 3/17/2013 5:40:17 PM
    i have about 09 years experience of running motel but unfortunately i dont have finance.
  • 89. divya modi said on 3/17/2013 5:49:10 PM
    I am looking for motel partner who can invest and run the motel in new mexico city.
  • 90. Harprit Singh said on 3/21/2013 11:17:59 PM
    My name is Harprit Singh. If any motel opportunities contact me at hapishyguy at hot mail
  • 91. Mohan siva said on 3/25/2013 5:28:44 PM
    I am planning to start a motel business. I still to want to keep my full time job and hire family to live there and managed my motel business. Please advise, it's a good idea or not. My email address is
  • 92. vinny said on 3/25/2013 5:42:48 PM
    Hi, My Name is vinny. i am really interested to buy a motel business. I have good motel experience. and i looking for nice motel. and also how can i run better. so please send me information on my email.
  • 93. tejas said on 6/19/2013 5:56:45 AM
    Which state and location best for motel business for a first time buyer and limited finance.
  • 94. violet said on 7/28/2013 9:26:17 AM
    hi I also want to run a motel can u pls help me sand me the guide line to my email address
  • 95. Kelly said on 8/11/2013 10:51:17 AM
    Very interested in starting a motel but I don't have any business experience or schooling. Can you send me some useful information. Thank you
  • 96. barbara smith said on 8/12/2013 10:46:24 AM
    14 room motel with beautiful managers apt. big lobby could be used for several different retail business. one block from ocean and pier in emerald isle nc.asking one million obo. some owner financing available.
  • 97. Donald said on 8/15/2013 12:51:50 AM
    Hi. I want to buy a motel in Canada. I currently live in Vancouver, BC. My target price range from $300k -$600k, with sales over $100k. Please email me if you have useful information at Thank you.
  • 98. Joe Shah said on 9/12/2013 3:34:58 PM
    I am wanting a motel on lease or want an investor to acquire a reo motel property. email -
  • 99. Ricky said on 9/17/2013 10:03:10 AM
    I am planning to go in lodging industry and trying to find a motel. What information one should try to get to determine the business and the right price of the property. Please guide me. Thanks. Ricky
  • 100. ADAM said on 9/19/2013 4:22:26 AM
  • 101. prashant said on 9/22/2013 12:04:15 PM
    Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Successful, established newly renovated 24 room motel with 4 berdroom owners house for sale, excellent financials, owner can assist with financing and immigration.
  • 102. siddiq said on 9/30/2013 12:38:30 PM
    hai i'm siddiq i have good site for construct a restaurant road based plot in trichy to chennai highway how to construct & maintenance. plz help me contact 09405246773 email:
  • 103. pete said on 10/10/2013 12:49:11 PM
    hi I want to buy 35 to 50 unit motel non franchise and I want to buy in town so what I have to check for location and how I get business please email me thanks
  • 104. inderjit singh said on 10/13/2013 3:42:50 AM
    Want to build motel in arkansas usa, 860 east broadway, Nlr, ar 72114
  • 105. Nick Lanahan said on 11/2/2013 10:47:24 AM
    I am 18 yrs old and I wish to start a motel in Spring City, PA. Preferably 20 unit with commercial washers and dryers. My email is I have zero savings and I wish to pay my way through college. Thx
  • 106. John Don said on 11/15/2013 5:22:06 PM
    I have a piece of land in TN, USA and I wish to develop a motel on the land. The land is not directly on a major busy road but on feeder road between two busy major roads easily accessible to vehicles. Is this location ok for motel business? I also need information detailed about starting motel business from scratch to finish-running. Thank you immensely.
  • 107. Kumar Newah said on 1/3/2014 12:06:56 PM
    Hi, I am Kumar, an United States citizen. I'm thinking about starting up a small sized motel business in Washington, DC metro area. This would be my very first business here in the US. Can you provide me some info in regards to investment/experience and so on? I can be reached at, Thank you.
  • 108. jigi patel said on 1/9/2014 6:01:45 PM
    hi i have motel 13 rooms, 3 rv pad, gym ,saunna,2 taning booth 1 apt garage storage room 1 mobile home its for sale price is $ 151 000 or best offer. call 660 529 2233 nick patel
  • 109. Raj said on 3/15/2014 12:30:21 PM
    I want to start from scratch ,build a motel in TN, a 20 room motel. Please guide
  • 110. khalid said on 3/31/2014 12:18:00 AM
  • 111. Valerie said on 4/9/2014 9:01:26 PM
    I want to open a motel in Sanders Arizona at least 20 room with one conference area
  • 112. raj said on 5/14/2014 11:59:02 PM
    I would like to open a motel in western Canada Edmonton. i HAVE 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN WORKING IN 2 FOUR STAR HOTEL. IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME.
  • 113. MAAB said on 5/25/2014 2:56:24 PM
    I have in mind to start a motel business at small level in USA. I am currently living in Dallas. I would appreciate to any one able to advise on me about it or any one selling existing motel business. Thanks
  • 114. Jeanne d'Arc said on 5/30/2014 5:47:56 AM
    I would like to start a motel business at small level in Rwanda with transformation of my own house, located in Musanze-Rwanda. I would appreciate your advice before i start. Thanks
  • 115. akpmda said on 6/16/2014 12:35:34 PM
    I am interested to start a small motel business in USA. I am currently living in Dallas. I would appreciate advice about it or any one selling existing motel business. My e-mail: Thanks
  • 116. Mindy Ross said on 7/4/2014 12:36:50 PM
    I have a turn key motel for sale on busy hwy. move right in and run business. Great potential with theme rooms. Please e-mail me at Don't miss this great opportunity.
  • 117. Samexx said on 7/16/2014 8:58:03 PM
    I am interested to start a small motel business in Uganda, about 15 rooms .I am currently living in Denmark. I would appreciate advice about it or any one know where i can get investors. This would be my very first business here in Uganda Can you provide me some info in regards to investment/experience and so on? I can be reached at Thank you
  • 118. Mei Wong said on 7/19/2014 8:42:31 PM
    I am looking for partners to buy and operate a small B and B Hotel or motel in a nice scenic place in America. If you have a Hotel to sell or looking for a partner, please contact me at Thank you.
  • 119. Patrick Ayeh said on 8/17/2014 11:49:26 PM
    I am looking for a partner to build a motel in Ghana ,Koforidua.i have the land and the plan is also ready. please contact me on thank you
  • 120. Alex said on 9/26/2014 4:30:18 PM
    I am planning to buy a motel near Toronto, any advise. thank you
  • 121. Solomon Sulonma said on 10/3/2014 10:52:50 AM
    Hi, I currently live in the USA and looking to return to Liberia west Africa to spend the rest of my life. I want to start a motel business but I will need a partner. A partner who will be willing to come with me to Liberia to research and put in place all the is needed to start a successful motel business. I have the means to acquire the land throughout the length and breath of the country. How can I go about finding a serious partners)?
  • 122. chirag said on 10/14/2014 8:02:31 PM
    I am an engineer and I have piece of property on I 55 I am looking for investor to build 25 rooms motel on that. my plan is simple and I am going to sell rooms at 35 usd per night for any season. in a year time total investment will be covered.guarantee. email me
  • 123. kartik said on 10/31/2014 1:01:52 PM
    I am from India and I want to start up motel in Philippines is it profitable in Philippines...and what will be the upfront and infront to start up this business
  • 124. Neil said on 1/4/2015 2:19:52 PM
    I am looking for 50-60 room brand name, profitable motel on US interstate. Warmer weather location preferred. If you know of any business that fits above requirements please let me know. I could be reached at
  • 125. Vipul said on 1/8/2015 1:35:31 PM
    Interested to do partnership in motel. i am currently living in California.
  • 126. Ale said on 1/11/2015 1:04:58 AM
    I like to buy a motel that is not in operation, I have no experience in that field, so I like to know how to run it, operated people wise, how much cost if is a 40 room place and how to administrated. Thank you
  • 127. Ale said on 1/11/2015 4:04:34 AM
    Looking to own and run a motel and don't know anything about it south Minnesota, USA
  • 128. hemal said on 3/10/2015 7:17:47 AM
    hey @Kartik, I am hemal, I am an Indian also have similar interest like you to set up motel in philippines. please get in touch with me to share views &
  • 129. Vic said on 3/12/2015 11:28:31 AM
    Located in Springfield, South Dakota. Hunters Paradise on the Missouri River.. Looking for plans for an expandable 20 unit motel built with hunters in mind. Very small town - nearest big town is 30 miles away. One other small run-down 6 unit motel in town. I can build it, but want someone to run it.
  • 130. Selina taveras said on 4/13/2015 5:01:56 PM
    Located in queens new york. I'm thinking about how to start my own motel business but i have zero savings and no investors. Please advice me . I'm planning to have a 30 rooms motel but again i need a guide to start it up.
  • 131. tom varughese said on 5/10/2015 6:32:51 PM
    how profitable is the motel business. I would appreciate anyone can guide me how to do it. I am not knowledgeable about it. What other business may give a good return on investment. Thanks Tom
  • 132. puja upadhayay said on 7/6/2015 2:26:06 AM
    Hello everyone, I live in sacramento, california. I'm so much interested in buying and building own motel in california for now. I may consider buying used and running motel as well. I'm too much willing to work with a partner so that it will be easy. Please email me if you are one or know anyone. Regards, Puja Upadhayay
  • 133. Yasir said on 8/3/2015 11:40:35 AM
    Hi @Puja, I have a good several yrs of experience in motel business and looking for an opportunities to grow. Maybe we can talk and see if we can work together in achieving our goals. Yasir
  • 134. M.S.MUNSHI said on 10/12/2015 1:48:13 PM
    I am thinking to start Motel business.I have no experience.Please guide me to right path so that I can invest and start Motel business.Appreciate your kind help and cooperation and real advise.Regards,M.S.Munshi
  • 135. Earl Engledow said on 10/19/2015 2:02:03 PM
    I have a few motels for sale. one is in Kansas with 26 rooms.I am looking for $525,000 for full buy out. The next motel is in Nebraska and I am looking for $550,000 for full buy out'
  • 136. Rakesh said on 11/21/2015 3:25:32 AM
    I am very much interested in evaluating Motel opportunities in NY, NJ and PA area. Please guide. Thanks.
  • 137. paramjeet singh said on 1/21/2016 1:24:10 PM
    I am very much interested to open a motel of 25 to 30 room in New York City so if any one interested kindly contact me on
  • 138. JItu T said on 3/1/2016 12:54:29 AM
    I want to lease or buy a motel and I am not sure which is the right place in USA and I love California but it is very pricey. What is the second choice state, and How can I find.
  • 139. BIREN said on 3/21/2016 10:09:43 PM
    Presently, I am working as manager in motel at very busy (tourist) location. I want to buy or on management motel at good location. If any person want to sell or on management motel can contact me on
  • 140. dushyantsinh said on 6/2/2016 6:56:44 AM
    I am interest to motel business but who is motel contry:india stat: gujrat city: surendrangar
  • 141. Raj said on 8/28/2016 3:49:29 PM
    Hi, i am looking for investor in 3 new motel development in Colorado, These are 64 room development. I have 500k, looking for one or more investor for additional 1M. profit and equity ownership.
  • 142. Javed Merchant said on 9/8/2016 4:44:32 AM
    @Raj, I am also looking to invest in Motel business as a working partner. I can invest max $150K and I am canadian. Please come back to me if you think I stand a chance.
  • 143. Javed Merchant said on 9/8/2016 4:56:22 AM
    @Yasir, @puja, Please contact me on email -
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